Sunday, December 30, 2012

May 23, 2012

          “I have chosen men and women in every century to stand out above the crowd.  They are pillars of truth set against a backdrop of worldly honors.  These souls have aligned themselves with Me, despising the world’s glamorous allure.  They were solitary souls; they became My friends in silent rooms, hidden from man’s eyes.  They wanted to know Me.  They laid all else aside to pursue the unknown depths of spiritual wisdom.

          These souls patiently endured nights of darkness and futile undertakings.  Many times their words were distorted and used against them.  They always seemed to be running against the current of the times.  They were called intolerant and judgmental as they spoke forth My truths of judgment.  Friends abandoned them, they were scandalized, alone, and confused many times, but they persevered on the lonely road of the cross, climbing Calvary with great love in their hearts for Me.

          These were My friends in the world, those I conversed with freely.  Together our hearts were set upon saving the souls of men from destruction.  These souls of holiness kept their eyes locked in My gaze.  Love made them run madly after Me.  Their only reward was My abiding presence.  They desired nothing else in this world.

          These friends of Mine changed their world.  Their holiness attracted souls to God.  Their prayers obtained miracles.  Their writings have survived the ages.  Their names have been memorialized in My Church.  These friends of Mine walk with Me in heaven.  Their garments are white, for they are worthy.  These are My forever friends, those I have chosen from among millions of souls, those that will be at My side eternally.

          Could there be any higher privilege than to be the friend of God?  Do souls today think of befriending the God of the universe?  My hand of friendship is continuously extended to the men on earth, but I do not even receive a handshake.  I am rebuffed. 

          O men of earth, I desire your friendship.  I want to be your friend forever!  To be a friend of God … what higher calling exists?”

God’s Friend Catcher

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