Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 4, 2012

          “The discourse of the angels is beautiful to hear.  They speak of their love for God and human creatures.  Their voices are continually lifted up in praise and glorious songs of adoration to the infinite God.  They exist for the praise of God’s glory.

          O men of earth, I implore you to live like the angels.  May every day be a spectacle of praise and glorious adulation.  You have been supremely blessed to be created to live in eternal bliss with the most holy and loving God.  Forever His mercies will be new to you.  Do you not see how vast and beautiful His thoughts are toward you?  How can you live in the mediocrity and lukewarmness that you daily maintain?

          If you could but run past yourself into the arms of God, He would lift you out of these mundane doldrums.  He has worlds for you to discover that are beyond your senses.  You are created for greatness, O men of earth, yet you destroy yourselves by your petty thinking.  You are all children of the Most High Who makes known His inexpressible glories to you.  All He asks in return is your love given to Him from a pure heart.

          O men, great will be the regret when you leave your earthly existence.  You will weep at your blindness.  You have rejected the Beautiful God for passing pleasures.  I weep for you, men of earth.

          Time is passing quickly.  You are only given a small fragment of time in which to obtain eternal glories.  Be wise, men of earth.  There is a day of reckoning.  You will have to account for your wasted idleness.  Do not be like the lazy servant in the Gospels who hid his talent.  Go forth unafraid.  Actively use your gifts for God alone.  He will grant you eternal profits.

          May today be the day of your total and complete conversion to the truth of God’s words.”

 The Holy Spirit’s Voice of Warning

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  1. Hello Shelly

    A delighted and beautiful post which holds promise. I needed to read this message today.

    I found this powerful in your message
    You are only given a small fragment of time in which to obtain eternal glories. Be wise, men of earth.