Saturday, May 16, 2015

July 10, 2014

          “The hours pass so swiftly in life.  There is nothing holding back the inevitability of aging and death.  Man strolls through life, the pace quickening with each passing year.  Sickness and suffering become commonplace and friends die around you.  The flowering bloom withers and fades.  Life ebbs away.  Eternity looms.

          This is the way of every soul living on earth.  Not one soul has ever evaded death or the grave.  Everyone will face eternity alone, without the goods heaped up on earth.

          Fame and fortune mean absolutely nothing on your deathbed.  Every gasp for air will be the only thing you care about.  How your values will change in that hour!

          Do you men ever think of this inevitable day reserved for you?  Do you wonder how people will react when they hear you have died?  How will the world around you change when you leave the stage of life?

          If men would sit long enough to ponder the day of their death, they would change the way they live their lives.  Priorities would change, affections would be altered.  It would be a very sobering moment, and very useful to make some very important changes.

          There should be no fear of death if you are living as God wants you to.  This time on earth is a preparation for an eternity with God.  He is making you ready for heaven.  He is raising children on earth, forming them into the mature images of His Son.  This is a beautiful time of restoration and growth.

          Think about your day of death, My children.  This will help you to realize what is most important in life.”

Jesus, God’s Helper

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