Tuesday, June 24, 2014

May 21, 2013

          “Love is the compelling force that moves the universe, that melts the heart of man, that holds all things together.  Love is the reason for the life breath of every living soul.  To love is to find God, to dwell in Him, to live and move in His aura.

          You must open yourself to Love’s embrace.  As a little child, you must love with a pure and open heart.  I am driven away by a calculating or cynical approach.  I seek sincere, fervent children to dwell among them.

          Children are a beautiful expression of God’s openness and purity.  They love and obey spontaneously when they are nurtured and cherished.  Children charm the heart of God in their simplicity.

          I continuously call you to spiritual childhood.  This is the glorious path to sanctity.  You must drop all your earthly cares as a child does, living in the present moment, relying on others to care for their needs.  Children love and laugh and play and rejoice and imagine and curiously enjoy God’s beautiful nature.  They are not counting money or worrying about taxes and material gains.  They are pure, free, and simple.  It is possible to live the pure life of a child in this world today.  You must abandon everything to God – all your cares and worries, your plans and agenda, your ambitions and earthly dreams.            Abandon yourselves to My love and I will make your dreams come true.  Do you trust that I will follow through on this promise?  Test it and see if joy and contentment will surround your moments of life.  You will know the life of the freedom of heaven, walking with God in purity of heart.  I will take care of all your needs.  Please trust Me as a child trusts his loving father.

          No more worries, cares or confusion.  Boundless trust in your magnificent God!”

Your Supply

April 30, 2013

          “It is in the most little things in your life that My holy will becomes apparent.  Souls seek Me in the big occurrences, bypassing the daily graces and blessings.  “Lo, I am with you always …” means that I am watching you drive your car and brush your teeth and make that meal for your family.  I see you walking into church or holding the door for that person.  I watch you smile at strangers and clean the kitchen.  I am with you every second of your life.  If only My children could comprehend this great truth!  They would make every moment an eternal investment.

          To practice My presence at every moment of your life is to fall in love with Me over and over again.  We do everything together, as best friends do.  You have the greatest counselor to guide you, the wisest teacher to instruct you, the most patient parent to lead you by the hand.

          Avail yourself of My presence.  You have so few days remaining of this earthly life.  Make every second count for eternity.  Love, laugh, rejoice, trust.  Be eager to see what is coming around the bend in the road.  Make beautiful what appears to be monotonous.  Make exciting what appears to be drudgery, for you accomplish all things with the infinite and omnipotent God beside you and within you.

          You hear My voice.  This is a great gift not given to all in this capacity.  Rejoice, for you are chosen to be a greatly loved one.  Pray for your brothers and sisters in the world that have never experienced My nearness.  Shed My light upon all you meet in the world for they are imprisoned in the kingdom of darkness and cannot see the light.

          I love you and you love Me.  What greater blessing could be bestowed on your life.  We shall rejoice together eternally!”

Loving Presence

April 26, 2013

          “To open heaven with your words is God’s gift to man.  When you speak to God, your Father and My Father, He listens so attentively.  He stoops so lovingly toward your littleness to respond to your slightest wish.  God is the eternal parent to His children, leading, guiding, and providing for each child as though he were an only child.  The more humble and weak you are, the closer He draws you to Himself.

          God is big and you are little.  He recognizes your frailty and overlooks your human weaknesses.  He wants you to rely on His strength.  He will give you the power to become pure and holy.  You are lovely in His sight, though you see yourself as stained and broken.  You are cherished and treasured beyond your deepest powers of thinking.  As you honestly and sincerely pour your heart out to your listening Father, He places you on His lap and caresses you so lovingly.  “I long to help you,” He speaks to your heart so gently.

          Never be afraid of your Father.  He is always there to help you.  I accomplished My greatest work, the Passion of the Cross, because I understood My Father’s heart of love for His children.  I restored His children so that they might once again enter His presence.  I brought them home again to My Dad. 

          O children, the human family is a manifestation of God’s family.  Parents will die for their children.  God died for His children.  Could you run away in fear from a Father who so loves you as to die for you?  No, you could not.  Do not run away from God.  He died so that you might run into His arms of love to be safe and free.

          Come to your heavenly Dad and sit on His lap of love.  It is not hard.  It is child’s play, an intuitive response to Dad’s love.”

Your Elder Brother

April 25, 2013

          “Truly, Holy Mass is the fountain of life.  You come here to drink deeply of My Bodily Presence in the Eucharistic feast.  So few souls come to gather fresh water daily.  This water cleanses, refreshes and strengthens souls.  Without this water, thirsty souls shrivel up and die.  They are like the dead branches cast forth withering away.

          I am the great waterfall of righteousness.  I am the only cleansing fountain in the world.  Souls must run beneath My showering graces to be cleansed of their sinful ways, to be transformed into clean, pure, and holy saints.  I not only cleanse you, I feed you with a great feast on My holy mountain of love.  I satiate your soul, allowing you to live in peaceful contentment.

          I ministered to the woman of Samaria who met Me at the well.  Her life changed at that encounter.  Her sins, which were many, were forgiven her and she was cleansed and fed by My loving hand.  I am the living well of water waiting for souls to come to Me to be set free, purified and settled in holiness.

          The gushing waters flow continuously, beckoning the weary souls of the world.  I have all that a man would ever need to be happy, successful and glorified on earth as it is in heaven.  I await all who will come to Me. 

          Come, fill your buckets with My goodness.  Revel in the glorious bubbling fountains of holiness.  Swim in the ocean of the Holy Spirit’s love.

          Come, souls.  I await you hopefully.”

Fountain of Living Water

April 24, 2013

          “Love is truly as strong as death and is the binding force that fuses hearts.  My friends love Me with all their hearts even though they have never met me physically.  They do not even know the features of My face, yet they love Me deeply.  They have never heard My audible voice, yet they cherish My words as though they were the finest gold.  My friends have never seen My glory or touched My hands, yet they know that I am the gentle Shepherd leading them home to God.

          My friends trust me and honor My judgments.  They are content where My wisdom has placed them.  They obey Me joyously and quickly.  My friends love Me with every fiber of their heart.

          O My friends, what a feast I have prepared for you!  What eternal joys are waiting for you, world without end!  Though you blindly stumble through the dark of this world holding tightly to My hand, there will be a day of eternal light which will open before you and your eyes will see the land prepared for you from all eternity.

          Yet a little while and I will come for My own, for My sheep that hear My voice and obediently follow Me.  We will leave this world of night and step out into the light of forever.

          Be patient, My friends.  Fight the good fight in these dreary days of spirit battle.  I will be coming for you soon and you will be crowned with the victor’s palm of righteous living.  “You will walk with me in white, for you are worthy.”

Gentle Shepherd

April 18, 2013

          “To overthink is not ‘to be’.  Your little dog doesn’t mull over his existence.  He just lives for what is put in front of him.  He has no plans, no agenda, not even any forethought.  He doesn’t regret yesterday’s actions or worry about his future security.  He just exists for the glory of God.  He is completely dependent upon God.  And God cares for him faithfully.

          Where has all this forethought and worry taken you?  Does regret serve a purpose other than to distract you from the present moment?

          My mother taught you a great secret years ago, although your understanding did not grasp its significance.  “Just be,” she told you in the depths of your heart.  Just exist for God’s glory as she did, a spectacle of grace hidden away in the heart of God.  My mother did not try to understand God’s plans for her; she daily accepted all things as from His kind hands.  She placed herself completely at His disposal to do with her all that He so desired.

          To exist for the glory of God is a beautiful existence.  It is orderly and peaceful, serene and untroubled.  It is a sailing ship on calm seas, gliding through the waves of life elegantly, untroubled by the storms.

          ‘Just be’ today all that you are.  Accept your weaknesses and your strengths, your circumstances and your past, your emotional currents, your surroundings.  Just rejoice in the state of life your Father has chosen for you, not explaining away His gifts and graces.  They were given to you to shine before others, that they will be attracted to God’s goodness.

          “To be comfortable in your own skin” is an earthly phrase that closely coincides with these heavenly inspirations.  Just be happy in the skin God has given you.  Have faith that all has been pre-planned by Him for your greatest good.

          Ponder the words “JUST BE” this day and the Holy Spirit will teach you the infinite truths contained in these simple words.”

Teacher of the Littlest Ones

Friday, June 13, 2014

March 13, 2013

          “Holy thoughts produce holy lives.  To dwell on the beautiful, the good, the honorable, the merciful things of earth grants God’s peace to souls of goodwill.  Do not let your mind wander into every pathway that you encounter.  Be vigilant to rein in your thoughts, to take every thought to the heart of Jesus.  The mind can control your spiritual development if you let it freely roam.  Give your mind to Me and let me think My thoughts in you.  In this way you will dwell in perfect peace, for I am the Master of all that exists.

          To draw ever nearer to Me you must surrender absolutely everything to Me.  Hold nothing back – your thoughts, your time, your bodily needs, your joys.  To be united to God is the greatest joy in life and this union only is granted to those who have surrendered all to God’s heart.

          Be impressionable with your God, like a stamped seal.  Let Him impress His image upon everything you do.  “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”  In that nearness he will melt you as wax from a candle flame and He will form you into a perfect mold of Himself.  You will be Jesus walking in America today.

          The world needs to see the face of Jesus.  The world needs to hear His voice.  Give Jesus access to the world through your body.  Present your body as an offering to God to be used for His glory.  You will become a spectacle of grace and glory, admired by the angels and known to God’s heart as a replica of His beloved Son.

          The message is the same – all to Jesus, all for Jesus, all to redound to the glory of God Most High. Amen.”

The Whisperer,
Holy Spirit of God’s Breath

March 12, 2013

          “The world is sick and suffering.  The wounded souls grope in the dark trying to find satisfaction and meaning in life.  My light is diffused by heresy and lack of faith on the part of My elected ones.  How I grieve for the world’s pitiful condition!  I see the suffering children, the abandoned elderly, the dejected and shamed homeless ones, the addicted, the promiscuous ones … How sad this makes My loving heart!

          There is power in My name, but how seldom My name is spoken in love.  I am mishandled and abused constantly.  Man rejects My mercy.  Evil overpowers man because he has chosen the dark ways of the earth.

          Man must flow into God, let himself be overcome by God’s goodness.  He must surrender to Love’s appeals.  In his pride, man believes he can save himself.  I am the Savior, the only road to eternal life with God.  I am the humble Servant – Son of God, deliverer of earth’s captives.

          Call upon Me and I will deliver you.  All you must do is ask.  I will hear your request and reply quickly, for My love compels Me to draw all men into My most sacred heart.

          I love all of you so much, men of earth.  I gave My life for you, to deliver you from evil.  What more can I say or do to prove My great love to you?”

Jesus, the Rejected Savior

March 8, 2013

          “Love is the summit of the mountain you are climbing to sanctity.  Sanctity is being in love with God.  God is love and can only love.  Love will bring you into the heart of God to be united with Him forever.

          To love God is the highest form of praise.  He seeks adorers who will worship Him in spirit and in truth.  These lovers of God fill heaven with exultant praise and glory.  They have become one with the lovely God and unite together in beautiful expressions of harmonious praise.

          God loves you as a father loves his child on earth, with a tender heart of sweetness toward His little ones.  He draws them to Himself with cords of love and kindness, showering His heavenly gifts upon their land – rain, wind, and sunshine.  God lovingly watches over His earthly men, desiring intimate fellowship with them, constantly calling them to His embrace.

          God is smiling at you all day long.  Can you lift your head and smile back at Him?  Can you thank Him for His kindness to your soul, so lovingly created?  Can you joyfully live out the life He has planned for you in obedience and humility?  Can you bring Him great honor and glory by keeping your lives pure and free from sin?  Can you follow Him faithfully because you love Him for who He is rather than what He can give you?  He has already given you all things by giving you your life breath.  Can you entrust all He has given you back into His loving hands?

          It is not hard to please God.  He is not a heavy taskmaster.  He is good, kind, and gentle.  He only wants your highest and best.

          Give yourself wholly to your loving Father who awaits the gift of your free will.  What a beautiful and glorious life you will live!  He will complete in you what He has envisioned from all eternity.  He awaits your consent.  Say ‘yes’ to God with a big smile on your face.”

The Holy Spirit,
God’s Voice of Love

March 1, 2013

          “To know the heart of God … Jesus came from glory to reveal His Father’s tender heart.  The world’s sin and disobedience were repulsive to God’s holy heart.  He provided His Son to bind up the festering wounds of mankind.

          Jesus humbled Himself, allowing evil men to wound and kill His flesh.  By His sacrificial gift of Himself, He took upon Himself the devastating effects of sin and death.  The bloody horror He faced in life gave way to His infinite love.  He leaped and bounded over the hills of the world’s depravation to bring home His Father’s wayward sheep.

          His beauty and dignity were thrown back in His face as He faced His accusers.  He let Himself be treated harshly and severely.  His tears and sweat mingled with His blood as He gave all of Himself to draw men back to the holy God.  He became a spectacle before all that exists; the angels were horrified, the heavenly courts were distressed, as God died for ungrateful and undeserving man.

          He carried the cross alone.  He walked the path of suffering alone.  No man cared for His soul.  He sorrowfully watched the tears of His afflicted mother drop to the earth at His feet.  Creation was aghast at such a sight!  Each step was a labor of love … God’s love for the world.

          To understand such a sacrifice, you must become very quiet before the majesty of God.  He reveals His heart to the reverent and the lowly.  He shares the cross with His most beloved children.  Those that palpate the heart of Jesus touch infinite love, a love from another realm.

          Love is not loved.  How lamentable!

        Sorrowful Savior

February 28, 2013

          “Make a pure melody in your heart to God who loves music.  He, the creator of sounds, created the musical scales as a tool to glorify His beauty and excellence.  Music was designed to infiltrate and infatuate the soul with the beautiful.  Music is heaven’s tool to unlock the secrets of celestial bliss, where heavenly music abounds amidst the joyous shouts of exaltation and glory among the saints in light.

          “Sing us a song from Zion,” the Psalmist cries out.  Yet man cannot sing heavenly songs in a captive land of desolation.  Heaven’s glory breaks through when a shaft of glorious music darts its descent toward earth.  The listening ear captures the melody and records what it hears.  Every pure song of beauty has descended from heaven.  Music is heaven’s hallmark.

          Music is a gift to the simple minds of men who distort its beauty into chords of unrest and agitation.  Instead of rippling like a glittering stream in the summer heat, it storms and thrashes about, leaving the hearer agitated, restless and overly stimulated.  This music feeds the lustful flesh of man.  It bypasses the beauty of the spirit.

          Heaven’s music is pure, peaceful, serene, beautiful, and holy.  It directs the heart and mind to God.  It induces peace and rest in God.  It soothes the troubled spirit.

          Music is a tool of great mastery to captivate the hearts of men.  Use this tool wisely, for it is a gift to be used for God’s glory alone.  Make a pure offering to your God by expressing your love to Him in a melody of great beauty.  He will sing along with you and heaven will smile.

The Harpsichord of God,
The Holy Spirit

February 19, 2013

          “The beautiful prayers of My faithful children pierce the heavens as shafts of light.  They are perfumed flasks of holiness saturating the polluted air with the scent of heaven.  Each word uttered in prayer flies as winged doves to God’s throne.  Every prayer is inspired by the Holy Spirit, the spirit of holiness.  Purity, holiness, light, joy, peace, humility, chastity, and love are the fruits exhaled from these souls of hope.  Gentleness proceeds from these humble hearts so in love with their Father God.

          Their prayers are intermingled with the holy sighs of the angels who look upon the face of God.  O, the wondrous insight of a soul whose heart pines for heaven!  They soar above the earth, looking from above.  Their viewpoints have been transformed.  They no longer reside on earth in decaying bodies.  Their spirits live with Jesus and the angelic host.

          The peace of their countenance is obvious to a troubled world.  They long for the redemption of the perishable body.  Death is victory, for it unites them to the love of their life.  “Whom having not seen, you love, and rejoice with a joy unspeakable and full of glory.”

          Those that crawl in the mud of the earth will never know this glorious joy of the “saints in light.”  Let God grant you wings to fly above the earth’s sinful atmosphere.  Once you have tasted heaven’s fruit, the earth will become very distasteful to you.”

The Spirit of Holiness