Friday, October 11, 2013

October 6, 2013

          “To have faith in My great promises is a sure sign of spiritual progress and growth.  The spiritually immature seek signs and miracles, physical manifestations to appease their curiosity.  Those that love Me do not seek or need signs.  They go forward resolutely, keeping their gaze locked in Mine, loving My will, regardless of where it takes them.

          The spiritual giants in history have carried the heaviest crosses on their backs.  They lived amidst persecution, rejection, and misunderstandings.  They resembled their suffering Savior.  Like Abraham, they journey faithfully onward, despising all shame, looking to that eternal city in the skies.

          Man has an earthly mind.  He does not savor spiritual treasures and truths.  He is stuck in the mud of earth, the material matter that clings to his soul.  He was created to soar in the heavenlies in his spirit, but he has been tethered to earth by strings of his own making.

          I have come to set these souls free from blindness to the eternal.  One look at My glory and all else fades away.  I yearn to show heaven to My little children, but they would rather stay among the things of earth. 

          There will come a day of separation, the sheep and the goats.  I will divide the people.  Those that have set their face like a flint to do My will, I will place on My right hand to abide with Me eternally.  Those on My left, the ones who have rejected My teachings, will be cast out of My presence.

          What a day of horror for them!  It grieves Me.

          “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve …”



October 10, 2013

          “What is My heart cry?  Love Me.  Throughout the centuries there has been one resounding call to all mankind:  Love Me.  I died for your love; I lived for your love; I intercede in heaven for your love; I sustain you for your love.

          If you would set all else aside and concentrate on loving Me, you would soar into the heavens with Me.  Love has wings to fly beyond earth’s atmosphere.

          Love is a powerful antidote to every evil.  Intelligence, wealth, beauty, the pride of life – they are meaningless when compared to love’s bounties.

          Love is proclaimed in actions, in obedient willingness to please Me, in love of neighbor by forgetfulness of self.  Love flows through a pure vessel dedicated to My glory.  There is no effort involved when I take hold of a soul with My love.  The soul is carried to heaven by the swift wings of My heavenly messengers, My angels of mercy.

          To love Me is to live eternally.  To hate Me is to die to life.  To ignore Me is to bob along like a cork in the ocean, a meaningless existence.  To walk in My ways is to be a vessel overflowing with the oil of My love.  This soul perfumes everything it touches with My fragrance.  It is a mystifying sweetness that paves the paths with beauty.

          Spend this day loving Me.  Think of nothing else.  Express your love in charming ways, hidden from the eyes of men, known only to your God.  There is no need for words.  A glance will do.  I see your soul in this glance of joy.

          My child, I have loved you with an everlasting love.  Will you make a return to this love?  I hope you will.  Your love brings such incredible joy to My wounded heart.  So many souls care nothing about Me, though I’ve given them all of Me.  A rejected lover is the saddest sight.

          Gladden My heart this day with your gestures of love.  Bring Me a present today – your heart.”

Lover of Your Soul


October 9, 2013

           “Confidence is faith in action.  A confident soul pleases Me greatly and runs speedily on the path to holiness.  A weak, wavering, worried soul drags along wearily, putting up obstacles to My joyful blessings.

          To have confidence in Me, you must get to know Me.  How can you trust someone you do not know?  The only way to get to know Me is to talk to Me, to spend time with Me, to begin to understand Me.  I am so often relegated to the back of your life, not even considered or thought about.  Then a difficulty arises and you turn to Me in your need.  You expect Me to perform a quick miracle for you so that you can then go on your way without Me until you need My intervention again.  This is not friendship.  This is your selfishness refusing to consider My feelings.

          I am God but I am also man.  What man do you know would continue as your friend if you treated him in this manner?  Yet, daily this is how I am treated, even by the souls that say they are My disciples.

          I am easy to befriend, easy to hear, easy to talk to.  You must stop what you are doing to consider that I am really another human being, not a set of rules or laws.  People have caricaturized Me as religion, whereas I am Love.  I am all the love you could ever imagine in your finite mind.  I am sensitive and humble, quiet and meek.  I have hopes and dreams, sorrows and pain.  How could a Shepherd watch His dying, suffering sheep and not feel pain?

          When I see you fall, knowing I can help you, and I recognize that you will not look to Me, it hurts Me.  I can solve every problem.  I can fulfill your every need.  To see you walk away from your own mercy grieves My heart.

          Again I cry out:  Come to Me, My overburdened and weary children.  I will help you.  I will give you the peace you so desperately seek.  I am here.  See Me!

Jesus, Shadow Not Seen