Tuesday, October 30, 2012

May 22, 2012

          “What is your life?  What does it consist of?  Moments of time march one by one until old age comes which then stops at the door of death.  What will you be holding in your arms as you stand waiting at death’s door? 

          Will your hands be perfumed with the fragrance of good works?  Will your mind be pure, separated from worldly desires?  Will your heart be dilated with love for the God you will be meeting face to face? 

          How many souls will be fearful and trembling on that day?  What will they say in their defense?  Those that have trodden on the poor, sinned willfully, despised God’s commandments, ill-treated their neighbor – how will they encounter God with the boldness backed by a life of holiness?

          God is a just judge.  He has placed within man’s hearts His laws.  There will be no excuse on that day.  Man’s soul will accuse him.  He will not need to hear words of judgment. 

          To stay in contact with heaven every day of your life is the greatest secret of the holy boldness you will need on that fateful day of reckoning.  God gives man every chance possible to follow the inner yearning for holiness that He has so carefully placed in the inner sanctuary of man’s being.  There will be no excuses on the day of judgment.

          “Behold, I show you a mystery.  We shall not all sleep but shall be changed, in the twinkling of an eye.”  This judgment will be quick and powerful.  In the state you arrive at death’s door – this is the measuring stick of justice before God’s holiness.

          Look up to Me.  Ask Me to show you the state of your soul now so that what is evil may be turned into good before that final day where there will be no remedy.  I offer you life and death, children.  “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.”

Trial Judge

May 21, 2012

          “Ask your Father in heaven for grace.  Grace to love Him.  Grace to obey Him.  Grace to listen to His voice in your heart.  You are a beggar asking for alms from a rich king.  You have to ask for things you do not have.  Are you trying to acquire things you do not possess?  You cannot make things happen on your own if you do not possess the means.

          You desire holiness and purity.  You have to ask God for these gifts.  You cannot manufacture them by your own striving.  God must grant you the grace to be virtuous and strong in His power.  Do you yet realize that all comes from Him?

          You flounder spiritually and then chastise yourself vigorously, as though you could keep yourself standing by your own willpower.  This is a great secret to spiritual growth.  Look to God for everything!  He holds each of your breaths in His power.  He is able to grant you all spiritual gifts and graces if you just ask to receive.

          Stop trying to reach spiritual maturity on your own.  You need the Holy Spirit’s strength.  Remember, beggars are poor.  They ask for what they need.  They do not try to create goods from nothing.  They require a benefactor.  You also need to supply your goods from God.  Do not rely on yourself anymore.  You have a rich Father in heaven just waiting to abandon Himself to your requests.  He is a good God bearing beautiful gifts.  So few souls empty His hands.

          “God, grant me the gift of Your holy presence.”  This prayer flies to His heart speedily.  He seeks a welcoming heart.  It is easy to make God happy.  Tell Him how much you love Him and want to dwell in His presence eternally.  This is His desire for you.”

God’s Voice of Love

May 21, 2011

          “I will speak freely to those who will listen.  The atmosphere is full of My words.  So few hear them because they have drowned them out with noise.  I speak in the rustle of the treetops.  The clouds sing forth My praises in silent wonder.  My animals go forth daily, mute and obedient to their nature.  If you listen to the stillness, you hear another world waiting to be discovered.  “Be still and know that I am God.”

          A quiet heart learns how to love heaven.  A quiet spirit is happy and content with all things.  “A meek and quiet spirit is in the sight of God of great price.”

          Seek and search urgently for the peaceful quiet solaces I have prepared for you, those silent moments when I can speak softly to your heart.  These, My quiet children, shall dwell eternally with Me in peace. 

          I surround Myself with quiet souls.  I am not in the earthquake or the great winds.  I abide with the meek, the lowly, and the quiet children, those that have silenced themselves in humble obedience and wisdom.

          Mary “pondered all these things in her heart.”  I dwelt as King in her heart.  She conversed with Me in our silent language, unknown to the world.  The masters of the spiritual life, those that have earned heaven’s doctorate, are the meek and quiet children that have weaned themselves from the ways of the world.  They enter heaven’s inner sanctuary, where all is so quiet and still that they can hear God’s very breath.

          Follow Me, My quiet lambs, into the peaceful hills of lovely stillness, My Father’s eternal abode.  We shall quietly rule and reign with Him forever, the children of peace, the sons of the eternally quiet God.

          God abides in the stillness.  Go to meet Him there.  He waits for you there.  He will teach you the language of silence, the most powerful language known to man.”

Holy Spirit,
Whisperer of God

May 19, 2011

          “You have misunderstood your mission in My great plan.  You have been fulfilling your mission, while constantly waiting for your mission to be given to you.  There is no mission oracle to go forth as a warrior in battle.  Your mission is the daily endurance of the human condition, yours and others.  I have told you that I am not a God of the extravagant and showy displays of My power.  I reveal Myself in whatever is meek, lowly, and hidden.  Most of the time I am so ‘human’ in My works that I go completely unnoticed.

          The angels sigh in wonder as they see men miss My beautiful acts of goodness and divine mercy to the sons of men.  Men walk by, oblivious to My truly spectacular graces; the grace of the present moment, the gift of your life breath, the seeing eye, the colorful landscape.  Man’s eye is fixed on whatever is beyond the next bend in the road, always seeking new adventures and new experiences.

          I dwell in the orderly life of a faithful soul.  Fidelity, temperance, meekness, tranquility, and joy mark My presence.  I am quiet and content, not striving to be noticed or acclaimed.  I am the invisible helping hand, making all run smoothly behind the scenes, prodding My children on in the ways of righteousness.

          I am the smile of a baby, the song of the bird, the wonder of a rainbow.  I lose Myself in the beauty of creation only to be found by those that seek Me fervently and eagerly.  They catch My little subtleties and exclaim in child-like praise, “It is the Lord.”

          These are the children of My inner circle, those that play in the throne room, just desiring to be near Me.  They know My gentleness and My smile of satisfaction.  They sense My nearness and rest on My heart.

          It is not hard to approach Me.  My door is open to all My children.  I glimpse at the doorway constantly, hoping one of My wayward ones will remember Me and choose to come home to Me.

          I am a Father in love with My children.  Need I say more?”

The Heart of a Father

May 18, 2012

          “The fruition of a holy soul in the life of grace is a sight to behold!  God’s grace flows over the soul with a holy and fragrant perfume, enlightening all who come within its environs.  The Holy Spirit infuses God’s holy wisdom into the crevices of the inner man, regenerating what the curse of sin has destroyed.

          The features of a man’s face change once he has experienced the abiding presence of God.  His character remains forever exalted by so lofty a sight.  Rivulets of blessings, the rivers of living water produced by the Holy Spirit, pour forth from his spirit, nourishing and strengthening the earth’s wanderers.  Souls are attracted to God’s holy light emanating from their countenance.  There is a perfumed presence of God’s nearness that touches the heart.

          Contemplative souls bring God to earth.  He radiates His features, imprinting them on the faces of His beloved waiting children.  These lights of glory “dart like sparks through stubble” among the men of earth, creating portholes of heavenly light to any seekers.  My children of light bring My smile to earth.  They allow Me to move within them, to touch souls with their human bodies.  And I do My miracle work … My presence alone cures all ills.

          Only those emptied of themselves can be inhabited by another.  I long to live My life in you, children, in this evil and degenerate generation.  They need My presence so desperately.

          Can I save them through you?  Will you be My obedient servant, existing solely for the praise of My glory?  I will live in you, if you will only allow it.”

Body Seeker

May 18, 2011

          “My dear friends know My heart.  They are attuned to My wishes for them; thoughts of goodwill, peace, love, and jovial familiarity.  I am not a God in far off places.  I reside within the countless souls I have created, designing a unique masterpiece of creative love, each soul formed to show forth My glory.

          When I see these beautiful artifacts of My love drowning in the sea of perdition, I send My life rafts of mercy, warning sirens in the night, pleas of merciful love to rescue them from the raging waters.  My beacons of light spread far and wide throughout the shorelines, havens of hope for the drowning.  Yet souls resist divine mercy and grace.  Men ignore My watchful pleas to return to the haven of rest, My fatherly heart.

          I have created a beautiful world for My children to grow in.  I have provided everything essential for them to flourish and grow into stately oaks of virtue.  Yet man is slowly digressing into the mentality of a brute animal, reveling in sinfulness and deception.  How grieved I am over man’s rebellion and lack of spiritual interest!

          Pray earnestly for the masses who are being driven over the cliff of perdition to fall into endless desolation.  They are being herded like sheep into the eternal abyss by the enemy of their souls.  They serve this enemy blindly, not understanding his supreme hatred for them.

          The Good Shepherd has been driven away by hateful scorn and rejection.  I search longingly for My erring sheep to return to their inheritance, but daily they run further from truth.  Those sheep that hear My voice and follow Me very closely moan with me for the loss of so many sheep.  They comfort My heart, wounded by the scorn of My beloved children.  We pray together for the return of the flock.  We pray for the Spirit of God to sweep through the land as a mighty force to open the eyes of the blind, erring sheep.

          See us on the mountains calling out lovingly together to the stragglers.  The end is near.  God is initiating the last ingathering.  Hear the Shepherd’s call, O men of earth.”

Sheepherder of the Nations

May 17, 2012

          “All things come to pass as I have commanded.  From the earliest moment of creation, God’s perfect will has commenced on earth.  All happens according to His divine plan.  All is well on earth in God’s plan.  He will bring to light the hidden things of darkness.  He will straighten what is crooked.

          Each soul has a unique role to play in God’s dramatic overture on earth.  God weaves a universal tapestry in the lives of men on earth. 

          Some souls are gray and dreary.  They make up the background of the quilt.  Their destiny is to fade into the shadows that the brilliant colors may emerge more beautifully. 

          Some souls are black.  There is no color in their life.  Some souls are yellow, bright spots of cheerful gaiety.  Some souls are red, inflamed with fiery passion.  Some souls are purple, regal, noble, and refined.  Some souls are green, blending with nature.  Some souls are white, transparent in purity.  Some souls are multicolored, a rainbow of virtues.  Some souls glow with holy fervor.

          This stupendous tapestry is being displayed to the heavenly hosts.  They see the uniformity, the beautiful orderliness of the colors.  Those on earth only see the underside of the quilt, the loose threads hanging in disarray. 

          On that final day, they will rise above earth’s mists.  They will view the tapestry from heaven’s vantage point.  They will gasp in holy wonder at the intricate designs of God, full of splendor and glory.

          God does all things well.  Trust Him incessantly.”

Quilt Maker in Heaven

May 17, 2011

          “An open, seeking heart finds many treasures for the soul.  To sit at the Master’s feet searching for “the best part” is a great gift of faith given to very few in this rushing world.  “He that loses his life for My sake will find it” unto life eternal. 

          The treasures of heaven are found in the silent resting on God’s heart.  God is not in the maddening pace of the world.  He is the still, small voice that is seldom heard, constantly drowned out by man’s noisy world.  The heavens drop down the Word of God in torrents of rain graces, yet man closes his eyes, his ears, his heart, and his mind.  He lives in the flesh and closes his spirit to the eternality of his soul.

          My little lambs humbly follow My direction, not seeking anything for themselves but My approval.  Love has cast its garment around them and they are held firmly in Love’s grasp.  They count their lives as nothing as they contemplate God’s essence.  Holiness springs up like a beautiful flower, a beautiful sight to behold, a fragrant aroma of heaven.  Souls are attracted to this beauty.  They sense a hidden aura beneath an earthly disguise.

          My beloved Mother Teresa was a flower of magnificent beauty and fragrance hidden beneath a humble personage.  She captivated all who beheld her.  She did nothing to make herself outwardly beautiful.  Her beauty lay hidden in her heart.  She was in love with Me and ran quickly to heaven, never looking in a mirror to establish her identity.  I was her life.  I slipped quietly and comfortably into the center of her being and she became Christ living among men.  She was as an alien in the world, a heavenly being residing in an earthly shell.

          I desire to manifest My beauty through every soul, yet so few will open the door of their hearts.  Some allow Me a restricted entrance, but how can the sun rise to be seen in a house with all the shutters closed with only one tiny window open to receive its burning heat? 

          Let Me grow as a fragrant flower within you, My children.  Give Me all of you, not just parts of you.  All or nothing!  That’s where the glory comes in!  All for God, nothing for self.  Then all becomes gloriously God and the world takes notice.

          Only the humble will be exalted.”

Beautiful Flower of God’s Love

Friday, October 26, 2012

May 16, 2012

          “Truly, all adversity comes into your life as a teaching principle.  You are exercised and stretched by these tests of your response to all that goes against your will.  The Christian work is a journey of union toward the divine will.  Two wills become one.  All of life consists in this battle of the wills – God’s will or man’s will. 

          As you seek divine union, the diversion of your will becomes more and more apparent.  Anything that upsets you is a lesson for you to stop and ponder what is really going on in the depths of your soul.  When you pray, “Thy will be done,” do you really mean those words when you are faced with situations that upset you or make you angry or anxious?  Do you really believe that all that comes into your life is My will, the good and the bad?

          It is easy to follow Me joyously when all goes well.  What about the days of aggravation, irritation, anxiety, troubles?  Do you joyously follow Me on those days?  Or do you mumble, complain, speak forth angry words, and try to control things that are beyond your control?

          These lessons are painful object lessons.  You must meditate on your response to all that occurs daily.  How you respond is an indicator of your spiritual thermometer.  You must maintain an even temperature of trust every day of your life.  That is the spiritual balance of a sanctified life. 

          In every circumstance you must speak as My servant Job spoke:  “The will of the Lord be done.  Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.”  This is the trust that delights My heart.

          Your trials are small, for you are weak.  Great crosses can only be borne by great souls of strength.  I ask you to be faithful in very little things.  You will be judged by all the little things in your life.  These little things are your little methods to sanctification. 

          The lesson is being taught daily.  You must ponder these teachings to pass the exams, or the lessons will need to be repeated over and over again.  Let’s move on, shall we?  These truths are fundamental for growth in holiness.  Meditate upon them.  Learn the lessons quickly and the union you seek shall be yours.”

The Holy Spirit of God

May 14, 2012

          “Time is fleeting.  What will you do with the remainder of your moments on earth?  When your final day of life arrives, how will your soul feel at that moment?  What will you remember of your life?  What will have been truly meaningful?

          You must live every day to the fullest, your mind remembering your last day on earth.  This is only a small time allotted to you to do good on earth.  Souls come and go throughout the centuries.  Many lives are wasted in frivolous living, their works turned to dust.  They carry nothing lasting with them to the eternal realm.

          What is keeping you from perfection in holiness?  Whatever it is, cast it from you.  No earthly attachment is worth losing eternal riches.

          Can you take an assessment of your life?  How do you spend your time?  How do you waste precious moments?  Everything you do is recorded in heaven’s history annals.  Your works will be tested “so as by fire …”  How serious should you be about reassessing your daily activities?

          Souls are in danger of eternal damnation; God’s praises have been silenced; sin abounds beyond measure; children are hungering and thirsting for truth.  Where are My servants, those I can send out into the harvest fields?  Are they involved in petty, trivial, superfluous pastimes that are useless and distracting?

          The saints in heaven are thrilled to remember every sacrifice they made for God.  Their tears and sufferings are their crowns in heaven.  Ask for grace to see your life in a backward glance.

          The Holy Spirit is calling you to perfection in holiness.  Will you heed His call to sanctification in the Spirit?”

Saint Lover

May 12, 2011

          “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”  To learn God’s wisdom, you must sit quietly before Him in reverential awe and wonder.  This is when you truly discover how little you know. 

          “I am He who is and you are she who is not.”  I revealed these special words to a great saint of love.  I opened to her soul the abyss of her nothingness so that she might open herself to the grandeur of all that I am. 

          I fill empty souls.  Only in weakness and frailty does My power shine forth.  My graces cannot penetrate the proud and unyielding soul.  I seek the child-like and simple to reveal the deepest secrets of heaven’s life.

          If you want to receive more grace, descend lower into the knowledge of your nothingness without My mercy.  You are made of dust and I hold your body together.  If I left you for an instant, you would disintegrate immediately.  “By Me all things consist.”

          I guide the lowly children with a special touch.  My grace surrounds and protects them.  Their simplicity and candor unnerves a complex world’s system.  They destroy all the strongholds and castles of arrogant words built up so lavishly in the world.  Their honesty destroys all deceit.  Truth cannot be destroyed.  It is indestructible.

          The weak souls of the earth are My prized possessions.  In their weak and empty states, I fill them with My divine power.  They no longer live unto themselves.  They live in Me.  I walk the earth in their purified bodies.

          Seek the lowest, the least, and the most humbling of everything in this life and I will come to you in all My glory and build My earthly tabernacle in you.”

Dweller in the Lowly

May 11, 2011

          “I create beauty out of nothingness.  It is My glory to construct a towering edifice of honorable grace out of a ruined homestead.  If I am allowed in to penetrate every area of your life, divinity comes crashing to earth in all its splendor.

          Man limits My creativity by his diverse obstacles to grace.  Obstinacy, ignorance, a distracted heart, neglect, laziness, hopelessness, trust in your own ability – these are all blockades against the fullness of My power touching the world through you.

          To be pervaded by My presence, you must be a malleable vessel, softened by adversity, humbled by life’s trials, aware of your inability, and desirous of God’s glory.     The Potter cannot work with hardened clay.  The clay must be soft in His hands, moistened by the living water of the Holy Spirit, willing to be molded into any shape without objection.

          Live each present moment as My ordained will for you.  I have told you that I abide in the ordinary spaces of life, the times you least expect Me to exert My influence.  I am not a God of the spectacular on this earth.  I am the hidden God.  I abide among the lowly.

          I do not need your gifts and offerings, but they are a token to Me of your love.  What can you give Me that I have not created by My own hands?  I give you the opportunity to draw near to Me by becoming a little child willing to give up all his possessions for his mother’s kiss.

          To know the kiss of God is the greatest gift you can ever receive.  He hides His kisses for the prayer closets of the world.  Few share these rare gifts with the world.  They are beyond words.

          Seek to be hidden with Christ in God.  This is where God’s kisses become commonplace.”

Lover of God’s Kisses

April 23, 2012

          “What is necessary in your daily life to live a life pleasing to God?  Does God need anything from you?  He owns all things, for He created all that exists.  God sits on the circle of the world, beholding His creation with contentment. 

          God calls simple souls of pure hearts to Himself.  God seeks holy and righteous hearts, freed from subtleties and duplicity.  God needs love poured out to Him from a sincere heart.

          God is love.  He desires love from His creatures, a return of affection in grateful thankfulness.  His desire is that you offer to Him your heart, free of the world’s ways, open to heaven’s grace. 

          What does the Lord require of you?  That you love justice, mercy, and peace and that you walk humbly, reverently, fervently, and passionately daily with God.  May He be your food and drink.  May He be the air you breathe, the thoughts you think.  To be enamored with God is to possess the infinite.

          David understood well the meaning of life.  David loved his Creator with all of his being.  His heart was taken over by his great love for God.  God was everything to David.  God smiled lovingly upon this little shepherd boy singing love songs on his home-made harp.  God listened intently to the lyrics of his songs.  God smiled a contented smile and rose gloriously over David’s life to honor him with an everlasting kingdom, for David understood God’s heart of yearning love for His children.

          Who understands God’s great and infinite love?  Who stops to consider God’s pressing love?  The more you love God, the more God shines forth from your soul, for God is light and He illumines all He embraces.

          It is not your heroic deeds God is looking for.  It is your heart He desires, your loving and attentive gaze, your thanksgiving and gracious words of love. 

          God is love.  God is love.  God is love.  Live in His love.  Union is living in God’s love.”
The Holiest Holy Spirit of Love

April 19, 2012

          “To gaze upon the face of God is to look beauty full in the face.  God is looking intently at you.  Are you returning His gaze?  God’s eyes behold all things at all times.  He is omnipotent.  To look into God’s eyes is to stare into infinity.

          How can man, made of dust, probe the mind of God?  Love is the drawstring that allows God to be known.  God is love and those that love Him are pulled into His embrace.

          God created man to love Him.  God created a beautiful garden of love to provide a mutual sharing of intimate encounters.  It is God’s delight to speak to men.  Yet today, as in the delightful Garden of Eden, man has rebuffed God’s tender love.  Man chose instead the fruit of the forbidden tree, a rejection of God’s friendship.  So today, man picks fruits from the trees of earthly existence, denying and rejecting God’s constant overtures.

          What a sad state of affairs.  Man rejects his highest good.  This saddens the sweet and tender heart of God, the most loving of all fathers.  Who can understand the mind of God?  It is I, the Spirit of holy truth.”

Holy Spirit,

April 18, 2011

          “Your words of love are a sweet perfume to My soul in a world of darkness and evil.  The world rushes madly into the depths of hell’s enticement, ignoring My lifeblood, the price of their precious and eternal redemption.  They have been bought and paid for by My life sacrifice, yet they choose to walk away from Me.  They are disobedient children seeking to evade any kind of control over their lives.  They do not understand that to live for Me and with Me is to experience a joy they cannot even begin to fathom.  My halo of peace would enfold them.  They would not falter or stumble under My direction.

          The mothers have abandoned their children for vanity and pleasure.  Hearts are stained and corrupted through the evil that continually blares brazenly from the television.  The children sit quietly as they are indoctrinated by demons in disguise as cartoon characters and warriors.  Everywhere they turn, evil stands before them attempting to capture and control their hearts.  Parents are busy in things of no consequence, while their children are sacrificed to the world’s philosophy of vain pleasures.

          The sacred has been banished from the world.  Reverence, silence, solitude, prayer – the children know nothing of this.  They are dragged from one trivial pursuit to another, wasting time on things of no value.

          The children are never taught how to pray or how to wait upon God.  They incessantly cry for new toys, new amusements, anything to waste the precious days of their lives given them by a holy God.

          Pray for the children.  They are languishing on the streets.  They have no direction.  They do not know My name.  They are lost in the night of the world’s fog.”

In sorrow for the Lost Children of the World

Monday, October 22, 2012

April 6, 2011

          “The loss of control is a heavy load on the soul.  My desire is to have dependent, loving children trusting My heart of mercy.  Adam and Eve didn’t trust Me.  I have been trying to regain that trust through the centuries.  Can I not be trusted?  I am so trustworthy.  I would never harm one of My children or intentionally hurt them.

          When the lesson of trust is learned, you become a child in My arms, one of My most cherished children.  I could not leave you wandering the world’s way.  I had to intervene with this trial to change your heart.  The millions of years of eternity will not be enough time to thank Me for this trial which is granting you a glory so spectacular that the angels will be amazed.

          When your fears arise within you, which will happen, lift your face to Me as a flower to the sun with a big trustful smile on your face and say so lovingly to Me, “Jesus, I trust in You.”  This will change the entire situation; changing fear into expectant joy.  When the lesson is learned, the trial ends.  Your tree is bearing beautiful fruit, food for souls ready to embrace holiness.

          My peace I leave you this day.  Good times are ahead.  The rain is over and gone.  You will bask in the sunshine of My great love for you.”

Jesus, God’s Right Hand

April 11, 2012

          “The soul that lives in My glorious will thrives in every environment.  It blossoms in the darkness, sings in the rain, rejoices in conflict, surrenders in obedient trust.  The soul abiding in My shade sings merrily like a bird on a branch in the spring.  Nothing can touch those that hide beneath My sheltering wings of protective love. 

          Have you understood yet what I mean when I exhort you to live in My will?  It means to sit quietly beneath My tree of sheltering love, smiling at me confidently, trusting My care for you, and accepting all things as coming from My hands of mercy for your greater good.

          How difficult it is to be the parent of a complaining, disobedient child!  How tender a father looks upon his joyfully obedient child!  My son, David, charmed My heart with his little songs of love sung in purity of heart.  He was alone in the night beneath the stars, his eyes scanning the heavens, knowing that I was looking down upon him in such great love.  He believed in Me with all of his heart and soul.  His belief blossomed into great love and devotion, which produced songs of great joy spilling out of his soul.  Could My heart thrill any more than it did as I looked upon this handsome little boy crafting musical melodies, songs of love, written just for Me?  I had to confer on him a kingdom, My generosity is so great!  This boy was giving Me what I so long for – pure love from a pure heart.

          I created children as an example of purity of heart.  The design is set before man to gaze upon, to emulate.  The children then mature and lose their childlike purity and simplicity.  I say – “Go back to the days of your childhood.  Remember your fervent and ardent desires to love me, to know Me, to possess Me.”

          Little souls, always remember that I am Love.  I do not just love, I AM LOVE.  I can do nothing but love.  Love wins My heart.  Love possesses Me.  Love becomes union with the beloved.

          “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God.”

God’s Little David

April 4, 2012

          “Those fervent souls who obey Me will be blessed eternally.  There is no greater peace in life than to be obedient to the words of God.  My words are the book of life to all who desire peace and joy in their daily duties.

          You must see with the eyes of God.  He values the little things of life, the most humble and seemingly insignificant – a child, a word of gratitude, the beauty of nature displayed in the greatest silence, the silent sun shining to nourish the earth, the crystal blue water sparkling in the sun’s light.  To know God is to have the ability to read of God in nature. 

          Nature is God’s book of detail written for man to explore.  It is God’s gift of beauty to men who are sense-oriented.  Man has twisted his senses away from the beauty of the natural to a lust for sensual pleasures which derive man of God’s peace.

          Nature is silently beautiful, made of ethereal substances.  You cannot grasp the sky or the air.  You cannot walk on the mists of the clouds.  Nature is God’s prelude of heaven’s grandeurs, a peek into the Eternal City of Light.

          To know God is to rediscover God in nature – His simplicity, His beauty, His graceful peace.  Birds soar through this heavenly landscape, singing words of unintelligible praise to God.  I desire My children to live as the birds – soaring in the heavenlies with complete dependence on Me, singing songs of praise and thanksgiving with no anxiety for tomorrow.

          Little children, find Me again in nature.  Feel the texture of the leaves, smell the beautiful flowers, marvel at the millions of grass blades, lift your eyes to the elegant clouds marching silently past you in the sky, feel the caress of My hand upon your face in the gentle wind, watch the trees sway in rhythmic abandonment to the breeze. 

          You will find God staring back at you in every flower among the bushes.  You will see His loving face and hear His voice whispering, “I have made all things well.”

 Holy Spirit,
Revealer of God’s Riches

Friday, October 5, 2012

October 5, 2012

          “The thoughts of heaven descend into the heart of man if man will turn away from the world to let the doctrine fall as dew into his heart.  The simple souls receive the ancient wisdom of the ages because they have made themselves empty containers, open to receive new information.  Man, in his earthly wisdom, knows not God’s ways.  God reveals Himself to the lowly and the child-like, those simple enough to be open to the Spirit’s call.

          Men of earth, how little you know about Me!  There is no excuse for this lack of knowledge for I have revealed Myself in creation and in My words to you, faithfully preached through the centuries.  You do not possess this knowledge of Me because you have not taken the time to gaze into My eyes with the simplicity of a child.  You are always running to your own funds of knowledge, which do not even mention My name.  A child has a believing and trusting heart.  He believes what you tell him, until you tell him otherwise.  My men of earth do not believe what I tell them.  I paint My glory in the sunset, I nourish the earth with My rain, I warm them with My brilliant sun, I give them flashes of eternity in the night, yet they exist as if I am silent.

          “Unless you become as a little child, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.”  “With the heart man believes unto righteousness.”  Unless you have the open, believing, and trustful heart of a child, you will not enter My kingdom.

          A child is lowly.  A child is dependent.  A child lacks knowledge.  A child is open and free.  A good child is obedient.  He is trusting and loving.  He lives in the present.  He delights in nature.

          Adults become cynical and unbelieving.  They imagine they have all the answers.  They have lost the air of expectancy that is the charm of childhood.  They grow despondent and greedy, malevolent and angry when circumstances become obstacles to their goals.  They do not flow with the Spirit, as a feather in the air.  They are rigid and oppressed.

          I can set you free from your ordered adulthood.  I can lead you back into the joy of childhood.  I can restore your innocence, your child-like wonder and awe.  I am the Eternal Child of the infinite God.  I will bring you back to My Father’s house, His eternal playground.”

Jesus, God’s Child of Joy

Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 4, 2012

          “The discourse of the angels is beautiful to hear.  They speak of their love for God and human creatures.  Their voices are continually lifted up in praise and glorious songs of adoration to the infinite God.  They exist for the praise of God’s glory.

          O men of earth, I implore you to live like the angels.  May every day be a spectacle of praise and glorious adulation.  You have been supremely blessed to be created to live in eternal bliss with the most holy and loving God.  Forever His mercies will be new to you.  Do you not see how vast and beautiful His thoughts are toward you?  How can you live in the mediocrity and lukewarmness that you daily maintain?

          If you could but run past yourself into the arms of God, He would lift you out of these mundane doldrums.  He has worlds for you to discover that are beyond your senses.  You are created for greatness, O men of earth, yet you destroy yourselves by your petty thinking.  You are all children of the Most High Who makes known His inexpressible glories to you.  All He asks in return is your love given to Him from a pure heart.

          O men, great will be the regret when you leave your earthly existence.  You will weep at your blindness.  You have rejected the Beautiful God for passing pleasures.  I weep for you, men of earth.

          Time is passing quickly.  You are only given a small fragment of time in which to obtain eternal glories.  Be wise, men of earth.  There is a day of reckoning.  You will have to account for your wasted idleness.  Do not be like the lazy servant in the Gospels who hid his talent.  Go forth unafraid.  Actively use your gifts for God alone.  He will grant you eternal profits.

          May today be the day of your total and complete conversion to the truth of God’s words.”

 The Holy Spirit’s Voice of Warning