Saturday, May 16, 2015

June 10, 2013

          “The gentleness of God would astound the harsh world.  God creates kittens; man creates bombs to kill and destroy.  God creates the gentle winds, the delicate snowflakes, the majestic snowcaps; man creates filthy movies, weapons to hurt the glorious body that God has created so lovingly.

          God whispers softly in the soul with gentle and persuasive words of love; man hurls insults and blasphemies back to God.  God gives precious gifts and graces unceasingly upon the most hardened and arrogant souls; man hoards his material acquisitions and greedily steals from the poor and needy.

          God forgives a repentant soul; man refuses to forgive the least offense.  God offers His helping hand to man in every circumstance of life; man turns away quickly, acting as though he has no eyes to see.  God offers man tranquility, serenity, and peace; man prefers noise, agitation and ambitious undertakings that forget the soul within.

          God is so patient with man, waiting for man to see the error of his ways; there is no second chance with man.  Once he is offended, he refuses to forgive to restore the relationship.

          God is beauty; man prefers to destroy his body by unhealthy lifestyles and marks of evil printed on his skin.  God is pure love; man chooses hatred and scorn.

          God’s ways are so much higher than man’s ways.  He longs to change the heart of man into His heart of pure love.  The heart is than supernaturalized and divinized and the man then exhibits God’s virtues and gracious nature.

          O man, change your selfish heart into God’s beautiful, loving heart.  You have the opportunity for such a great exchange.

          God is the fountain of life.  Come to His fountain to drink and you will be changed.”

Lover of God

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