Friday, October 26, 2012

May 14, 2012

          “Time is fleeting.  What will you do with the remainder of your moments on earth?  When your final day of life arrives, how will your soul feel at that moment?  What will you remember of your life?  What will have been truly meaningful?

          You must live every day to the fullest, your mind remembering your last day on earth.  This is only a small time allotted to you to do good on earth.  Souls come and go throughout the centuries.  Many lives are wasted in frivolous living, their works turned to dust.  They carry nothing lasting with them to the eternal realm.

          What is keeping you from perfection in holiness?  Whatever it is, cast it from you.  No earthly attachment is worth losing eternal riches.

          Can you take an assessment of your life?  How do you spend your time?  How do you waste precious moments?  Everything you do is recorded in heaven’s history annals.  Your works will be tested “so as by fire …”  How serious should you be about reassessing your daily activities?

          Souls are in danger of eternal damnation; God’s praises have been silenced; sin abounds beyond measure; children are hungering and thirsting for truth.  Where are My servants, those I can send out into the harvest fields?  Are they involved in petty, trivial, superfluous pastimes that are useless and distracting?

          The saints in heaven are thrilled to remember every sacrifice they made for God.  Their tears and sufferings are their crowns in heaven.  Ask for grace to see your life in a backward glance.

          The Holy Spirit is calling you to perfection in holiness.  Will you heed His call to sanctification in the Spirit?”

Saint Lover

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