Saturday, May 16, 2015

September 22, 2014

          “The soul of man was created to be an exquisite diamond with facets of extraordinary beauty.  It was created to shine gloriously in the kingdom of heaven eternally.  The soul was created so tenderly, so lovingly, so delicately, handcrafted by an all-wise Creator.  The soul was designed to grow in beauty daily as it imitated the life of the all-holy God, nourished in His love.  The body is only a fleshly covering for this eternal spirit.

          Man has ignored and forgotten his spirit within him.  He lives for the needs and glorification of the body – to look good, to feel good, and to enjoy all he can in his needy body.

          The flesh decays and dies.  It is only a house, a shelter for the soul.  Every day, billions of cells waste away and die.  One day, the life breath will expire and the soul will be exposed without a covering.  The soul will be exposed to his Creator to inspect the fruits that were sown in life.  Will the soul be beautiful and godly or ugly and sin-ridden?

          I inspect the motives and the intentions, the goodwill and the heart cries.  I am a just and merciful Judge.  I long for My children to yearn to be holy.  If they only knew what joy holiness brings …

          There is only a short moment in time to reap an eternity of benefits.  Your life choices follow you into eternity.  I have given you everything you need to make the right choices.  Now it is up to you to do the choosing.

          Which will it be?”

Taskmaster of Love

July 10, 2014

          “The hours pass so swiftly in life.  There is nothing holding back the inevitability of aging and death.  Man strolls through life, the pace quickening with each passing year.  Sickness and suffering become commonplace and friends die around you.  The flowering bloom withers and fades.  Life ebbs away.  Eternity looms.

          This is the way of every soul living on earth.  Not one soul has ever evaded death or the grave.  Everyone will face eternity alone, without the goods heaped up on earth.

          Fame and fortune mean absolutely nothing on your deathbed.  Every gasp for air will be the only thing you care about.  How your values will change in that hour!

          Do you men ever think of this inevitable day reserved for you?  Do you wonder how people will react when they hear you have died?  How will the world around you change when you leave the stage of life?

          If men would sit long enough to ponder the day of their death, they would change the way they live their lives.  Priorities would change, affections would be altered.  It would be a very sobering moment, and very useful to make some very important changes.

          There should be no fear of death if you are living as God wants you to.  This time on earth is a preparation for an eternity with God.  He is making you ready for heaven.  He is raising children on earth, forming them into the mature images of His Son.  This is a beautiful time of restoration and growth.

          Think about your day of death, My children.  This will help you to realize what is most important in life.”

Jesus, God’s Helper

July 1, 2014

          “What does the world offer you?  All the allure and glamour of the world fades into nothingness.  Time passes, beauty fades, strength wanes, riches grow old – and then you die … and then you face the God who created you for a specific purpose.

          He had a holy design for your life, a mission for you specifically to fulfill.  He stayed at your side all through your life encouraging you to follow His direction, but you didn’t give Him a thought in your hurry to acquire earthly satisfactions.  He brought holy souls to you to help, guide and direct you back to God’s path … you listened for a moment and then turned back to your own path.  Each day brought a new distraction that allowed you to forget your God.

          You started to age.  Certain circumstances brought your mind to think of eternity, such as death and tragedy, but they were quick thoughts that passed through your mind as a ship in the night.

          Then your day arrived, the fateful day that takes every soul by surprise.  You couldn’t rise from your bed, your diagnosis was terminal, your death was imminent.  How different life looks to your eyes then!  How fast your life went by!  Who will now take all these treasures you’ve amassed?  Who will sleep in your bed or drive your car?  What will your obituary say?  Who will attend your funeral?  What will you say to God when you see Him?  You will then say:  Does my life’s work have a lasting value?  God is not interested in anything material, so what do I have to offer Him?

          In that day of sacred orderings, life will appear so drastically different to you.  You will see all the wasted efforts, wasted moments, wasted relationships, and wasted memories in the light of eternal goods.

          What will you offer your God on that final day of earth?  Meditate on this, because this day truly is coming and you need to be prepared.”

Holy Spirit,
Guide of Life

June 10, 2013

          “The gentleness of God would astound the harsh world.  God creates kittens; man creates bombs to kill and destroy.  God creates the gentle winds, the delicate snowflakes, the majestic snowcaps; man creates filthy movies, weapons to hurt the glorious body that God has created so lovingly.

          God whispers softly in the soul with gentle and persuasive words of love; man hurls insults and blasphemies back to God.  God gives precious gifts and graces unceasingly upon the most hardened and arrogant souls; man hoards his material acquisitions and greedily steals from the poor and needy.

          God forgives a repentant soul; man refuses to forgive the least offense.  God offers His helping hand to man in every circumstance of life; man turns away quickly, acting as though he has no eyes to see.  God offers man tranquility, serenity, and peace; man prefers noise, agitation and ambitious undertakings that forget the soul within.

          God is so patient with man, waiting for man to see the error of his ways; there is no second chance with man.  Once he is offended, he refuses to forgive to restore the relationship.

          God is beauty; man prefers to destroy his body by unhealthy lifestyles and marks of evil printed on his skin.  God is pure love; man chooses hatred and scorn.

          God’s ways are so much higher than man’s ways.  He longs to change the heart of man into His heart of pure love.  The heart is than supernaturalized and divinized and the man then exhibits God’s virtues and gracious nature.

          O man, change your selfish heart into God’s beautiful, loving heart.  You have the opportunity for such a great exchange.

          God is the fountain of life.  Come to His fountain to drink and you will be changed.”

Lover of God

June 5, 2013

          “To live in silence on a noisy earth is a feat rarely accomplished, even among the most established saints.  Noise is everywhere.  Nature beckons you into the silence, but the noisy and restless world prevails against your serenity.

          My chosen souls hide themselves away from the noise and distraction of the world to foster their relationship in silence with the majestic God who reigns in an eternal silence.

          God is above and beyond the noise of mortal man.  He is to be found in the silent realm of eternal thought.  To live in His silence, you must live your life “hidden with Christ in God,” always seeking what brings the most silence into your daily life.

          Turn off all electronic devices.  Sit alone with your heart exposed to the silence, the nothingness you fear.

          Man is afraid of the silence.  He doesn’t know what he will find when he is not distracted by the noise of life.

          Saints are formed in the silent pauses of life.  The light of heaven can stream into the heart of a quiet and weaned soul.

          Refuse to talk incessantly just to fill space.  Be silent.  Let the pauses feel awkward.  Learn to be comfortable without a constant flow of words.

          The greatest saints measure their words carefully.  They do not spew words out carelessly.  They examine the intent of each word, for truly man will be judged by each word uttered on earth.

          A talkative soul will have much trouble in life.  Saintly souls are silent.  Like nature, they exist for God’s glory without the use of words, the invention of man to communicate.

          Only God can grant you the great gift of silence.  Ask and you shall receive.”

Holy Spirit,
Lover of a Silent Soul

May 27, 2014

          “When you are peaceful and resting in me, My voice becomes very clear and luminous in your spirit.  I reside in your inner being, waiting for you to meet Me there.

          Don’t be in a hurry when you seek My presence.  I am the eternally calm presence within you, desiring to crown you with My peace.

          The world is in turmoil.  Constant rushing, hurrying at a maddening pace.  Everything is rushed – words, conversations, eating, driving, thoughts.  There is no peace, only a constant striving for the next activity to obliterate the present moment.  The rush to accumulate possessions, the rush to arrive at a destination – all contribute to disturbance in the soul.

          You must prioritize your life with My wisdom.  Some things need to disappear from your life in order for you to have more time to slow down.

          The quiet moments of restful peacefulness are the foundation moments of your spirituality.  Without these gaps in your mad rush to get things done, your life with Me becomes sterile, empty and purely external.  You are hovering on the fringes of My perfect will for you.

          Every person is allotted a certain number of hours in the day.  How they use them is the freedom of the will, the gift of choice.  Wise souls sit down and count the cost.  They do not drive the engine in full gear without considering the end destination. 

          Get rid of the things that destroy your peace – television, idle conversations, useless reading, time wasters, distractions … then you will certainly have the time to sit down with Me to clean your soul, to discover My purposes for your life, to renew our friendship.

          Do not tell Me that you do not have time for Me.  You do have time.  You just waste it on things of absolutely no eternal significance.  These fleeting sands of time are gifts to help you attain eternal treasures. 

          Don’t waste the gift of time I have given you.  Spend time with Me.  You will soar above the trivialities of earth.  Your daily duties will become divine treasures of grace, opening the heavens to you.  Nothing will ever be mediocre or mundane again.  Your life will be divine.”

Jesus, Star Gazer

May 14, 2014

          “As the globe of earth spins round and round through space, the days come and go, and time marches endlessly forward.  God has created time for man to measure his accomplishments.  God does not live in time.  He is eternal.  Your millions of years are as a grain of sand to His infinite existence.

          O men of earth, when will you realize who God is and who you are?  You are a dust of breath, a speck in the atmosphere of galaxies undiscovered, a tiny droplet in the oceans of endless seas.  You stride across the stage of life with your endless fanciful proclamations, not considering just exactly who you are in the scheme of God’s endlessness.

          God, in His mercy, has created you from the dust of the earth.  He has loved you from the moment of your first cell forming.  He listens to you, He helps you, He remembers your frailties and He is constantly teaching you things beyond your finite limitations. 

          He bends to your lowliness to engage you in a dialogue with He who is and always shall be.  He keeps you in existence every second of your life.  Every breath is His gift to you. He pleads for your love.  His condescension is immeasurable.  He offers you gifts from another sphere, a timeless abode of unending joy.

          He sent His Son to die a brutal death, to be rejected and spat upon, so great is His mercy and love.  And you men of earth ignore Him, disobey Him, spurn Him, reject Him and doubt His existence.

          O proud men of earth, in your ignorance is your bliss.  You are despising the treasure beyond all treasures – eternal life with this Being that you could never comprehend in your humanity.

          When will you humble yourselves, and realize just who you are in the scheme of things?  You are a thought in God’s mind.  That is why you exist.  Doesn’t he deserve your love and respect?

          It is abominable that God is treated so disrespectfully by the souls He has created with such tenderness. 

          God loves you.  God created you.  He deserves to be loved and appreciated by you.  Those that seek His face shall live forever in His presence in awe and amazement.”

Jesus, Revealer of God’s Secrets

April 12, 2013

          “Man’s legacy follows him beyond the grave.  The legacy of Jesus Christ still saves and sanctifies today as throughout all ages.  God’s legacy, His Son, Jesus Christ, unveils God’s face of love and compassion.  We leave a legacy to our children.  Our lives daily are producing these legacies. 

          Is your legacy a remembrance of holiness and goodness, of joyful light and love?  Or will your descendants only remember evil deeds and useless trivialities?

          O My people, I love you.  My legacy is love.  Come into My heart, open and wounded for you!  My mercy is endless, My compassion infinite!

          Be ye holy as your Father in heaven is holy.  Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.  Your sanctification is the seal of your legacy.        Allow the Holy Spirit to transform you into an icon of grace.  You will be that beautiful pillar displayed gloriously in God’s holy heaven.  Your legacy will be steadfast and sure.  “This is a holy soul of God” will be your seal and the nations shall behold your glory.

          See the big picture, My littlest ones.  Live for God alone.  Seek always His delight and glory above all things.  Rise above the earth.  It is fleeting and temporary.  Keep your gaze fixed on the eternality of God’s Kingdom of Light.

          Then, as you leave the earth forever, your legacy will be brilliant and beautiful, full of splendor and grace and your loved ones will say:  “This soul was a holy soul in love with God.”  What greater eulogy could there be?”

Heir of All Legacies

February 28, 2013

          “Make a pure melody in your heart to God who loves music.  He, the creator of sounds, created the musical scales as a tool to glorify His beauty and excellence.  Music was designed to infiltrate and infatuate the soul with the beautiful. 

          Music is heaven’s tool to unlock the secrets of celestial bliss, where heavenly music abounds amidst the joyous shouts of exaltation and glory among the saints in light.

          “Sing us a song from Zion,” the Psalmist cries out.  Yet man cannot sing heavenly songs in a captive land of desolation. 

          Heaven’s glory breaks through when a shaft of glorious music darts its descent toward earth.  The listening ear captures the melody and records what it hears. 

          Every pure song of beauty has descended from heaven.  Music is heaven’s hallmark.

          Music is a gift to the simple minds of men who distort its beauty into chords of unrest and agitation.  Instead of rippling like a glittering stream in the summer heat, it storms and thrashes about, leaving the hearer agitated, restless and overly stimulated.  This music feeds the lustful flesh of man.  It bypasses the beauty of the spirit.

          Heaven’s music is pure, peaceful, serene, beautiful, and holy.  It directs the heart and mind to God.  It induces peace and rest in God.  It soothes the troubled spirit.

          Music is a tool of great mastery to captivate the hearts of men.  Use this tool wisely, for it is a gift to be used for God’s glory alone.    Make a pure offering to your God by expressing your love to Him in a melody of great beauty.  He will sing along with you and heaven will smile.”

The Harpsichord of God,
The Holy Spirit

February 19, 2013

          “The beautiful prayers of My faithful children pierce the heavens as shafts of light.  They are perfumed flasks of holiness saturating the polluted air with the scent of heaven.  Each word uttered in prayer flies as winged doves to God’s throne. 

          Every prayer is inspired by the Holy Spirit, the spirit of holiness.  Purity, holiness, light, joy, peace, humility, chastity, and love are the fruits exhaled from these souls of hope.  Gentleness proceeds from these humble hearts so in love with their Father God.  Their prayers are intermingled with the holy sighs of the angels who look upon the face of God. 

          O, the wondrous insight of a soul whose heart pines for heaven!  They soar above the earth, looking from above.  Their viewpoints have been transformed.  They no longer reside on earth in decaying bodies.  Their spirits live with Jesus and the angelic host.  The peace of their countenance is obvious to a troubled world.

          They long for the redemption of the perishable body.  Death is victory, for it unites them to the love of their life, “whom having not seen, you love, and rejoice with a joy unspeakable and full of glory.”

          Those that crawl in the mud of the earth will never know this glorious joy of the “saints in light.” 

          Let God grant you wings to fly above the earth’s sinful atmosphere.  Once you have tasted heaven’s fruit, the earth will become very distasteful to you.”

The Spirit of Holiness

February 4, 2014

          “To come immediately into My eternal Presence, it is enough to stop what you are doing and look to Me.  I can be found by you at any moment in time.  I am so easily accessible to those who seek Me.  It is not hard to know your God.  Speak to Me familiarly, as friend to Friend.  I seek fellowship with My children on earth.  I desire to instruct and perfect them, preparing them for eternal life with Me.

          The only requirement to enjoying My friendship is love.  Just love Me.  How do you treat a loved one on earth?  Ponder this.  Do I not deserve the same treatment?  Yet I am forgotten days without end, ignored, seldom spoken to or acknowledged.  The souls on earth have adapted themselves to the earthly lifestyle and do not pursue spiritual paths, the only true reality in life.

          Listen for My voice in the silence of your heart.  I desire to speak to you, to help you in your daily duties.  I want to be involved in every area of your life.  Will you allow it?

          I created animals to be active and then to rest.  When it is a time for rest, they do not hesitate to rest.  Man does not realize his need of rest, of quiet, of solitude.  He runs and runs until he cannot run anymore.  Then he drops down into a rest of stupor.  There is no rest of musing thoughtfulness, ruminating on his earthly path or values.  He goes to sleep only to rise again to his continual running.  There is no time to walk with Me in the garden of his heart.  There is no restful quiet meditation, a soothing of the mind.  He finds ‘fillers’ to entertain him when he is not incessantly running.

          I am sad that My children of earth have raced through life never contemplating the beauty of the earth, the reason for their existence, or what part I play in their lives.  It grieves Me to watch them run away from Me.  And so I wait like a patient Father. 

          I am Wisdom, yet so few come to seek My thoughts.

          Men of earth, who am I to you?”

Your Father Who Waits For You

January 25, 2014

          “It takes great renunciation to keep yourself from being distracted by all that is in the world.  Souls struggle with this all the days of their lives.  The secret to intimacy with Me, to fruitful living, is to fall in love with Me.

          How do you fall in love with God?  By spending time with Me, by exploring My interests, by talking freely to Me, by listening to Me.  Love grows in the moments of friendship and appreciation.  How can you love someone you barely know?  How many souls call themselves Christians, My followers, yet they barely know Me.  They are like the mixed multitude that followed the Israelites out of Egypt.  They were not part of My people, yet they tagged along.  They were delivered from bondage, but were never the chosen ones.

          My name is on their lips, but their hearts are far from Me.  I am not a part of their day.  I am something they think about on Sunday.         There is too much noise and distraction for them to ever hear My voice.  They are living in the world, enraptured every day by new ideas, new plans, ever eager for new adventures on earth.  The spiritual language is unknown to them, for they never speak it.  They speak ‘earth talk’ very proficiently.  They know very little about what is going on in the spiritual realm.  They are babies in faith, infants in grace, wasting precious time given them to inherit eternal treasures.

          My grace calls them in many ways – inspirations, holy encounters, earth’s beauty, circumstances, tragedies.  They may turn their step to heavenly paths for a time, but the earth calls them incessantly and they resume their earth walk, devoid of the Spirit’s power.  They know all the right words and are basically good people, but I am not a part of their lives.

          I walk alone with a very small band of friends.  They are few and far between.  Their fidelity to Me soothes My wounded heart.

          I am a forsaken Lover.  I have given My all, but receive no response from those that call Me Savior.  This is the truth.”

Jesus, Heartbroken

January 23, 2014

          “To accept all things as coming from a loving Father and Creator is the beginning of spiritual maturity and fecundity.  God is raising children on earth, forming them for His heavenly abode.  He is teaching and training them to be holy, as He is holy.  These training exercises take place on high mountain tops and in low valleys.  Each soul has a different training detail.  Each individual is a masterpiece of God’s ingenuity, and nothing is small or superficial in each existing life form.

          I am raising a family to live with Me eternally.  I am purifying My people, humbling them and transforming them into models of holiness.  The way is long and arduous.  Those souls that spend time with Me have a much easier time during the preparation phase.  They do not turn away from Me or distrust their circumstances.  They gladden My heart because they are so eager to be taught.  They are so submissive to all that occurs in their lives.

          The majority of souls complain, become bitter, and become agitated or despondent in difficult circumstances.  They lose all peace and give in to worried searching.  They do not trust My guidance and continually second guess Me.  They wander away from My will for them.  They stagnate among earthly distractions.  They displease Me by their lack of trust.

          I am God and I know all things.  I know your future, your past, and your present.  I have a specific path for you alone.  All that happens to you is according to this detailed plan.  Do not wonder when things start to change, when tragedies occur, when sorrows come.  These are all part of the training, exercising your spirit of faith and obedience.

          Charm My heart by your acceptance of My will for you.  Trust Me.  I have all bases covered.  I smile when you trust My leading in your life.

          “All things work together for good to those who love God.”  My promise to you.  Believe it.”

Your Loving Father
Who Wants the Best For You

January 21, 2014

          “The subtlety of walking with God in life eludes mankind.  God hides His greatest works in the most lowly appearances.  What man considers great means nothing to God.  What man despises, God cherishes.

          Jesus showed the world the way to impress God.  He lived a life of poverty, hiddenness, and lowliness, despised by humans but treasured by God. 

          In order to find God, you must lower yourself in the eyes of men.  You must lose your life in this world in order to save it unto life eternal. 

          Life is a test, preparing you for your eternal home.  All things accumulated on earth will perish.  Only the treasures you put in the bank of heaven are forever. 

          What are these eternal riches reserved in heaven for you?  Your faithfulness to your specific call in life, fidelity to duty, loving souls and helping them, trust and abandonment to the God you do not see with your eyes, keeping yourself from sin and worldly desires, living the lowly life of a hidden and unknown saint.

          It is very hard to remain holy when you are exposed to the world.  Holiness and fame rarely meet.  Only the greatest saints have been able to withstand the temptations of fame.  Fame steals every moment of your time on earth.  It seeks to destroy your relationship with God and your eternal perspective.

          How many mothers have attained sainthood among dirty dishes and soiled diapers?  How many fathers, unknown to the world, have built beautiful palaces in heaven by faithfully getting up at dawn to go to work?  How many grandmothers are known in the halls of heaven as they remain hidden at home faithfully interceding for the world?  How many souls bearing the burden of constant sickness are sending a glorious reward to heaven, the crown of faithfulness unto death?

          God’s ways are not man’s ways.  The world lies to you.  It talks of success, health, beauty, riches, fame … the good life.  There is no ‘good life’ for any soul on earth.  Tragedy happens to all.  It is in the choice of choosing God’s way or the world’s way that a saint will be known.  The daily choice of accepting God’s will, whatever it may be, is the source of joy and peace for every soul on earth.

          It is so simple that it is missed.  Choose God or death.  Man chooses what will doom him.  How rebellious is the nature of man, in pride to choose what will harm him.  Free will has doomed many souls.

          Men of earth, I urge you, give your free will to God today.  Receive God’s blessing of eternal life.”

Holy Spirit of Truth,
Warning from God

Friday, May 8, 2015

May 7, 2015

          “Love is the answer to every situation and circumstance you encounter.  You don’t have to think it over, rationalize, or talk endlessly about alternatives – you must love.  This is the lesson I am constantly trying to teach My children – you must love.

          People will hurt you.  You must love them.  Circumstances will humble you.  You must love My will and My timing.  Life will confuse you.  You must rest in My love, trusting that I have everything under control.  It is not knowledge or action that pleases Me.  I desire love from a pure heart.

          If you love, I live in you, for I am love.  Where there is no love, the Holy Spirit is quenched and grieved.  He cannot act in freedom to bring glory to the Godhead.  He is driven away and wounded.

          My life on earth was the manifestation of God’s love for man.  God gave everything to man in love, even His own Son, to save them.  Love saved the world, for only love could keep a Creator on a wooden cross, dying a human’s death in pain, shame, and agony.

          Men, you do not understand God’s love for you.  He has created everything because He loves you.  He didn’t have to give you anything, even your very existence, but His love compelled Him to create you and to offer you an eternity in His loving friendship.

          Jesus stripped Himself of His dignity for love of you.  Who can begin to understand such condescending love?”


May 8, 2015

          “The joys of keeping your mind occupied with loving Me are beyond anything you could imagine in this life.  I AM JOY!  How could you not be joyful if you abide in Joy?

          Smile at Me.  Be happy.  Do not live a life of confusion and despair because your thoughts are centered on this earthly life.  This is not your real home.  Look to the skies …  Look to the heavens …  I await you in your heavenly homeland, where peace, joy, and righteousness reign eternally.

          So many of My chosen souls live defeated lives of despair.  They look to the world for answers.  The world has absolutely nothing to offer you in the way of answers and absolutes.  “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”  Look to Me for all things, from your finances to your health to your daily decisions to your dreams and desires.  Take your eyes off the world.  It will destroy you in its desire to satisfy the ego.

          I want you to die to yourself, to your ego, to your self-image.  I am your self-image.  Do not listen to the world which tells you to “find yourself.”  Forget “finding yourself.”  Find Me!  I am all you will ever need in this short and unstable reality of your life.

          “I am come that they might have life, abundant life.”  This life can be found in Me alone.  Drop your cares and burdens at the foot of My Cross.  Get rid of your assumptions and preconceived notions of how things should be.  Only one thing is necessary in this short time allotted to you – your relationship with Me.”

Life’s Goal