Tuesday, October 30, 2012

May 18, 2012

          “The fruition of a holy soul in the life of grace is a sight to behold!  God’s grace flows over the soul with a holy and fragrant perfume, enlightening all who come within its environs.  The Holy Spirit infuses God’s holy wisdom into the crevices of the inner man, regenerating what the curse of sin has destroyed.

          The features of a man’s face change once he has experienced the abiding presence of God.  His character remains forever exalted by so lofty a sight.  Rivulets of blessings, the rivers of living water produced by the Holy Spirit, pour forth from his spirit, nourishing and strengthening the earth’s wanderers.  Souls are attracted to God’s holy light emanating from their countenance.  There is a perfumed presence of God’s nearness that touches the heart.

          Contemplative souls bring God to earth.  He radiates His features, imprinting them on the faces of His beloved waiting children.  These lights of glory “dart like sparks through stubble” among the men of earth, creating portholes of heavenly light to any seekers.  My children of light bring My smile to earth.  They allow Me to move within them, to touch souls with their human bodies.  And I do My miracle work … My presence alone cures all ills.

          Only those emptied of themselves can be inhabited by another.  I long to live My life in you, children, in this evil and degenerate generation.  They need My presence so desperately.

          Can I save them through you?  Will you be My obedient servant, existing solely for the praise of My glory?  I will live in you, if you will only allow it.”

Body Seeker

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