Saturday, May 16, 2015

February 28, 2013

          “Make a pure melody in your heart to God who loves music.  He, the creator of sounds, created the musical scales as a tool to glorify His beauty and excellence.  Music was designed to infiltrate and infatuate the soul with the beautiful. 

          Music is heaven’s tool to unlock the secrets of celestial bliss, where heavenly music abounds amidst the joyous shouts of exaltation and glory among the saints in light.

          “Sing us a song from Zion,” the Psalmist cries out.  Yet man cannot sing heavenly songs in a captive land of desolation. 

          Heaven’s glory breaks through when a shaft of glorious music darts its descent toward earth.  The listening ear captures the melody and records what it hears. 

          Every pure song of beauty has descended from heaven.  Music is heaven’s hallmark.

          Music is a gift to the simple minds of men who distort its beauty into chords of unrest and agitation.  Instead of rippling like a glittering stream in the summer heat, it storms and thrashes about, leaving the hearer agitated, restless and overly stimulated.  This music feeds the lustful flesh of man.  It bypasses the beauty of the spirit.

          Heaven’s music is pure, peaceful, serene, beautiful, and holy.  It directs the heart and mind to God.  It induces peace and rest in God.  It soothes the troubled spirit.

          Music is a tool of great mastery to captivate the hearts of men.  Use this tool wisely, for it is a gift to be used for God’s glory alone.    Make a pure offering to your God by expressing your love to Him in a melody of great beauty.  He will sing along with you and heaven will smile.”

The Harpsichord of God,
The Holy Spirit

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