Friday, October 26, 2012

April 23, 2012

          “What is necessary in your daily life to live a life pleasing to God?  Does God need anything from you?  He owns all things, for He created all that exists.  God sits on the circle of the world, beholding His creation with contentment. 

          God calls simple souls of pure hearts to Himself.  God seeks holy and righteous hearts, freed from subtleties and duplicity.  God needs love poured out to Him from a sincere heart.

          God is love.  He desires love from His creatures, a return of affection in grateful thankfulness.  His desire is that you offer to Him your heart, free of the world’s ways, open to heaven’s grace. 

          What does the Lord require of you?  That you love justice, mercy, and peace and that you walk humbly, reverently, fervently, and passionately daily with God.  May He be your food and drink.  May He be the air you breathe, the thoughts you think.  To be enamored with God is to possess the infinite.

          David understood well the meaning of life.  David loved his Creator with all of his being.  His heart was taken over by his great love for God.  God was everything to David.  God smiled lovingly upon this little shepherd boy singing love songs on his home-made harp.  God listened intently to the lyrics of his songs.  God smiled a contented smile and rose gloriously over David’s life to honor him with an everlasting kingdom, for David understood God’s heart of yearning love for His children.

          Who understands God’s great and infinite love?  Who stops to consider God’s pressing love?  The more you love God, the more God shines forth from your soul, for God is light and He illumines all He embraces.

          It is not your heroic deeds God is looking for.  It is your heart He desires, your loving and attentive gaze, your thanksgiving and gracious words of love. 

          God is love.  God is love.  God is love.  Live in His love.  Union is living in God’s love.”
The Holiest Holy Spirit of Love

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