Sunday, December 30, 2012

June 6, 2011

          “Thank you for spending these early morning hours with Me.  The hours of teaching are the most important moments of your life.  All else is temporal and passing.  As you contemplate the Divine One, you open your mind to the reality of your existence which is to seek the eternal.

          Man is choked by the passing glories of the world.  Like a river dammed up by debris, he remains in a state of flux, swirling endlessly against the embankment of his vices and worldly pleasures.  He cannot rise above the blockage to proceed peacefully down the river of life to the great ocean of divinity, which is My presence eternally.  In the silence, I unblock all the passages.  I clear the river of all debris.  I reveal eternal truths and bring the abundance of peace and joy to the troubled soul.

          To allow heaven’s truths to pierce your soul, you must remain recollected and still.  “Be still and know that I am God.”  I reveal Myself to quiet souls.  In silence and peace, I reveal Myself to the hungry heart.  I invite the weaned soul to enter the depths of My intimacy, My Sacred Heart.

          Little children, stop; sit quietly at My feet; quiet your mind; do not question or probe.  Sit very quietly and you will learn of Me.  Do not reason or try to form your own spiritual ideas.  Sit as a tiny child before Me, ready to receive My words of love.  Then you will come to know Me as I am.  Without this stillness, you perceive who you think I am, but you do not know Me.  You know your own perceptions.

          As you recognize your nothingness apart from My gaze that keeps you in existence, you truly become what I desire – humble, meek, loving and trustful children, obedient and loyal, faithful and devoted, loving the good, hating the evil as I do, and then I can mold you into a vessel fit for the Master’s use.

          It is all so simple.  Quiet yourself.  Seek My presence in solitude.  I promise you that I will reveal Myself to you.”
Lovingly, the Blessed Trinity

June 2, 2011

          “My perfume is evanescent.  It forms a halo of glory around the person of one of My holy children.  As the crowds pressed in around Me to touch Me, so souls feel a desire to touch God when they smell His fragrant presence on one of My children. 

          It is an other-worldly experience, not understood in the eye of the beholder.  It is a link to the deepest center of the heart.  The soul tries to grasp this scent with human hands.  Most souls are drawn to Me without words.  I speak to the innermost depths of their hearts in a silent language.  It is the language of heaven, the glory language.  It is the language of love, unconditional love, the love of the blessed in heaven.

          I place this language in the hearts of My faithful ones.  They do not need to speak to draw souls to God.  The Holy Spirit speaks through their fragrance, their bearing, their mannerisms, the serenity in their face, the glory glow that surrounds them.  The Holy Spirit whispers the secrets of heaven into their ear in the language of love.”

May 31, 2011

          “I have brought you here to speak to your heart.  “In My presence is fullness of joy.  At My right hand, there are pleasures forevermore.”  You do not yet understand what I am doing in your soul when you sit with Me here.  In the silence, I weave Myself into the very fabric of your being without a word being said.  I do not need words to imprint My likeness upon a soul.  In fact, it is in the silence that you are changed, not in the midst of many words and aspirations.

          We sit here as friends, not needing to go beyond our togetherness.  I look at you and you look at Me.  “You have not chosen Me.  I have chosen you …”  I wanted to be your friend from all eternity.  I wanted to spend time with you before you were born into this world.  Do you yet understand the abounding grace that has so lavishly been given to you?

          I am not looking for your thanks.  I want you to understand My love for you.  Souls call Me ‘religion’ but they do not understand who I really am.  I am not a set of rules or a legal system.  My Essence is love.  I desire friendship and unity.

          Those that sit quietly with Me begin to understand the Gospel message.  They begin to open their hearts to Me in a new way.  I descend into the innermost depths of their hearts, there to make Myself known.

          Love opens the door to My heart.  Love and attention will get you everything you need to be conformed into My image.

          It is not hard to know Me.  Come, sit with Me.  Let Me speak to your heart.  Let Me love you into My presence.  You will then live in heaven upon earth.”
Jesus, Heaven’s Joy

May 30, 2012

          “Each day is a unique opportunity to grow in grace and the love of God.  To grow in God’s love is to attain to the fullness of Christ’s humanity.  Jesus, the God-Man, Love incarnated, became all things to all men.  He is the way to the Father’s homeland.  To walk as Jesus walked is the ultimate duty of My children.  I want to see the face of My Son in them.

          My Spirit of Love has been given the charge to remake you according to the pattern of heaven.  A spiritual temple is being raised on earth to offer spiritually holy sacrifices to heaven, to My altar in heaven, where I receive the sons of men unto Myself eternally.

          In peace and quietness I unite Myself with obedient souls to remake them, to refashion them, to favor them with My presence.  I am calling out a people to Myself, a holy people, a joyful people, a sacrificing people; these are the redeemed among the sons of men.

          Be still before Me that I may cast My mantle over you to claim you as My own.  Only in the stillness of My presence do we become one.

          Run into the silence, My saints.  I reside in the silence of your hearts.  Find Me there waiting for you.  Seek for Me with all your heart and you shall find Me.  I am waiting for you, always waiting for you.  My love compels Me to wait for your awakening.

          To understand My heart, you must ask for Divine Love to enter your soul.  Only then will you understand Love’s patient waiting.

          A God who sits patiently waiting … what a meditation for you.”
God, Your Father

May 29, 2012

          “To be a blessed child of God is the highest calling.  The steps of one called by God print love marks in the earth.  They fragrance the air with beauty and holiness.  They radiate heaven’s peace.  They frustrate the evil designs of Satan. 

          They are hard to track, for they blow like the wind, carried by the Holy Spirit’s breath.  They prefer silence to the world’s glamour.  They are hidden away from the eyes of men praying down great gifts and favors from heaven.         Life seems so very long for them, for they are pilgrims on a journey.  They follow obediently the voice they cannot see and rejoice to do so.  They seek an invisible reality, unseen by mortal men.  Their tastes have changed to heavenly tastes.  The earth has lost its luster. 

          They follow a path unknown to them, meekly accepting all they encounter as the blessed will of God.  They are strong in spirit, rising above tribulations and great trials.  Their eyes are fixed on God alone, as they walk their unique path in silence.  They have tasted the goodness of the Lord.  Nothing on earth allures them anymore. 

          These souls of holiness are protecting the world from God’s wrath at the devastating sinfulness that corrupts the land.  They are the leaven that keeps the world in existence.

          This drama of life, God’s will of intention, will be played out until the final day of reckoning.  Then the heavens will be displayed in great majesty for all to see.    The righteous shall rejoice in that day.  The wicked shall tremble and fear.  The day of the Lord shall come as a thief in the night.  Prepare yourselves, O world of men!”

God’s Justice

May 27, 2011

          “Faith is trust in My Providence.  Do you really believe that all things work together for good to all that love Me?  If you really believe this, you will never worry, but will always trust in My decisions and circumstances.  A life of faith is worry-free.  Faith implies complete trust in the other; hence, no worries whatsoever.

          Have faith in God.  He holds the universe together.  Your needs do not elude Him.  He is aware of all things.  Job learned to recognize the hand of God in every happening in his life – good or bad.  He accepted both courageously in great faith.  His life is a pattern to emulate.  He blessed the Lord at all times, never doubting.  I recorded His life in Scripture to be an inspiration and a model for My saints to follow.

          Each soul has a cross to carry, some extremely heavy, others light.  These crosses make up your heavenly crown.  The manner in which they are carried speaks volumes about your intentions.  The more lovingly and joyfully you carry your cross, the more you trust Me.  The more worried and fearful you carry your cross, the more you distrust Me.

          Your trust honors Me.  It gives me complete freedom to bring you to the greatest perfection.  It leaves Me free to introduce new and wonderful things into your life for we are moving on and do not have to cover the same ground over and over again.

          Let your worries turn into smiles of trust.  Hand every concern over to Me.  Let Me handle all your cares.  As soon as you release every problem to Me, you allow Me complete freedom to bring My Father’s will to perfection.

          To develop this trust, every time a worried thought invades your mind, quickly wrap it up and offer it to Me with this prayer:  “Jesus, I hand deliver this worry to you.  Jesus, I trust in you.”  How this delights Me to see you act on My instructions to have no anxiety at all.

          The sooner you release your grasp on your life and lose it for My sake, the sooner My peace will invade your soul and you will become a very joyful and content child of God.”
Worry Destroyer

May 26, 2011

          “Souls are in desperate conditions.  They seek happiness in the pleasure the world offers constantly, but once acquired, these pleasures are tasteless.  Man is greedy in his thirst for pleasure.  It drives him to the brink of despair, for he is always on a treadmill, seeking what he can never find.

          Then man gets old.  His dreams appear so insignificant in the light of his frailty.  His life becomes a burden and what once seemed so important becomes useless.  He looks back at his life with great regret.  He followed his dreams to the detriment of his family, to the detriment of the feelings of others, to the detriment of his soul.  Maybe he has amassed a fortune, but this money has no value in the real world, the eternal realm.

          His soul should have been flourishing in goodness, but it is weak and unstable.  All the castles he has built in his mind crumble as he faces eternity.  The beautiful strength of body he once admired and preened is valueless and a heavy weight.

          O man, tonight your soul will be required of you.  What will you bring to the table?  The gifts I require for an entrance into My kingdom are the treasures of love of God and love of neighbor.  I have no use for your business skills or energetic endeavors.  My requirement of you was to die to self that I might walk the earth in your body.  I wanted you to gather eternal riches, those that only grow more beautiful through the endless ages.  You have been deceived by the beauty and glamour of the world, but it is not too late to change your course.

          Humble yourself; repent of your past doings; turn to Me and I will freely forgive you and welcome you to the true life worth living, the Christ-life.  This life will satiate your hunger and thirst for meaning and fullness.

          You have walked your road alone for many years.  Let Me join you.  We will finish your course together, you and I.  I will teach you many things that will give you the happiness you are seeking.  All joy is to be found in Me, for I am your life breath and reason for existence.”

 Jesus, the I AM

May 25, 2012

          “What does it mean to lift your soul to Me?  It means to raise your eyes above the distractions of this world to contemplate eternity with Me. 

          I desire that you stop during the day to realize that all that surrounds you is temporal.  You are living a play.  One day the props will fall aside and real living will begin, the unhindered life of God’s Spirit infinitely living in you.  You must allow His Spirit now to inhabit all of you.  To the extent that you surrender to His action in your soul, so much will you realize the reality of spirit over matter.  Matter is the temporal.  Spirit is eternal life living through God’s love.

          The silence will speak to you, for the silence stops the daily grind of mindless living.  In the silence, you will learn God’s ways, for He is Eternal Silence and Rest.  The beauty of pure hands and holy eyes lifted to heaven is in the sight of God a beautiful thing.  He looks among the ashes of earth for souls of purity and humble reverence that He might infuse His light into them. 

          The darkness of the world has blinded the hearts of mankind.  The light has been stifled and blocked.  God’s pure, holy light descends into humble souls that have turned away from the world, those that lift their hearts and hands to heaven in silence and solitude.  These are God’s beacons of hope in a hopeless world of wandering souls.

          Look at Me, My children.  I am able to supply all you need for eternal happiness and bliss.  Heaven is never-ending joy.  Seek heaven’s peace.  Seek heaven’s rest.  I am heaven.  Seek Me.”

Heavenly Glory of God

May 25, 2011

          “Every soul that seeks to sit close to the light, which is Christ, will be illuminated with His radiance.  The rays of the glory of Jesus will light up your countenance and infiltrate your open heart.  You will see clearly with My eternal vision.  The darkness flees in the light.

          Never move away from the light.  If you step away, you step into darkness, for there is no admixture that is satisfying.  As you sit beneath My gaze of light, you are being transformed into the same glorious image.  You are irradiated and purified.

          This is not your doing.  You sit immobile, allowing the light to permeate and penetrate your earthly vessel.  You sit as a child before Me, with no power of your own to effect this change.  As you gaze into the eyes of Light, I burn away all the dross that has accumulated in your life.  I step inside your body with My lamp-light, searching the hidden corners for any areas of darkness.

          When you are completely filled with My light, you are then transformed into the image of the divine Sun, a reflection of His being on earth.  That is why I said:  “Greater works shall you do, because I go to My Father.”  I intercede for you before My Father’s throne.  I ask Him to give you the glory that I have, so that you might be a light of mercy to your brothers and sisters suffering in the world’s darkness.

          Let Me illuminate you with My radiance.  Come; sit before Me in silence.  Let My light invade your being imperceptibly.  You will feel My warmth and you will be changed into a beautiful glowing lamp of My beauty.

          My children I display as strings of light, strung up around the world as a beautiful display of heaven’s grandeurs.  They are connected by the wires of the Holy Spirit, the generator that empowers them.  These lights hold forth the words of life to a dark world.  Their light has gone out through all the world as a testimony of that great Light, the Sun of Righteousness.

          “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Source of Light

May 24, 2011

          “What can I not do with an open heart, attentive to My voice?  I am eager to display My Father’s power to the world, but I am held back by a lack of faith in those selected by God to be pillars of hope in this evil time.

          My children are getting caught up in things of absolutely no consequence while the world is slipping into desolation around them.  My warriors of love and hope have been sidetracked and swept into the churning tide of self-interest and the glamour of life.

          Truth is hidden in sacrifice.  To lose your life in this world is to gain it unto life eternal.  All this glamour is passing and ephemeral.  These beautiful bodies will one day be decaying in a casket.  These material possessions will wear out, become old and moldy.  The fame, the glory of stardom will not be remembered on the bed of sickness.  This is all temporary and fleeting.

          Wake up, children of earth, to what is lasting and real!  Life is a test.  Who are My true friends, those that bypass their own pleasures to please Me, the God Who died for them?

          My voice calls out incessantly.  I never give up My pursuit.  The Shepherd scours the hills for that one lost sheep.  I never grow tired of speaking out the same message. 

          Come home to Me, My children.  Come home.  I am waiting for you.  I desire to bless you, to help you, to free you from your self-destructive ways.  My only intent is to raise you higher than you could ever imagine – more joy, more peace, more love, more health, more understanding, more contentment.

          I am always waiting.  Please come home, children.”
The Blessed Trinity

May 23, 2012

          “I have chosen men and women in every century to stand out above the crowd.  They are pillars of truth set against a backdrop of worldly honors.  These souls have aligned themselves with Me, despising the world’s glamorous allure.  They were solitary souls; they became My friends in silent rooms, hidden from man’s eyes.  They wanted to know Me.  They laid all else aside to pursue the unknown depths of spiritual wisdom.

          These souls patiently endured nights of darkness and futile undertakings.  Many times their words were distorted and used against them.  They always seemed to be running against the current of the times.  They were called intolerant and judgmental as they spoke forth My truths of judgment.  Friends abandoned them, they were scandalized, alone, and confused many times, but they persevered on the lonely road of the cross, climbing Calvary with great love in their hearts for Me.

          These were My friends in the world, those I conversed with freely.  Together our hearts were set upon saving the souls of men from destruction.  These souls of holiness kept their eyes locked in My gaze.  Love made them run madly after Me.  Their only reward was My abiding presence.  They desired nothing else in this world.

          These friends of Mine changed their world.  Their holiness attracted souls to God.  Their prayers obtained miracles.  Their writings have survived the ages.  Their names have been memorialized in My Church.  These friends of Mine walk with Me in heaven.  Their garments are white, for they are worthy.  These are My forever friends, those I have chosen from among millions of souls, those that will be at My side eternally.

          Could there be any higher privilege than to be the friend of God?  Do souls today think of befriending the God of the universe?  My hand of friendship is continuously extended to the men on earth, but I do not even receive a handshake.  I am rebuffed. 

          O men of earth, I desire your friendship.  I want to be your friend forever!  To be a friend of God … what higher calling exists?”

God’s Friend Catcher

Thursday, December 13, 2012

May 23, 2011

          “I place My desires deep within your heart.  Every good desire and thought you possess comes from Me.  Your desires are formulated prayers that rise to heaven without you ever realizing their impact.

          The obedience of scheduling time for Me in your day reaps a multitude of great gifts.  To communicate with heaven is no small thing.  It is a great gift given to you by My loving Father.  Souls in the world are blinded to the existence of heaven.  The light cannot penetrate their hardened hearts.  The light causes many of them to be angry and defensive.  They themselves do not even understand this anger that wells up within them.

          The more pure your soul becomes, the more the darkened heart will violently resist you.  Light has no alliance with darkness.  You must expect to be rebuffed and insulted, for if they persecuted Me, the true Light Bearer, they will persecute you.  This is as it should be, for I came into the world to expose their deeds of darkness.  This is not comfortable for them.

          You must go forward valiantly, not wasting time trying to figure out why your actions are misconstrued.  Keep your eyes locked into My gaze, for you are following the leader of the lights.  There is an end to all this madness and righteousness will again reign.  The time of darkness is reaching its culmination and the Son of Man will arise with healing in His wings to alarm the nations.

          It is your loving response to Me that I seek.  I am gathering My round table of saints, those that will rule and reign with Me in the ages to come.  Keep the focus.  Your commanding officer has spoken.”

God’s Captain of the Troops

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

May 22, 2012

          “What is your life?  What does it consist of?  Moments of time march one by one until old age comes which then stops at the door of death.  What will you be holding in your arms as you stand waiting at death’s door? 

          Will your hands be perfumed with the fragrance of good works?  Will your mind be pure, separated from worldly desires?  Will your heart be dilated with love for the God you will be meeting face to face? 

          How many souls will be fearful and trembling on that day?  What will they say in their defense?  Those that have trodden on the poor, sinned willfully, despised God’s commandments, ill-treated their neighbor – how will they encounter God with the boldness backed by a life of holiness?

          God is a just judge.  He has placed within man’s hearts His laws.  There will be no excuse on that day.  Man’s soul will accuse him.  He will not need to hear words of judgment. 

          To stay in contact with heaven every day of your life is the greatest secret of the holy boldness you will need on that fateful day of reckoning.  God gives man every chance possible to follow the inner yearning for holiness that He has so carefully placed in the inner sanctuary of man’s being.  There will be no excuses on the day of judgment.

          “Behold, I show you a mystery.  We shall not all sleep but shall be changed, in the twinkling of an eye.”  This judgment will be quick and powerful.  In the state you arrive at death’s door – this is the measuring stick of justice before God’s holiness.

          Look up to Me.  Ask Me to show you the state of your soul now so that what is evil may be turned into good before that final day where there will be no remedy.  I offer you life and death, children.  “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.”

Trial Judge

May 21, 2012

          “Ask your Father in heaven for grace.  Grace to love Him.  Grace to obey Him.  Grace to listen to His voice in your heart. 

          You are a beggar asking for alms from a rich king.  You have to ask for things you do not have.  Are you trying to acquire things you do not possess?  You cannot make things happen on your own if you do not possess the means.

          You desire holiness and purity.  You have to ask God for these gifts.  You cannot manufacture them by your own striving.  God must grant you the grace to be virtuous and strong in His power.  Do you yet realize that all comes from Him?

          You flounder spiritually and then chastise yourself vigorously, as though you could keep yourself standing by your own willpower.  This is a great secret to spiritual growth.  Look to God for everything!  He holds each of your breaths in His power.  He is able to grant you all spiritual gifts and graces if you just ask to receive.

          Stop trying to reach spiritual maturity on your own.  You need the Holy Spirit’s strength.  Remember, beggars are poor.  They ask for what they need.  They do not try to create goods from nothing.  They require a benefactor.            You also need to supply your goods from God.  Do not rely on yourself anymore.  You have a rich Father in heaven just waiting to abandon Himself to your requests.  He is a good God bearing beautiful gifts.  So few souls empty His hands.

          “God, grant me the gift of Your holy presence.”  This prayer flies to His heart speedily.  He seeks a welcoming heart. 

          It is easy to make God happy.  Tell Him how much you love Him and want to dwell in His presence eternally.  This is His desire for you.”

God’s Voice of Love

May 21, 2011

          “I will speak freely to those who will listen.  The atmosphere is full of My words.  So few hear them because they have drowned them out with noise. 

          I speak in the rustle of the treetops.  The clouds sing forth My praises in silent wonder.  My animals go forth daily, mute and obedient to their nature.  If you listen to the stillness, you hear another world waiting to be discovered.  “Be still and know that I am God.”

          A quiet heart learns how to love heaven.  A quiet spirit is happy and content with all things.  “A meek and quiet spirit is in the sight of God of great price.”

          Seek and search urgently for the peaceful quiet solaces I have prepared for you, those silent moments when I can speak softly to your heart.  These, My quiet children, shall dwell eternally with Me in peace. 

          I surround Myself with quiet souls.  I am not in the earthquake or the great winds.  I abide with the meek, the lowly, and the quiet children, those that have silenced themselves in humble obedience and wisdom.

          Mary “pondered all these things in her heart.”  I dwelt as King in her heart.  She conversed with Me in our silent language, unknown to the world. 

          The masters of the spiritual life, those that have earned heaven’s doctorate, are the meek and quiet children that have weaned themselves from the ways of the world.  They enter heaven’s inner sanctuary, where all is so quiet and still that they can hear God’s very breath.

          Follow Me, My quiet lambs, into the peaceful hills of lovely stillness, My Father’s eternal abode.  We shall quietly rule and reign with Him forever, the children of peace, the sons of the eternally quiet God.

          God abides in the stillness.  Go to meet Him there.  He waits for you there.  He will teach you the language of silence, the most powerful language known to man.”

Holy Spirit,
Whisperer of God

April 23, 2012

          “What is necessary in your daily life to live a life pleasing to God?  Does God need anything from you?  He owns all things, for He created all that exists.  God sits on the circle of the world, beholding His creation with contentment. 

          God calls simple souls of pure hearts to Himself.  God seeks holy and righteous hearts, freed from subtleties and duplicity.  God needs love poured out to Him from a sincere heart.

          God is love.  He desires love from His creatures, a return of affection in grateful thankfulness.  His desire is that you offer to Him your heart, free of the world’s ways, open to heaven’s grace. 

          What does the Lord require of you?  That you love justice, mercy, and peace and that you walk humbly, reverently, fervently, and passionately daily with God.  May He be your food and drink.  May He be the air you breathe, the thoughts you think.  To be enamored with God is to possess the infinite.

          David understood well the meaning of life.  David loved his Creator with all of his being.  His heart was taken over by his great love for God.  God was everything to David.  God smiled lovingly upon this little shepherd boy singing love songs on his home-made harp.  God listened intently to the lyrics of his songs.  God smiled a contented smile and rose gloriously over David’s life to honor him with an everlasting kingdom, for David understood God’s heart of yearning love for His children.

          Who understands God’s great and infinite love?  Who stops to consider God’s pressing love?  The more you love God, the more God shines forth from your soul, for God is light and He illumines all He embraces.

          It is not your heroic deeds God is looking for.  It is your heart He desires, your loving and attentive gaze, your thanksgiving and gracious words of love. 

          God is love.  God is love.  God is love.  Live in His love.  Union is living in God’s love.”
The Holiest Holy Spirit of Love
April 20, 2011

          “You have not because you ask not.”  Ask for more from Me.  Ask what you will, for My heart is your heart.  My desires are your desires.  We will save this world together. 
          Love is the antidote to every sin, every action against God’s holiness.  As you abide in My love, I wrap My halo of beautiful glory around you, attracting souls to the beauty of holiness.”

April 19, 2012

          “To gaze upon the face of God is to look beauty full in the face.  God is looking intently at you.  Are you returning His gaze?  God’s eyes behold all things at all times.  He is omnipotent.  To look into God’s eyes is to stare into infinity.

          How can man, made of dust, probe the mind of God?  Love is the drawstring that allows God to be known.  God is love and those that love Him are pulled into His embrace.

          God created man to love Him.  God created a beautiful garden of love to provide a mutual sharing of intimate encounters.  It is God’s delight to speak to men.  Yet today, as in the delightful Garden of Eden, man has rebuffed God’s tender love.  Man chose instead the fruit of the forbidden tree, a rejection of God’s friendship.  So today, man picks fruits from the trees of earthly existence, denying and rejecting God’s constant overtures.

          What a sad state of affairs.  Man rejects his highest good.  This saddens the sweet and tender heart of God, the most loving of all fathers.  Who can understand the mind of God?  It is I, the Spirit of holy truth.”

Holy Spirit,

April 19, 2011
     “There is no need for you to try to understand My ways of leading you because you are running to heaven full speed ahead.  Your heart is in love with Me, and this is My greatest treasure, to win the hearts of My children, to enclose them in My loving heart forever.

          How many times have you heard, “It’s all about love?”  There is no truer statement.  The world was made by love, redemption was God’s gift of love, heaven is eternal love, and all My gifts are manifestations of My great love for souls.

          If you spend your day loving Me and My Father, this will be the greatest day of your life.  To joy in Me, to acknowledge My presence, to include Me in your thoughts and actions, to converse with Me freely, to exclaim your words of love pouring out of a thankful heart – THIS is salvation’s story.

          You will spend eternity loving Me and My Father.  During this brief earthly sojourn, as you keep your eyes staring into My eyes, you will already be living in heaven, for I am heaven.  I am the Source of all that exists.  When you come to Me, you are coming to the fount of all wisdom and knowledge.  You are communing with the All-Glorious God.”

April 18, 2011

          “Your words of love are a sweet perfume to My soul in a world of darkness and evil.  The world rushes madly into the depths of hell’s enticement, ignoring My lifeblood, the price of their precious and eternal redemption.  They have been bought and paid for by My life sacrifice, yet they choose to walk away from Me.  They are disobedient children seeking to evade any kind of control over their lives.  They do not understand that to live for Me and with Me is to experience a joy they cannot even begin to fathom.  My halo of peace would enfold them.  They would not falter or stumble under My direction.

          The mothers have abandoned their children for vanity and pleasure.  Hearts are stained and corrupted through the evil that continually blares brazenly from the television.  The children sit quietly as they are indoctrinated by demons in disguise as cartoon characters and warriors.  Everywhere they turn, evil stands before them attempting to capture and control their hearts.  Parents are busy in things of no consequence, while their children are sacrificed to the world’s philosophy of vain pleasures.

          The sacred has been banished from the world.  Reverence, silence, solitude, prayer – the children know nothing of this.  They are dragged from one trivial pursuit to another, wasting time on things of no value.

          The children are never taught how to pray or how to wait upon God.  They incessantly cry for new toys, new amusements, anything to waste the precious days of their lives given them by a holy God.

          Pray for the children.  They are languishing on the streets.  They have no direction.  They do not know My name.  They are lost in the night of the world’s fog.”

In sorrow for the Lost Children of the World