Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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The Prayer I say every day after Holy Communion

DivineSavior,transform me into Yourself.
May my feet be your feet.
May my hands be your hands.
May my eyes be Your eyes.
May my ears be Your ears.
May my mouth be Your mouth – “Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth.”
May my mind think Your thoughts.
May my perspective be Your heavenly perspective.
Grant that every faculty of my body may serve only to glorify you.
Above all, transform my soul and all its powers that my memory, my will, and my affections may be the memory, the will, and the affections of You.
I beg You to destroy everything in me that is not of You.
I pray that I may live in complete union with you so that I may say with St. Paul, “I live, but not I; Christ lives in me.”

The above prayer was written by St. John Gabriel Perboyre

The "Letters from Heaven"
book series is dedicated to
Father Perboyre, a missionay priest brutally tortured and martyred for his faith in China.

November 4, 2010

          “It seems the whole world lies in the power of the wicked One, but I have My chosen souls strategically placed in all corners of the earth.  My Spirit moves where He wills and My souls hear His voice and obey His impulses.

          They shine My light into the darkest corners of the earth.  They joyfully proclaim My message of peace by their exemplary behavior and self-giving lifestyles.  They do not seek fame, praise, or acclaim.  They desire to walk in My footsteps, living lives of obscure hiddenness, hiding out in prayer closets, repenting for unrepentant souls.

          These little jewels of Mine will be a diadem on My brown in the heavenly kingdom.  They will show forth My praises throughout the endless ages of eternity.  They are Mine.”

Jesus, Treasure of God’s Jewels
November 2, 2010
          “A life lived in union with Me is pure joy.  “I am the resurrection and the life.  He that liveth and believeth in Me shall never die.  Believest thou this?”  In this world of daily trials and toil, I am testing souls, forming them into My image and likeness.  I want to fill heaven with saints.  Only a saint would be happy in heaven.

          The way of earth is a continual suffering, oppression, and darkness, but I am the light of the world.  As you walk with Me, the pathway is brightened before you and I fill your heart with My joy.  We walk the perilous road of life singing joyfully on the road, adoring My Father together with exclamations of praise and thanksgiving.  Eternity is worth all suffering now.  Eternal bliss awaits you at the end of this road of life.  Lay hold on eternal life by bowing your head in prayer, asking My Holy Spirit to invade your body, giving you the strength to walk in holiness all the days of your life.

          Prayer is the secret key that unlocks heaven’s mysteries.  Prayer opens the door to the eternal world of God.  To pray is to move mountains, to do the impossible in a finite world, to draw God near to your lowly and frail heart.  If My people would humble themselves and pray, I would heal them and their families.  I would do great and mighty works through them.

          Prayer is silencing your mind to the things of the world.  Prayer is talking to heaven from your corner of the earth.  Just call My name and I am there beside you listening intently. 

          I am here for you, My children.  “Call upon Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which thou knowest not.”  Let’s become the best of friends through our conversations together.  Prayer is the heartbeat of our friendship.  When you talk to Me and smile at Me, My heart leaps for joy, for I desire to show you My glory that you might be inebriated in My love forever.

          Believest thou this?  I hope you do.”
Nearer Than Your Next Heartbeat
October 22, 2010

          “God’s gentleness trains you to be kind, humble, and sweet.  God is love and love is a beautiful kindness and grace.  God’s fragrance beautifies the atmosphere.  He pours forth His graces as lovely raindrops, glistening dewdrops of beauteous splendor and luminosity.  This living water from heaven transforms souls of dust into the image of Christ, the anointed Son. 

          These spectacles of God’s grandeur beautify every place they enter.  They bring the light of heaven, the fragrance of peace, the joy of glory, the wonder of immortality, and the breathtaking hope of future transcendence.  They bring heaven to earth.  They bring life to a dying world.  They bring fresh air to a decaying planet.   My pure and innocent children mingle on the playground of earth, diffusing sweetness and mirth.  They lovingly sustain smiles of goodness and generosity.  They endure during hard times and are an example of fidelity and loyalty in the midst of a blaspheming world.

          My children of hopefulness delight My heart.  They are My treasure on earth, My jewels of bright splendor, always eager to do My will.  If only they knew their impact on countless souls … they would rejoice far more than they are rejoicing now.  As I breathe My fresh heavenly air into their spirits daily, I renew and invigorate them to daily draw closer to My standard of holiness, which is love from a pure heart.  If they allow Me to permeate every area of their lives, they become a living and burning flame of ardent love, rising to heaven as an offering of purified praise.

          I am forming Christ-sons and daughters throughout the earth.  These Christs are calling My wayward children out of darkness into the marvelous light of My kingdom.  They are royalty, sons and daughter of the great king of glory. 

          Walk in your dignity, My children of the light.  Let My light shine through you to enlighten this darkened world.  Be as clear as crystal, purified of sin, that My pure Son may be formed in you. 

          This is the way of heaven – transparent light revealing the purity and holiness of God the Almighty.  Bring heaven to earth, My children.  This world needs pure souls to magnify My glorious mercy.”

God, Pure Love

October 26, 2010

          “Daily submission to God’s call of grace completes the journey of life God has called you to.  Do not look beyond the present moment, the grace-filled moment set before you to drink in the mysterious outworkings of God.  Men run beyond the present moment, seeking greater feats to demonstrate earthly results, yet God works in secret, using the weak things of the world to confound the wise.

          To live in God’s presence is to accept each moment of life as His providential gift to you.  It is to humbly walk with God moment by moment, thanking Him for each circumstance, accepting each trial with tranquility.  God carves saints in the daily seconds of life.  Responding patiently and lovingly to each occurrence is all part of your daily growth in sanctification.

          Do not seek great things.  Greatness lies in obscurity and hiddenness.  Greatness is complete dedication to God’s good pleasure, in whatever form it comes to you.  In your loving and attentive gaze, God expands your horizons to consider the little things as great and the humble circumstances as the sure path to holiness.

          Walk the narrow path of the saints.  They decreased in all things – their personalities, their possessions, their attitudes, their opinions, their desires, and their dreams.  They laid everything on the altar of life and offered all up in sacrifice to God’s good pleasure.

          To love being little and unknown is the first step to great peace and serenity.  It is in the grasping after great things that souls lose their peace.

          A flower is content to bloom quietly in a hidden corner, its only task being to brighten that corner, to fragrance the air beautifully.  When you learn the secret of desiring to be a hidden flower for God, wherever He places you, you will truly be a cornerstone in the sacred structure that God is building for His dwellingplace.”

Jesus, Chief Cornerstone

October 28, 2010
“Contentment with your lot in life is a great source of eternal peace. Souls desire change and variety. The mundane bores them. My life was the glowing example of a hidden life considered mundane in the eyes of the world as I toiled with My father in Nazareth. My duties daily did not change. I did not seek to be known. I did not seek esteem or praise, even though it was I who created the sun and the universe. I gaily whistled in our little shop as I cleaned the floor, toiled in the heat, greeted neighbors, or obeyed My parents. I knew that God had granted Me this little station in life to glorify Him. Though I was hidden to the world, I was known to heaven. The angels watched Me perform the duties of a fragile man and wondered at My condescension. The fallen angels watched Me very closely, wondering at My humble service.
My heart was the heart of a humble God of love. Nothing was too little or demeaning for love’s embrace. My heart gloried in the simplicity of life’s daily joys and sorrows. Everything was important to Me, for I knew that every one of My steps were ordained in truth. I sought nothing beyond the present moment of grace. Time held Me in the arms of God’s love. Eternity was My domain, yet I slipped into time’s restrictions.
My example of hiddenness is the lesson of all holy men and women. “Your life is hidden with Christ in God.” To hide from the world’s pride and to slumber quietly in the hiddenness of God’s heart is the pathway to sanctity. Seek not great things for yourself. Allow yourself to be crushed and trampled by a greedy world always looking for praise, security, and possessions.
Follow Me to the manger of hay, the bed in the barn, prepared for Me to lay My head upon on the day of My entrance into time. See our poverty, our simplicity, our joyfulness in obscurity as we work tranquilly in the carpenter shop. See how we interact with the common men and women in our daily life; loving them, helping them, befriending them, seeking out their company. Our holy family was hidden from the world, but greatly blessed in our simple existence.
I have prepared the paths of holiness for My children to observe and emulate. Blossom where God has planted you. Thrive where you are placed in the world. Be content with the daily duties God has required of you. Make your little plot of ground in this world a holy altar of love, offering fragrant sacrifices of praise throughout your day, spreading God’s glory throughout the world by your faithfulness to God’s gracious plan for you.
The lesson of holy simplicity and abandonment to God’s designs for you will make you a saint. Do not look beyond where you are stationed. It is here that you will see the fruit God has destined for your life.”
Jesus, God’s Harvester

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My favorite books:

"Divine Intimacy" by Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalene
(I will read this book every day for the rest of my life.)

"The Song of Songs" by Father Juan G. Arintero
(A beautiful book explaining the book of Song of Solomon by
saints through the ages.)

"The Imitation of Christ" by Thomas A Kempis
(Wonderful book.)

"He and I" by Gabrielle Bossis
(I read this book over and over.  It's about a very charming
relationship with Jesus and Gabrielle, a French actress.  She
records her conversations with Jesus in the book.  Jesus is
very charming in this book.)

"The Diary of St. Faustina"
(I also read this book over and over again, a few pages a day.)

"The Spiritual Legacy of Sister Mary of the Holy Trinity"
(The life of a girl whose parents were missionaries.  As a young
girl, the Virgin Mary appeared at her bedside and she converted
to Catholicism and became a Poor Clare in Jerusalem.  She had a beautiful relationship with Jesus and He talks to her throughout the book.  I have read this book so many times that the book is tattered and held together by rubber bands.  I love it.)

************These are just a few of my favorites.*************

This is one of my favorite pictures of Jesus.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the Virgin Mary.
May 26, 2011

          “Souls are in desperate conditions.  They seek happiness in the pleasure the world offers constantly, but once acquired, these pleasures are tasteless.  Man is greedy in his thirst for pleasure.  It drives him to the brink of despair, for he is always on a treadmill, seeking what he can never find.

          Then man gets old.  His dreams appear so insignificant in the light of his frailty.  His life becomes a burden and what once seemed so important becomes useless.  He looks back at his life with great regret.  He followed his dreams to the detriment of his family, to the detriment of the feelings of others, to the detriment of his soul.  Maybe he has amassed a fortune, but this money has no value in the real world, the eternal realm.

          His soul should have been flourishing in goodness, but it is weak and unstable.  All the castles he has built in his mind crumble as he faces eternity.  The beautiful strength of body he once admired and preened is valueless and a heavy weight.

          O man, tonight your soul will be required of you.  What will you bring to the table?  The gifts I require for an entrance into My kingdom are the treasures of love of God and love of neighbor.  I have no use for your business skills or energetic endeavors.  My requirement of you was to die to self that I might walk the earth in your body.  I wanted you to gather eternal riches, those that only grow more beautiful through the endless ages.  You have been deceived by the beauty and glamour of the world, but it is not too late to change your course.

          Humble yourself; repent of your past doings; turn to Me and I will freely forgive you and welcome you to the true life worth living, the Christ-life.  This life will satiate your hunger and thirst for meaning and fullness.

          You have walked your road alone for many years.  Let Me join you.  We will finish your course together, you and I.  I will teach you many things that will give you the happiness you are seeking.  All joy is to be found in Me, for I am your life breath and reason for existence.”

Jesus, the I AM
May 25, 2011

          “Every soul that seeks to sit close to the Light, which is Christ, will be illuminated with His radiance.  The rays of the glory of Jesus will light up your countenance and infiltrate your open heart.  You will see clearly with My eternal vision.  The darkness flees in the light.

          Never move away from the light.  If you step away, you step into darkness, for there is no admixture that is satisfying.  As you sit beneath My gaze of light, you are being transformed into the same glorious image.  You are irradiated and purified.

          This is not your doing.  You sit immobile, allowing the light to permeate and penetrate your earthly vessel.  You sit as a child before Me, with no power of your own to effect this change.  As you gaze into the eyes of Light, I burn away all the dross that has accumulated in your life.  I step inside your body with My lamp-light, searching the hidden corners for any areas of darkness.

          When you are completely filled with My light, you are then transformed into the image of the divine Sun, a reflection of His being on earth.  That is why I said:  “Greater works shall you do, because I go to My Father.”  I intercede for you before My Father’s throne.  I ask Him to give you the glory that I have, so that you might be a light of mercy to your brothers and sisters suffering in the world’s darkness.

          Let Me illuminate you with My radiance.  Come; sit before Me in silence.  Let My light invade your being imperceptibly.  You will feel My warmth and you will be changed into a beautiful glowing lamp of My beauty.

          My children I display as strings of light, strung up around the world as a beautiful display of heaven’s grandeurs.  They are connected by the wires of the Holy Spirit, the generator that empowers them.  These lights hold forth the words of life to a dark world.  Their light has gone out through all the world as a testimony of that great Light, the Sun of Righteousness.

          “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Jesus, Source of Light
May 20, 2011

           “Death to self is your highest authority.  Self seeks its own interests.  This must die in you.  Self seeks admiration, appreciation and praise.  Die to the opinions of others.  Self seeks to understand, to gain more knowledge.  I want you to die to your need to know.  I desire that you rest quietly in My presence, not understandingand not knowing.

          When a grain of wheat falls into the earth to die, it is in complete darkness, unaware of everything.  What a perfect description of what I require of a soul in order for it to sprout to be fruitful to others.

          You must die that others may live.  Very few souls ever go beyond the initial calling of grace to reach the higher calling of complete abandonment to God’s sacrifice of life.  To lay your life on the altar for others is to follow in the footsteps of your elder brother, Jesus.  He died that you might live.

          As you let go of your ambitions, your plans, your ideas, and offer yourself completely empty of everything, I then have the freedom to fill you with My plans for your life.  It is a road you would never expect to follow.  I lead My sheep along paths unknown and foreign to them.  They follow Me very bewildered, but at the end of the strangest paths, they exclaim in a burst of understanding, “So that is why God led me along this particular path.”  The fruits will be so evident as you trace your steps.

          All My ways are paths of peace.  You may feel you are blindfolded and alone, but if you grasp My hand very tightly, you will walk with My confidence.  The end result will be glorious.

          In your death to all you think you know is your greatest challenge to glory.  Let go of all your accumulated data storehouses of material gathered in your brain.  Let Me re-sort the filing system and set things in order.

          “My ways are not your ways.”  My ways are the glorious paths of the saints.”

Jesus, Leader of the Saints
May 24, 2011

          “What can I not do with an open heart, attentive to My voice?  I am eager to display My Father’s power to the world, but I am held back by a lack of faith in those selected by God to be pillars of hope in this evil time.

          My children are getting caught up in things of absolutely no consequence while the world is slipping into desolation around them.  My warriors of love and hope have been sidetracked and swept into the churning tide of self-interest and the glamour of life.

          Truth is hidden in sacrifice.  To lose your life in this world is to gain it unto life eternal.  All this glamour is passing and ephemeral.  These beautiful bodies will one day be decaying in a casket.  These material possessions will wear out, become old and moldy.  The fame, the glory of stardom will not be remembered on the bed of sickness.  This is all temporary and fleeting.

          Wake up, children of earth, to what is lasting and real!  Life is a test.  Who are My true friends, those that bypass their own pleasures to please Me, the God Who died for them?

          My voice calls out incessantly.  I never give up My pursuit.  The Shepherd scours the hills for that one lost sheep.  I never grow tired of speaking out the same message.  Come home to Me, My children.  Come home.  I am waiting for you.  I desire to bless you, to help you, to free you from your self-destructive ways.  My only intent is to raise you higher than you could ever imagine – more joy, more peace, more love, more health, more understanding, more contentment.

          I am always waiting.  Please come home, children.”

                                           The Blessed Trinity

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"To fall in love with God is the greatest of all romances; to seek Him the greatest adventure; to find Him, the greatest human achievement."    St. Augustine

"When I go to the chapel, I put myself before the good God and say to Him: "Lord, here I am. Give me what you wish." If He gives me something, I am happy and I thank Him. If He gives me nothing, I thank Him still, because I do not deserve anything more. Then I tell Him all that comes into my mind. I tell Him my sorrorws and my joys - and I listen."    St. Catherine Laboure'

"My God and my Lord! What need was there of commanding us to love You? Are you not most lovely in Your infinite perfections? And for the infinite love You bear to us, do You not deserve our love? How, then, is it possible that anyone should not love You? If there is such a person, it must be because he has not deserved to know You. For, a soul that knows God, cannot help loving Him, and loving Him in proportion to his knowledge of Him; so that if he loves Him but little, it is a sign that he knows Him but little; and the more his knowledge increases, the more his love will go on growing."   
St. Teresa of Avila

September 27, 2010

          “The cries of the children pierce through the clouds.  My Father is furious about what is happening to the innocent children of earth.  Man’s depravity is all-consuming.  His barbarity delights in soiling and contaminating the innocent.  He has no compassion for the piercing cries of the defenseless children pleading for mercy.

          Herod slew the children of Bethlehem without mercy.  Through the ages, children have been sacrificed to demons.  Children are the prey of the greatest predator, Satan.  He seeks to defile them, to pollute their minds, to destroy them, to abandon them.  These children are the scent of heaven and he despises any remembrance of heaven.

          Good men have become powerless because they have abandoned God.  They live a life of pleasure upon earth, entertaining themselves in idle pursuits, while the children are mutilated and massacred around them.  They have the means to stop such destruction, yet they are too self-absorbed to care.  They avert their gaze, lest they have to get involved.

          Heaven is crying out for justice.  Men will be called into account for this odious and heinous sin of neglect.  In his pursuit of riches, he idly walks by the mutilated corpses of the pure and innocent children on his path.

          If you pursue God with all your heart, your eyes will be opened.  You will have His vision to see the wickedness and greed and the alarming disinterestedness of souls, even My chosen souls.  To have the mind of Christ is to see with My eyes.  You will hear the cries of the children.  You will not be oblivious to their agony.  You will no longer be able to ignore your duty to get involved, to rush to their help.

          I am calling My chosen souls to warfare against Satan’s troops.  I will lead the way.  I will give you My armor of protection.  Listen for heaven’s call to duty and respond to your part in this drama of life.  The children need your involvement.  I will open all doors.  Walk through them in confidence.”

Jesus, Child Advocate

May 21, 2011

          “I will speak freely to those who will listen.  The atmosphere is full of My words.  So few hear them because they have drowned them out with noise.  I speak in the rustle of the treetops.  The clouds sing forth My praises in silent wonder.  My animals go forth daily, mute and obedient to their nature.  If you listen to the stillness, you hear another world waiting to be discovered.  “Be still and know that I am God.”

          A quiet heart learns how to love heaven.  A quiet spirit is happy and content with all things.  “A meek and quiet spirit is in the sight of God of great price.”

          Seek and search urgently for the peaceful quiet solaces I have prepared for you, those silent moments when I can speak softly to your heart.  These, My quiet children, shall dwell eternally with Me in peace.  I surround Myself with quiet souls.  I am not in the earthquake or the great winds.  I abide with the meek, the lowly, and the quiet children, those that have silenced themselves in humble obedience and wisdom.

          Mary “pondered all these things in her heart.”  I dwelt as King in her heart.  She conversed with Me in our silent language, unknown to the world.  The masters of the spiritual life, those that have earned heaven’s doctorate, are the meek and quiet children that have weaned themselves from the ways of the world.  They enter heaven’s inner sanctuary, where all is so quiet and still that they can hear God’s very breath.

          Follow Me, My quiet lambs, into the peaceful hills of lovely stillness, My Father’s eternal abode.  We shall quietly rule and reign with Him forever, the children of peace, the sons of the eternally quiet God.

          God abides in the stillness.  Go to meet Him there.  He waits for you there.  He will teach you the language of silence, the most powerful language known to man.”

Holy Spirit, Whisperer of God