Monday, October 22, 2012

April 11, 2012

          “The soul that lives in My glorious will thrives in every environment.  It blossoms in the darkness, sings in the rain, rejoices in conflict, surrenders in obedient trust.  The soul abiding in My shade sings merrily like a bird on a branch in the spring.  Nothing can touch those that hide beneath My sheltering wings of protective love. 

          Have you understood yet what I mean when I exhort you to live in My will?  It means to sit quietly beneath My tree of sheltering love, smiling at me confidently, trusting My care for you, and accepting all things as coming from My hands of mercy for your greater good.

          How difficult it is to be the parent of a complaining, disobedient child!  How tender a father looks upon his joyfully obedient child!  My son, David, charmed My heart with his little songs of love sung in purity of heart.  He was alone in the night beneath the stars, his eyes scanning the heavens, knowing that I was looking down upon him in such great love.  He believed in Me with all of his heart and soul.  His belief blossomed into great love and devotion, which produced songs of great joy spilling out of his soul.  Could My heart thrill any more than it did as I looked upon this handsome little boy crafting musical melodies, songs of love, written just for Me?  I had to confer on him a kingdom, My generosity is so great!  This boy was giving Me what I so long for – pure love from a pure heart.

          I created children as an example of purity of heart.  The design is set before man to gaze upon, to emulate.  The children then mature and lose their childlike purity and simplicity.  I say – “Go back to the days of your childhood.  Remember your fervent and ardent desires to love me, to know Me, to possess Me.”

          Little souls, always remember that I am Love.  I do not just love, I AM LOVE.  I can do nothing but love.  Love wins My heart.  Love possesses Me.  Love becomes union with the beloved.

          “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God.”

God’s Little David

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