Wednesday, December 12, 2012

April 18, 2011

          “Your words of love are a sweet perfume to My soul in a world of darkness and evil.  The world rushes madly into the depths of hell’s enticement, ignoring My lifeblood, the price of their precious and eternal redemption.  They have been bought and paid for by My life sacrifice, yet they choose to walk away from Me.  They are disobedient children seeking to evade any kind of control over their lives.  They do not understand that to live for Me and with Me is to experience a joy they cannot even begin to fathom.  My halo of peace would enfold them.  They would not falter or stumble under My direction.

          The mothers have abandoned their children for vanity and pleasure.  Hearts are stained and corrupted through the evil that continually blares brazenly from the television.  The children sit quietly as they are indoctrinated by demons in disguise as cartoon characters and warriors.  Everywhere they turn, evil stands before them attempting to capture and control their hearts.  Parents are busy in things of no consequence, while their children are sacrificed to the world’s philosophy of vain pleasures.

          The sacred has been banished from the world.  Reverence, silence, solitude, prayer – the children know nothing of this.  They are dragged from one trivial pursuit to another, wasting time on things of no value.

          The children are never taught how to pray or how to wait upon God.  They incessantly cry for new toys, new amusements, anything to waste the precious days of their lives given them by a holy God.

          Pray for the children.  They are languishing on the streets.  They have no direction.  They do not know My name.  They are lost in the night of the world’s fog.”

In sorrow for the Lost Children of the World

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