Tuesday, October 30, 2012

May 21, 2012

          “Ask your Father in heaven for grace.  Grace to love Him.  Grace to obey Him.  Grace to listen to His voice in your heart.  You are a beggar asking for alms from a rich king.  You have to ask for things you do not have.  Are you trying to acquire things you do not possess?  You cannot make things happen on your own if you do not possess the means.

          You desire holiness and purity.  You have to ask God for these gifts.  You cannot manufacture them by your own striving.  God must grant you the grace to be virtuous and strong in His power.  Do you yet realize that all comes from Him?

          You flounder spiritually and then chastise yourself vigorously, as though you could keep yourself standing by your own willpower.  This is a great secret to spiritual growth.  Look to God for everything!  He holds each of your breaths in His power.  He is able to grant you all spiritual gifts and graces if you just ask to receive.

          Stop trying to reach spiritual maturity on your own.  You need the Holy Spirit’s strength.  Remember, beggars are poor.  They ask for what they need.  They do not try to create goods from nothing.  They require a benefactor.  You also need to supply your goods from God.  Do not rely on yourself anymore.  You have a rich Father in heaven just waiting to abandon Himself to your requests.  He is a good God bearing beautiful gifts.  So few souls empty His hands.

          “God, grant me the gift of Your holy presence.”  This prayer flies to His heart speedily.  He seeks a welcoming heart.  It is easy to make God happy.  Tell Him how much you love Him and want to dwell in His presence eternally.  This is His desire for you.”

God’s Voice of Love

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