Monday, December 15, 2014

March 17, 2014

           “The power of love freely given touches the heart of your omnipotent Creator and Father.  God is love.  All He has created is fashioned in and for love.  He seeks to surround Himself with a loving family, pure and holy as He is.  The dear God has given all of Himself to humanity, asking nothing in return but love which proves itself by obedient trust.

          Your rejected God weeps for the children of men.  In their miserable rebellion, they reject their own mercy.  They throw away an eternity of jubilant bliss.

          The plans of God are beyond man’s finite comprehension.  As in the intricacies of His designs on earth, creating multiple species in the plant and animal kingdoms, so God has an eternity to reveal His artistry to His children.  Vistas beyond your imagination await you, faithful children of earth.  Infinite galaxies await your discovery.  Life forms beyond human comprehension hide in the heavenlies.

          I ask you to live by faith, My children, for your reward will be immense.  If you suffer with Me during this world of trials and tribulations, you will rule and reign with Me forever.  “My ways are not your ways”, My children.  Trust that My plans for you are beautiful and enchanting.  Colors, smells, tastes, and thoughts beyond your human intelligence to grasp await you.

          Your hope is sure, My beloved ones.  Your future glory awaits you.  Do not look at the temporal; keep your focus on the eternal where I await you to bless you magnificently and lavishly throughout the endless ages.”

Your God of Faithful Promises

March 12, 2014

          “When you feel ill-disposed, weary, discouraged, or depressed, run to Me for all the answers you need.  This is a journey of faith, facing difficulties every day of your life.  I am teaching you an extreme dependence on Me, for we are one.  I am living My life in the world through you.  On earth, I relied on My Father for everything.  I was in constant communion with Him.  I truly relied on Him for everything, for My delight was to do His will alone.

          Life is a constant battle for your heart.  Distractions call you, souls get your mind off the eternal, your faults and failings depress you – you are a weak human; therefore, you need the strength of your God at all times.  The moment you look away from Him, you start to fall, just as Peter sank beneath the waves when he took his eyes off Mine.

          I know your frailties and your fears.  I understand that the battle is wearying, but just as an earthly father waits lovingly for a toddler to get up again after a fall, I wait for you so gently, hoping you will trust in My help and watchcare for you.  When you are discouraged, you have taken your eyes off Me and have placed them on yourself.  If you constantly have your eyes on My omnipotence, you will trust My guidance and know that all things are working for your good.

          The lesson is this:  Keep your eyes on your Savior-God who will lead you through life’s journey in peace and safety.  Do not belittle or berate yourself, for I know that you are made of dust and are so weak.  I am here to help you and to cheer you on, for the battle will make you a strong warrior for God.  He is carving you into a saintly soldier, fighting with the heavenly hosts against Satan’s hordes on earth.

          Press on, My little ones, made great by My glory.  I will win the battle with an army of weak men of flesh made stronger than the supernatural powers in the heavenlies by My life in them.  This is not your battle – it is Mine.  You are to trust and obey and never to take your eyes off the Captain of your soul.”

Jesus, Warrior-King