Friday, December 23, 2016

DECEMBER 23, 2016

          “The world has become a desert wasteland of souls that are barren, dry, and thirsting for water.  They are dragging themselves to wells of dirty and contaminated water to quench their severe thirst.  They cannot find Me in the world even though “by Me all things consist.”  They have chosen to rebel against the truth, searching for strange pastures, rejecting My green pastures of holiness and peace.

          Many have wandered so far from home that they cannot find their way back.  Their souls are famished and hungry, yet they cannot find food to sustain themselves.

          Sin is a murderer of souls.  It kills, steals, robs, and destroys.  Sin destroys beauty and integrity.  It destroys relationships and families.  It lies at the door waiting to devour the gift of life before it blossoms.

          Carcasses are strewn along the roads of the world.  My salvation has been rejected.  How sad the hosts of heaven are!  They see the scattered and desolate children on earth destroyed in rapid succession.

          Who will stop this mass murdering of the souls I have created?  Who will confront the dark forces controlling the world’s evil system?  Where are My Davids and My Gideons?  They are caught up in things of no value while the desolate perish at their side.

          You have the words of eternal life, My beloved ones.  Share them with your dying brothers and sisters in the world.  They are on the brink of soul suicide with no one to stop them.  Shine My light upon them by your holy lifestyle.  “Come out from among them and be separate …”  Do not join in with them.  March in the opposite direction and they will follow you to the light.  You are the light of the world.  Shine for them.”

Jesus, Light

Sunday, August 7, 2016

August 7, 2016

          “The world has turned its back on Me.  The light is being extinguished.  Men reject the true light because their deeds are evil.  The light is smoldering in My elect ones.  They are not keeping the home fires burning brightly.  They are roaming the world, distracted by so much information, the globalization of world events.

          The only force that will change this decaying world is the Holy Spirit.  Souls filled with the Holy Spirit are the powerhouses that can restore power to this world.  As electrical systems shut down when hit by lightning, so the lights in the world have been shut down.  There are no working generators to restore the power.  Only My Spirit can bring electricity back to the power lines.

          Many of My children are trying to restore the power by natural means – by words, by activities, by allurements.  This does not work.  Only supernatural things will ignite My light in souls.  Only souls filled with My Holy Spirit can change the atmosphere of the world.

          The Holy Spirit cannot dwell in impurity.  He flees the impure.  The life must change.  Repentance must precede a life change.

          Humble yourselves before Me, O Christian souls.  Repent.  Turn away from evil.  Destroy the idols in your life.  Flee all impurity.  Dedicate your time to Me.  Make time for prayer.  Worship Me instead of your freedom.

          Wake up, souls.  The darkness has formed over the land.  I need light bearers to rekindle the light.  Where are you, holy souls of courage?  The world needs you.”

Jesus, Seeker of Souls
Willing to Lose Their Lives in This World
For the Kingdom of Heaven


Friday, July 1, 2016

June 30, 2016

          “Your life is a journey into My Heart.  There is no other road that will give you the happiness you seek.  Life is an illusion to souls bereft of My presence.  In their seeking for earthly gratification, they bypass eternal bounty.

          My path to glory is simple, but obscure.  In obedience to Me you stay on the path of virtue, making time for intimate colloquy with Me daily.  In this hidden state, you adorn your soul with My life.  Daily you grow in grace and in the knowledge of Me and My will for you.

          The simplicity of spiritual growth is all consummated in the statement:  “Not my will, but Thine be done.”  Handing your will over to Me daily will keep you on My royal path to eternal glory.  All spirituality hinges on this eternal precept:  Hand your will over to the Blessed Trinity and leave it in His keeping.  Keep your eyes on His hands as He directs you daily according to His good pleasure.

          There are no intricate details to learn, no special skills to cultivate to learn the higher secrets of spiritual growth.  Only one thing is necessary – to do My will alone daily.

          Place yourself in My hands every morning and wait for Me to direct you.  Joyfully thank Me for My watchcare and provision for each moment of your existence.  This is faith:  Following the unseen hand that guides you.

          Only the little children enter the kingdom of heaven because they allow themselves to be taught, guided and directed by the eternal Godhead.

          “You are not your own; you are bought with a price.”  Let Me take charge of My purchased property.  Let go of yourself.  Let Me take full responsibility for all that you are.

          You can trust My guidance, for I love you with all My heart!”

Gentle Lover

August 12, 2015

          “The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin.”

          Who in these days speaks of My blood, which was used to purchase the souls of men, the price of man’s redemption?

          There is much talk in these days of pathways to the divine, but there is little talk of My redeeming blood that was shed for the sins of the world.

          My shed blood was carried into the holy presence of God by angelic ministers.  This blood is the efficacy for man’s sinful condition.  “Without shedding of blood, there is no remission for sin.”

          Mankind does not want to think or talk about alarming subjects such as blood and crucifixion.  These troubling topics are off limits to the world’s way of thinking.  Man does not think as God thinks.  He is limited in his thought processes and perceptions.  It is an act of faith to believe in the power of the blood of Jesus.

          My human blood was shed on earth as ransom for My kidnapped children.  Sin had kidnapped them and had held them captive.  I bought their release with My blood.  It is through this blood that man has access to My Father.

          “When I see the blood, I will pass over them…”  The Israelites were saved from the angel of death by the blood of the lamb sprinkled on the lintels of their homes.  Even today, when My Father sees My blood sprinkled on the hearts of My children, He grants them access to the heavenly kingdom.

          In your prayers for souls, remember to speak of My blood to My Father.  This blood is your passport to heaven.  This blood will wash away your sins. This blood will heal your blindness and anoint your eyes with eyesalve so that you can see clearly.

          My blood is powerful!”

Blood Donor for the Human Race

August 11, 2015

          “To find your Jesus within you is to live in heaven on earth.  I am extraneous to so many Christians on earth.  They know of me, they serve Me, they think of Me, they pray to Me, but they do not experience Me.  I abide in the center of your being waiting for you to meet Me there in your spirit.  You must enter the silence to find Me.  I am so little known experientially because My children are too distracted and they seek Me in noise and activity.  I am the still, small voice within you that can only be really heard and understood in the silence, in those quiet moments of intimacy when you lean in spirit on My breast.

          By an act of the will, you must steal away to a place of quiet to seek My presence in a very fulfilling encounter.  I surround you continuously but there is a special grace of encounter that few souls recognize or understand.

          The mystics ran away to live in caves and hermitages to seek the silence of our encounter.  I brought Moses to the top of Mt. Sinai to talk with him face to face.  I took Elijah into the desert to hear My still, small voice.  John the Baptist was the voice crying in the wilderness.

          The world is like a farmer’s market.  Men stand at their booths continually shouting out for you to taste their wares.  They are noisy and garrulous, like the agitated world around you constantly calling you to forget spiritual realities.”

July 1, 2016

          “The heart of an apostle is linked to My Heart.  We have the same desires – the conversion of the world to God’s holiness.  Time is God’s opportunity to carve souls into saints.  It is a gift given to men leading to eternal life.

          Man has abused the gift of time since the Garden of Eden.  He has used time to gather riches, enjoy pleasures, and seek happiness.  He does not see time as a gift and a grace from God.  Time is given to you to perfect your soul in holiness, to become pure like the angels, to overcome the tests and trials of life to prove yourself wise before God.

          Men waste time on meaningless activities to entertain themselves, to indulge themselves, to forget about the realities of eternity.  They go forth daily seeking amusements and ways to make the minutes fly by uselessly.

          I created time as a device to save your soul for an eternity with Me, to be a faithful member of My family, to enjoy My presence forever.  Your life goal is to use time to your advantage by investing in eternal realities.

          The remedy for this slothfulness is prayer and self-examination.  Come before Me in humility and thank Me for the gift of time.  Ask Me how to use time wisely and I will explain the value of every moment seeking My face.

          The time is short.  Death waits for no one.  No one can control their time of exit from this earth.

          Become wise, My children.  Stop.  Look at your life.  How have you spent the past years of your life?  How do you want to spend your very few remaining years?

          The wise in heart will heed these words.  The foolish will continue to squander the precious gift of time, throwing it away in nonsense.

          Be wise, My children.  Be wise.”

God’s Son

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

July 31, 2015

          “The fibers of My heart are outstretched and taut as I see the sinful deeds and the blasphemous lifestyles of men on earth.  They live lower than the beasts of the field.  Their consciences have been seared by their sinful and erroneous ideas.  It truly is like it was in the days of Noah and the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Man’s heart is wicked and evil toward the innocent, slaughtering babies in the womb.

          A severe oppression has settled over the earth, a dark cloud of gloomy despair.  As man has rejected My light, the darkness has descended upon him.

          Few and far between are the souls with true faith, those “having not seen, yet believe.”  They are tiny pinpoints of hope on the globe of the world, begging for God’s forgiveness and mercy.  They have been shunned and quieted, yet their voices shout to heaven in their prayer closets.

          My question is:  When I return, will I find faith on the earth?  Can souls resist the world’s value system and swim against the tide valiantly?  Only I can give My children the strength and endurance to match the wits of the Evil One.

          The days are flying by, My children.  Only one life you are given.  Recognize what is eternal.  Recognize what is nothingness.  You are made of dust and your body will return to dust.  Capture the soul moments, those treasures from the spirit realm that build up your souls.  This is eternal life beginning for you – an eternity with God.  Prepare yourselves for this great gift.”


July 8, 2015
          “You are trying to serve Me and only one thing is necessary and that is your love for Me.  When you love someone, they become your continual focus.  Your heart is so drawn to them that life fades away around you.  Each contact throws more kindling on the fire

          Lovers make time for each other.  They talk, dream, and express their souls to each other.  They become united as one in purpose.

          As your love for Me grows, life’s distractions dissipate slowly. Your interests in the world slowly grow dim as you reach out to the eternal sunrise.

          Your love for Me grows when you think of Me, spend time in My presence, lift your eyes and your heart up to Me, and when you say, “I love You, my Jesus.”  These are diamond drops to My ears.  Love pulls Me to you so forcefully when you express your love to Me.

          “Jesus, Mary, I love You!  Save souls!”  The mantra of the Littlest Ones is music to My ears.  Speak this until it becomes your second nature.  Every time you speak My name, I shower My blessings and graces upon your soul.  Each word of love is an encapsulated rainbow of glory that I will adorn you with forever.

          Love Me and life will become the greatest adventure you could ever dream of, for I am the Author of life and I know all the secrets of the Godhead where pure joy reigns.”

Rainbow of Glory

July 7, 2015

          “Off in the distance you hear the rumblings of a world that has forsaken God, the Creator.  The earth is filled with confusion and woe and the light grows more and more dim over souls.  The prophet’s voices are growing faint and unintelligible.  The heart of man has become a hardened wall through which the light of God cannot penetrate or shine through.  As in the days of Noah and the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, men’s hearts were wickedly evil, so in this time of history, all the moral walls have crumbled and men live hedonistically, like wild beasts.  They are never satiated with their sin but seek ever new and evil ways to prolong their rebellion against the natural order created by God.

          Men are roaming throughout the earth to pacify their every whim and desire.  God is not in all their thoughts.  Thoughts of pleasure, wealth, gain, self-seeking fame and fortune overwhelm all that they pursue.  The children follow along blindly, seeking earth’s treasures in the newest gadgets and devices.

          What will become of this earth, moldy and filth-ridden in sin?  What will turn the tide of evil that waits like the crest of a wave to overtake mankind?

          The Son of Man, Jesus Christ, looks out from the doors of heaven.  He awaits the signal from God to return to the earth to rescue the just souls and to repay the evil souls with the currency they have longed for.  “Sin, when it is conceived, bringeth forth death.”

          Stay in the heart of God, My loyal followers, who live in a world permeated with foul ungodliness.  Stay in your prayer closets, interceding unceasingly for the souls of men, especially the pure and innocent children who are being swept into the tidal wave.

          I am coming soon, My flock.  Be faithful and persevere unto the coming of your Lord in great glory.”

Warrior for God

November 24, 2009

          “My heart is drawn to a soul that lovingly acknowledges My Presence.  As I am universally present to every soul, there is no need to manifest My glory, but on special occasions My heart compels Me to show Myself to the eyes of faith.

          Little is known of My heart’s intents as souls ponder their own spirituality.  Those that think of Me and My feelings are very few.  These are the souls that do not need to see Me with bodily eyes, yet My love begs Me to reveal Myself to them before the time of revelation.  In a spontaneous gesture of tenderness, I let Myself be seen.

          In a world so enamored by superficial beauty, the wounds of My love are a stark contrast.  Yet these are the wounds I received in the house of My friends.  These wounds purchased eternal life for the chosen souls.

          I humble Myself under the hands of every priest My Father has ordained.”


November 19, 2009
         “Love makes a man’s soul a precious jewel in the eyes of God.  Love strips the soul of the earthly veil that blinds him to the eternal.  God’s love, like a leaping flame, expunges and purifies every thought and intent of the heart.

          What is love?  Love is God.  You can call Him “God-Love”.

          God’s love created all that exists.  His love is like the ocean, teeming with life, bountiful and beautiful, ever-changing yet ever new, splashing forth His waves of bounty and purity.

          God’s love is abundance and creative action.  It springs forth creating every imaginable undertaking.  God’s love surrounds man’s existence.  Every breath is the God force of love keeping the soul in existence.  Souls swim in God’s love every moment of their lives, though many try to drown themselves to escape the ocean’s pull.

          Man does not understand because he does not listen.  The silence will teach you about God’s love, for silence is God’s language.  In your silence is your wisdom.  In your silence is your peace.  Cling to the silent in your life.  Forcefully drive away the noise which produces chaos and confusion.  God’s love is enkindled anew in the silence of your heart.  Search for the silence in this world given over to the deafening noise.  Man in his pride cannot control his spirit, so he rushes around making very loud noises to hide behind.

          God seeks a tranquil spirit, free of noise, silent and pure.  He surrounds, permeates, and infiltrates these perceptive souls with His love which lights up their countenance.  These are My glowing saints, My “saints in light” sending out My rays of light to the world.

          Follow in the footsteps of your suffering yet joyful silent Savior.”

                                    The Holy Spirit of Truth,
        He Whom You Invoke for Mercy and Grace