Monday, July 30, 2012

July 24, 2012

          “Shall I speak of anything more lofty than love?  It is higher than the heavens, for love is God and God is love.  They are one and the same.

          To be filled with God’s love is to become a radiant vase of holy oil to be poured out upon others.  This oil of gladness refreshes and renews the parched earth.  Souls are drawn to contemplate heavenly realities.

          Heaven is so near to you, My children.  The veil is so delicate separating you from the true world of spirit.  All is in front of you, but you lack vision in your haste to pursue earthly trivialities.

          Ask Me to open the curtain of the spiritual realm to you.  If you do not ask, your eyes will not see what is your eternal inheritance.  All who ask, receive.

          It is not difficult to befriend God.  He is your Maker.  He gave you all your faculties.  He understands you completely.  He doesn’t concentrate on your deficiencies.  He seeks to infuse His strength into your weaknesses.

          Open your eyes to the beauty that I have prepared for My dear children.  It is all before you, My children.  Come, take of My riches.  They are infinite and endless.  Do not let your blessings sit unused.”

Generous Gift Giver

July 13, 2012

          “Thy light is our defense, O Lord.”  My light surrounds your every footstep in life.  My glory precedes your every move.  Those I have once loved are never without My light-filled and gloriously loving presence.  My light fills your days with the serenity and peace of My heavenly abode.  My light brings instruction to your mind, beauty to your surroundings, inspirations from the most holy place, strength in daily battles, fortitude against the drains of life, resistance to evil, and power to always choose the good.

          To stay protected in My light is your best defense against deception or confusion.  “I am the light of the world.  He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.”  My light is your life breath.  Light sustains all things on earth.  My light sustains your soul in the same way.  “May your eyes be full of My light.”  Let My light stream into your being by seeking My face in everything you do.  I bring My light to every circumstance.  Those that dwell in darkness hate My light, for it exposes their evil way of life.  Light brings the exposing glance of God’s purity into a situation.

          Ask Me for more light, that I may purify your soul from all defects.  Only the pure in heart shall see My face.  You must earnestly say:  “God, grant me more light to see myself as I am, to see what You desire me to be when I am filled with your light.”  I will speedily answer this prayer for purity, for My light will cleanse you from evil.

          It is not hard to love and follow a Father who showers His graces upon you unceasingly.  Accept My gifts and graces with a loving smile.  You are worthy in My eyes to receive the choicest gifts.  The souls that humble themselves as little dependent children before Me receive the greatest gifts.  I spoil them with My riches!

          You have been greatly blessed to hear My voice, My daughter.  And to believe in the voice you have heard is a blessing upon blessing!  Confidence in Me warms My heart.  It distresses Me to have to continually placate a floundering heart, lacking in faith.  “Blessed is she that believed …” is a commendation of the confident soul going forward in complete trust on My word alone.

          The faith of My littlest saints will shine brightly in heaven’s courts.  They are the littlest ones, those incapable little souls who depended on Me for everything.  They captivated My heart by the charm of their littleness.  If only men understood the beauty of littleness …”

Gatherer of the Little Ones

July 12, 2012

          “Live this day in union with Me.  Seek My face, gazing upon you to impart My divine attributes to your character.  No two days of your life are exactly the same.  I work behind the scenes, perfecting this, changing that, moving here, leaving nothing undone.  Look for Me everywhere in your day today.  I hide in the most unexpected places.  Acknowledge Me when I appear suddenly to you in a place you would not expect.  I am ignored by My children, yet I work behind the scenes incessantly for their perfection.

          Thank Me as you gaze at the sun; see Me in a child’s face; admire the beauty of water; see Me in the cloud configurations; probe My designs among the flowers and plants of earth; look intensely at your body, a networking miracle of veins and arteries hidden from sight; imagine that I hold each breath in My hand.  Scripture declares:  “By Me all things consist.”  I hold together every atom of the world.  The rotation of your earth is under My control.

          Who notices these grand designs of a loving Savior, a beneficent Creator and Sustainer?  To be thanked and understood is very dear to Me.  Even a parent tires of a child taking all things for granted.

          Thank Me, My dear child, for I have granted you My grace abundantly and lovingly.  I have blessed you by opening up your understanding to My nearness.  I have given you eyes to see and ears to hear.  This is My greatest gift to you.

          Pray for souls walking in darkness surrounded by light.  How they need the prayers of the children of the light!  Ask Me to shine My light abundantly on them.  I will hear your prayer for life for them and I will answer, for I have put that prayer in your heart.”

Prayer Monger

July 11, 2012

          “How beautiful are the thoughts towards Me of My lovely children of grace.  They are like perfumed flowers that I set upon My windowsill of heaven.  They fragrance My home of love awaiting their entrance.

          “I go to prepare a place for you,” for “in My Father’s house are many mansions.”  There is room in My heart-house for every child.  Live in the voluminous array of splendor and glory that you will someday possess!  Lay hold of the glory that will be yours eternally.  Bring heaven to earth today.  I am always available to you and when I enter a dwelling, all becomes glory and light and the splendor of heaven.

          Heaven is available to you today, My children, regardless of your circumstances.  Look past what you see with your earthly eyes.  Use your faith glasses to see your eternal joy in the happy City of Love awaiting you!

          Think of Me and you will see heaven!  Think of heaven and you will see Me!  I am the heaven you seek.

          Joy, glory, peace, fulfillment, bliss, contentment, and hilarity of life are My promised gifts to you.  Come exuberantly to receive them from My hand of kindness.  They are yours for the taking!

          There is no sadness in God.  Abide in God who is fullness of joy to you.”

Joyful Savior

July 10, 2012

          “The sparkling dew from heaven alights on My holy children as they lift their hearts to Me in loving prayer.  Heaven is a place of glittering splendor, light in endless glory.  This light falls from heaven to earth and causes My glory to shine forth in the dark places of the earth.

          I have opened the treasures of My Father’s glory to the world.  Light came into the world at My entrance.  I was transfigured before My apostles.  They saw the glory of heaven on My countenance.  This same light resides within all My holy, chosen children of light on earth.  As they open themselves to My invasive light, they are transformed “from glory to glory.”  They shine, illuminated by My love.

          “They shall dart about as sparks through stubble,” lighting up the dark hearts overcome by the blackness of sin’s rage.  The glory of God’s friendship transforms an earthly soul into a tabernacle of God’s presence on earth.  The Holy Spirit resides in triumph in a pure vessel.  Purity is the radiance of God’s kingdom.  Nothing impure shall enter this kingdom of light.

          As you seek My face, as you lift your eyes to Me in loving watchfulness, I become one with you.  I grant you My infinite love, My lovely attributes of graciousness, My light-filled life of holy joy.  Earth becomes a distant memory as you live in the light of heaven’s glory.

          This is “being seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.”  You reign in life seated beside your Savior, Jesus Christ, who has conquered sin and death.

          Let My grace descend upon you like cascades of glittering jewels, encircling your brow with a halo of glorious beauty.  Let the earth see heaven on earth, a soul made into the image of Jesus Christ, the Sanctifier.  God is beautiful and those who are in love with God are beautiful.  Let My beauty shine forth from you today.  Let me allure the children of earth with My beauty shining through you this day.

          The world needs hope.  They are searching for the beautiful.  Share the gift of My beauty to the world.  The world is desperate for the beautiful …”

Jesus, the Beautiful One

July 9, 2012

          “Every day is an adventure in holiness.  As you obey My directives, you will be amazed at where the path of life leads you.  You will see the world in a new way.  As I’ve told you so many times, things are not what they seem.  You will be living a heavenly life on earth, a rare journey to the eyes of the worldly.  They will not understand many of the things you do, for they see things from an earthly perspective.

          Your life will be like a fire, alighting upon dead wood, burning up all that is unnecessary.  Your eyes will see past the earthly walls of clay.  You will see heaven’s glory on earth.  The most simple duties will become the most meaningful and dear to you.

          I have created you to live My life on earth, a life of joy-filled praise to My Father.  You shall relish the things of another spiritual dimension, pulling away from the gravitational pull that tries to magnetize you to the earth.  You will live above the earth, enjoying My perspective of how things really are.

          To enter into this heavenly life on earth, you must be obedient to the Spirit of Christ within you.  Daily you must keep the eyes of your heart locked into Mine.  Your days will be swift and merry, your peace will be penetrating, and your eyes will be clear with heaven’s light.  I will illuminate you with My glory and you will become a shining lamp shining in the darkness, allowing My glory to be transparent in you.

          As your love grows, so does your light grow.  Stoke the fires of your heart.  Let Me light a huge bonfire.  The world so desperately needs light.  Be My torch of love traversing the world to heal and bless.”

Light of Men

July 5, 2012

          “Listen to the silence around you.  The silence will speak to you of Me, the transcendent One.  I am beyond the senses.  My kingdom is a silent kingdom, known only to the silent seekers.

          Silence bespeaks reverence, awe, and wonder.  An earthly king may command silence in his presence.  Why?  Because he is the voice of authority.  It is taken for granted as an honor to refrain from speaking before dignity.

          Where is My reverence?  Where is My honor?  Those who revere Me are promised My friendship.  To revere Me is to know your place before Me.  Created out of dust, from nothing, all you are depends upon My word and My will.  When this becomes a reality in your life, you will remain before Me speechless, filled with wonder at My grace and mercy.

          I created you to teach you about the Godhead, the eternally existent Trinity.  I want to share Our life with souls of goodwill.  We are constructing a family of love and graciousness, icons of grace to be displayed in the heavens forever.

          Heaven is a place of little children.  Innocence, purity, and loving abandonment – these characterize My dearest ones.  They have followed Me earnestly on earth amid many trials and tribulations, sorrows and problems.  Their reward in heaven is great.  Their faith in Me brought them quickly to My Father’s house.

          Heaven is the land of the saints.  Purified and holy, they are the children of the light.  They walk with Me in white, for I have illuminated them from within.  They are light as I am light.  This is the glory of all My saints.”

Torch for God

July 4, 2012

          “To the eyes that look beseechingly up to Me, I will reveal Myself in all My glory.  “There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed.”

          To the heart that opens itself unstintingly to Me, I will bring My treasures of peace, joy, and love.

          To the mind that stills itself before Me, I will infuse My heavenly wisdom, treasures of righteousness.

          To the lips that silence themselves for love of Me, I will cause praise to spring forth eternally.

          To the ear that strains to hear My voice, I will utter words of unknown origin, riddles of the afterlife, a map to heaven.

          To the souls that give themselves to me in obedient trust, I will make them beloved children of God, favored by My Father, brought into His heart.  The souls who have not seen yet have believed with all their hearts are greatly blessed and eternally honored.

          The way may seem obscure, the path uncertain, the journey long, the darkness foreboding, yet at the end of this trek through the wastelands, there is a City of Light awaiting My blessed and holy children.  They will be forever praising My grace and mercy towards them.  Eternally they will be singing My praise with the heavenly host.

          A great banquet awaits you, My faithful ones.  Finish the course set before you.  It won’t be long now.

          I am with you.  Clasp My hand and the journey will be much easier for you.  Do not try to walk the path to heaven by yourself.  I am the way to heaven.  Only I can lead you there safely.

          Abide in Me.”

Joyful Traveler Bringing Many Sons to Glory

June 23, 2012

          “The distractions of the world cannot stop a soul in love with God.  They leap and bound over every high or low hill to reach the Beloved.  Love has no limits, no boundaries to its intentions.  It searches for God everywhere and it finds Him waiting with arms outstretched.  God is love and those who find God find everlasting love, a source of life and light, great peace and contentment.  They need search no more once they have run into the arms of God.  All of life’s journeyings culminate in running into God’s fatherly embrace.

          Come to Me children, and I will teach you how to find God.  Look for Him everywhere, for He is all that exists.  You can find God staring back at you in everyone and everything, for He is the Essence of all creation.  Every created thing is a particle of God’s Being.

          To hear God, you must move very silently into His presence.  Holiness demands respect and reverence.  Angels tremble before the presence of God.  The angels are mystified at our lack of respect for God.  They are also overjoyed when they see a child of God running into the throne room seeking God’s help and protection.  God overlooks our human frailties in regard to respect for His holiness, but those that know Him intimately bow low before Him, “as a handmaid looks to the hands of her mistress.”  Those that are babies in spiritual growth barge in where angels fear to tread.  Yet God understands.  He makes a way for all souls to come to Him.

          This God whom you seek desires that pure souls wait in His presence lovingly, not seeking recognition so much as being a loving spirit attendant to His voice.  This soul has grown in holiness.  He no longer cries like a baby for his own needs to be met.  He has become an adult, able to intimately converse with God friend to friend, as Moses did.

          The joy of knowing God brings you into the company of the angels and saints.  You fit in, as it were, with the household of God.  What a joy to be in company with the souls of the just made perfect in Christ!”
Jesus, God’s Joy

June 14, 2012

          “How can a man enjoy God?  Man has founded his life on a belief system instead of a loving relationship.  Loving God makes you do the right thing because you want to please this God whom you daily enjoy.  To live by stipulating rules with no thought to the One you are serving takes away all enjoyment of God.

          I have come to give men the abundant life God created them to enjoy.  I come bearing gifts of joy, peace, light, serenity, and happiness.  I am the great lover of men, descending to man’s earthiness to bless them with heavenly food.  I come bringing love.  I desire love from creatures.  Instead of receiving the love I seek, I find men bent over their books, thinking about formulas to reach Me, reciting My words, teaching My words, yet they never look at Me full in the face.  They are content to talk about doctrines and rules, to judge all things by My words, which is good in itself, but this is not why I came to earth, to set up a hierarchal system of orthodox beliefs.  I came to give Myself to souls.  I desire to live with men, to fellowship with them, to be intimate with them.  I desire transparent friendships, loving gestures, prolonged discussions in hearty friendliness, a continual walking together.  When you become My friends, you follow the rules instinctively.  You don’t even need to talk about the rules because your love for Me is your yardstick by which you measure everything.

          My saints have become wise in their own eyes.  In their discussions among themselves, they have forgotten Me in the process.  They have become authorities on My doctrine, but they have never heard My tender voice speaking directly to them in their hearts.

          This is why I seek the child-like, the lowly, those that may not know the rules, those that error in doctrinal truths out of ignorance.  These souls love Me with all their hearts.  They want to be with Me.  They listen to what I say to them in their hearts, which never contradicts My doctrine.  These are the little ones, the souls that I choose to stay close to Me forever.”

Seeker of Truth in Hearts

June 13, 2012

          “Do you know why you are a joy to My heart?  It is because you come before Me as transparent as a child.  This is the heart I seek to dwell in, a heart pure from falsehood.  When you show Me your sinful heart with remorse and bitter regret, I willingly forgive you and clasp you to My heart.  I love to forgive men for sins committed.  I understand how easy it is to sin.  I am seeking valiant warriors to serve Me faithfully.  They must pass the test of struggle over the body against sin.  These souls shall walk closely with Me in the heavenly courts.

          To rise quickly after a fall is to trust in My forgiveness.  Run to Me immediately when the slightest evil emerges - a bitter thought, judgment of another soul, despair, sadness, regret, and self-loathing.  When any of these evil designs rear their invisible heads, run to Me for safety, for I am your refuge, your strong tower to run into for safety.

          It is now time to work on the little details, for perfection requires a thoroughness not expected of ordinary souls.  To walk with Me is to embrace the extraordinary life, the path of saints.  There is nothing halfway in aspiring to be a saint.  It is all or nothing.  I gave you My all.  You must give Me your all.

          If you remain before Me in child-like abandonment, humility, and fidelity, I will take your hand and lead you on God’s perfect path.”

Holiness Within

June 12, 2012

     “How greatly blessed is the soul that sits alone with Me drinking in My doctrine!  The world ignores these hidden souls.  It is I alone who teach them in the ways of holiness.  Each moment spent thinking of Me draws you ever closer into My heart.  No time with your Creator is ever wasted time.  I am creating a masterpiece of grace in these quiet moments of reflection.  You will not perceive My workings or My finished design, but if you continue in fidelity all the days of your life, the end product will astound you.

          I work on your spirit, the inner man, the source of who you are.  To do My spirit work, your body must lie still under the surgeon’s knife.  I cannot operate when you are restlessly moving around, in the same way a competent doctor anesthetizes his patient before his meticulous work.

          “Be still and know that I am God.”  In this stillness, grace produces marvels.  Your mind is enlightened; your soul is imprinted with the fine details of heavenly grandeur.  I am forming saints for heaven in the dark depths.

          Those who choose to let life’s agenda pass them by, seeking “the better part,” are extremely wise.  They have chosen the eternal path and heaven awaits their grand entrance.

          Continue to seek My face.  Your soul will be satiated with My goodness.”

Holy One

June 11, 2012

      “When you fall, which you will, run immediately into My forgiving arms.  I am the eternal loving parent, always ready to forgive and forget.  Though you make the same falls day after day, I also forgive and forget day after day.  I know your weaknesses, your frailties, your anxious fears.  I understand your great desire to please Me.  Many times you lose the battle with your senses, for earthly attractions are very strong.  They stand before you in all their beauty, ready to be used.  You need the power of My Holy Spirit to always choose the spiritual over the temporal.  You must come to Me in time of temptation.  I will surely help you.

          No man is an island.  Succumbing to the world’s ways affect your testimony to souls on earth.  You must be vigilant not to scandalize your brother on earth who is watching you.  When souls are at stake, the temptation is seen in another light.

          You are enduring a great test on earth – spirit over flesh.  This has been the war throughout the centuries.  My chosen souls have won the battle, but many have fallen by the wayside along the way.  “No temptation has taken you but such as is common to man”, but I have provide the way of escape.  Trust Me to help you through all your daily battles.  All is well.  This is all part of your walk with God.  He is able to help you to stand, “and having done all, to stand.”

          Ever forward!  It is a new day with Me.  Forget yesterday.  Move forward in loving faith.  Draw nearer to Me today than you were yesterday.  May this be a meeting place for us to become closer and more intimate.  Stay within My embrace.  I will erase the past’s sadness. 

          Another day with Jesus … What a thrilling prospect!”

Life’s Joy

June 3, 2012

     “In the stillness of this hour you have chosen “the better part” and it will not be taken away from you.  When you sit before Me quietly, expecting to hear My voice, I will speak to you in the depths of your soul.  In your confusion, I will be your peace.  As you advance on the road to perfection, most of the time you will not see the changes that are taking place within your being.  I work in the darkness, hiding My gifts and graces from your sensibilities.  Do not expect Me to act as the world acts.  The world has strayed from My paths.  The world does not understand Me.  The world has rejected Me.

          To those who accept Me, I point out a completely different path than the world exhibits.  That is where confusion enters in.  You are faced with a visual path before you, but I ask you to be diverted to an invisible path which you perceive in your spirit.  The senses have no direction in this way.

          This is where trust comes in.  If you love Me, if you trust Me, you will turn from what you see before you to follow My lonely and solitary path to heaven, the unseen path of following your God in your spirit.  This is faith – to follow an unseen Hand; to believe in spite of what you see before you.

          I honor those who love Me by drawing them into My heart.  I hide them away from the world’s glamour.  I shut them up in My classroom of love to teach them My ways.  I purify them from the world’s distorted thinking.  I give them a love for what is real – eternity with the Blessed Trinity.  They shall walk with Me in white, for they are worthy.  They have died to the world of the senses, sacrificed themselves for greater glory.  They shall be rewarded eternally for this great faith.

          Faith – what an eternal treasure!  Ask Me to increase your faith.  Heaven will open before your every eyes!”

Faith Builder

June 1, 2012

     “To hide with Me alone, away from the world’s clamor, is your greatest joy in life.  The pleasures call to you, seeking to lose you in their sensual allurements, yet your heavenly Father desires to teach you a new way to live – “hidden with Christ in God.”  There, in the secret chambers of your King Jesus, you will find all that will satisfy your every desire.  Jesus is the fount of all happiness.  In joy or sorrow, He is your wealth.

          In this secret chamber within your spirit, God is waiting for you in the silence.  He desires to radiate His Essence into your being, but He can only do so when you are resting quietly in His embrace.  Words are not needed.  This is soul talk, a language beyond earth’s understanding.  In this chamber, God will refine you, purify you, transform you and shape you into the image of His Son, Jesus, the Holy Son of Man.  He will speak with you soul to soul, beyond your understanding.  He will settle you down, permeating you with His peace.  God’s presence is peace, eternal rest and contentment.

          “Come away, My beloved.”  Come with Me into the inner chambers of your spirit where I reside in holiness.  The scent of My fragrance will lull you into a sweet spiritual sleep.  “Be still and know that I am God.”  This infused knowledge will burst into great flames of love for God and man.  You will be transformed, changed “from glory to glory” by the Spirit of the Lord.

          I am waiting for you, child.  Put down your baggage to walk lightly into My presence – the baggage of earthly words, reasonings, and desires.  Be still and let me speak to your heart.  You will hear words beyond your understanding.  They will be translated into actions by your spirit which has soaked in My doctrine.  You see, I am a hidden God, mysterious and awesome.  Only those souls that steal away from the world’s frivolities find Me in My hiding place within their hearts.  Will you venture to travel beyond your understanding into the hidden world of God, waiting for your assent so patiently?  I hope you do, for He will show you things beyond your wildest dreams!”  God is All!”

The Holy Spirit, Wise Counselor

Monday, July 23, 2012

July 19, 2012

          “The soul that loves Me above anything on earth is greatly blessed now and for all eternity.  My gentle Spirit rests lovingly upon these souls of goodwill for My blessing is upon them in all that they do.  I protect and guard them as the apple of My eye.  I teach them sound doctrine and keep them on the sure path to salvation.  They are My little children of light, a generation of holy souls, lighting the darkness of this world with their illuminating countenances.

          I look at the world through their eyes and souls notice My look.  They do not understand in words what their heart perceives.  They smell a fragrance other-worldly and are drawn to it.  The light can have no fellowship with darkness; therefore, My children of light bring division to life.  A choice must be made – come to the light of Christ in repentant love or flee back into the darkness.  Many souls are trying to stand on middle ground, but do not see the chasm widening under their feet.

          Mediocre and lukewarm souls that claim to be My followers will be extremely ashamed on the day of judgment.  They will hide their face in regret when they realize that their words did not match up to their deeds.  I prefer a failing, stumbling, ignorant Christian that is repeatedly repenting and rising in purity of heart than a lukewarm soul calmly going about his daily life, oblivious to My calls to him.  Peter was impetuous and fell easily into error, but in the goodness of his heart he earnestly repented and rose again to his feet.  Blessed the man that knows the value of a repentant heart before me.  Though he feels himself wretched and lacking in virtue, his honest self-evaluation is what is saving him for life eternal.  I have come to seek and to save the lost.  How can I save a soul that does not consider himself lost, considers that he is doing quite well in his endeavors?  “I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”  Learn the art of repentance, souls of earth.  Every follower of Mine must live a life of repentance, for I am a holy God and cannot look upon sin.  You must be pure in My sight.  Take the remedy.  Respond to the cure:  the holy Blood of Jesus.  He will wash away your sins in His blood, but you must seek His assistance by repentance.  There is no other way.”

Jesus, Remedy for Sin

July 23, 2012

          “The severity of God’s justice is never considered in this evil day of worldly pleasures.  As a sinking ship holds raucous souls enjoying a loud party, their fateful demise is ignored.  They continue to raise their glasses in hilarity as the boat sinks beneath the threatening waves.

          This generation has lost its eyes for God.  They are doubly blind and walk in darkness to the pit of destruction, dragging innocent souls with them, the souls of their pitiful children.  As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man.  They were eating and drinking and marrying and sudden destruction came upon them.  So it is with this generation.  Sin has reached a breaking point.  The wheels of sin’s cart are crushed beneath the load.

          Pray, My people, for the souls remaining in the world.  They will pass through the fires of severe tribulation.  They will cry for the rocks to fall upon them for fear of My wrath.  The earth is convulsing under the weight of man’s sinfulness.  All creation is writhing in agony, for the most holy has been corrupted.  I looked from heaven to see if there were any that sought My face, that respected My holiness, and I beheld mockery and scorn for My precepts.

          O world, how will you repent?  You are so imprisoned by your selfishness.  Your chains of bondage are so tightly wrapped around your souls.  It is never too late to turn to Me to be delivered from your dreadful fate.  I await your return eagerly, as a father awaits his long lost son.  I am ready to forgive you and to change your life into a beautiful masterpiece. 

          I love you, O world of men.  I created you beautiful, yet you have lost your beauty by setting up idols across the land to worship them incessantly.  I am the Lord thy God and you are to worship Me alone.  Pray, My people.  The dark times are upon you.”
Jesus, Horn of Truth

May 29, 2012

          “To be a blessed child of God is the highest calling.  The steps of one called by God print love marks in the earth.  They fragrance the air with beauty and holiness.  They radiate heaven’s peace.  They frustrate the evil designs of Satan. 

          They are hard to track, for they blow like the wind, carried by the Holy Spirit’s breath.  They prefer silence to the world’s glamour.  They are hidden away from the eyes of men praying down great gifts and favors from heaven.  Life seems so very long for them, for they are pilgrims on a journey.  They follow obediently the voice they cannot see and rejoice to do so.  They seek an invisible reality, unseen by mortal men.  Their tastes have changed to heavenly tastes.  The earth has lost its luster. 

          They follow a path unknown to them, meekly accepting all they encounter as the blessed will of God.  They are strong in spirit, rising above tribulations and great trials.  Their eyes are fixed on God alone, as they walk their unique path in silence.  They have tasted the goodness of the Lord.  Nothing on earth allures them anymore.  These souls of holiness are protecting the world from God’s wrath at the devastating sinfulness that corrupts the land.  They are the leaven that keeps the world in existence.

          This drama of life, God’s will of intention, will be played out until the final day of reckoning.  Then the heavens will be displayed in great majesty for all to see.  The righteous shall rejoice in that day.  The wicked shall tremble and fear.  The day of the Lord shall come as a thief in the night.  Prepare yourselves, O world of men!”

Jesus, God’s Justice

May 25, 2012

          “What does it mean to lift your soul to Me?  It means to raise your eyes above the distractions of this world to contemplate eternity with Me.  I desire that you stop during the day to realize that all that surrounds you is temporal.  You are living a play.  One day the props will fall aside and real living will begin, the unhindered life of God’s Spirit infinitely living in you.  You must allow His Spirit now to inhabit all of you.  To the extent that you surrender to His action in your soul, so much will you realize the reality of spirit over matter.  Matter is the temporal.  Spirit is eternal life living through God’s love.

          The silence will speak to you, for the silence stops the daily grind of mindless living.  In the silence, you will learn God’s ways, for he is Eternal Silence and Rest.  The beauty of pure hands and holy eyes lifted to heaven is in the sight of God a beautiful thing.  He looks among the ashes of earth for souls of purity and humble reverence that he might infuse His light into them. 

          The darkness of the world has blinded the hearts of mankind.  The light has been stifled and blocked.  God’s pure, holy light descends into humble souls that have turned away from the world, those that lift their hearts and hands to heaven in silence and solitude.  These are God’s beacons of hope in a hopeless world of wandering souls.

          Look at Me, My children.  I am able to supply all you need for eternal happiness and bliss.  Heaven is never-ending joy.  Seek heaven’s peace.  Seek heaven’s rest.  I am heaven.  Seek Me.”

Heavenly Glory of God

May 23, 2012

          “I have chosen men and women in every century to stand out above the crowd.  They are pillars of truth set against a backdrop of worldly honors.  These souls have aligned themselves with Me, despising the world’s glamorous allure.  They were solitary souls; they became My friends in silent rooms, hidden from man’s eyes.  They wanted to know Me.  They laid all else aside to pursue the unknown depths of spiritual wisdom.  These souls patiently endured nights of darkness and futile undertakings.  Many times their words were distorted and used against them.  They always seemed to be running against the current of the times.  They were called intolerant and judgmental as they spoke forth My truths of judgment.  Friends abandoned them, they were scandalized, alone, and confused many times, but they persevered on the lonely road of the cross, climbing Calvary with great love in their hearts for Me.

          These were My friends in the world, those I conversed with freely.  Together our hearts were set upon saving the souls of men from destruction.  These souls of holiness kept their eyes locked in My gaze.  Love made them run madly after Me.  Their only reward was My abiding presence.  They desired nothing else in this world.  These friends of Mine changed their world.  Their holiness attracted souls to God.  Their prayers obtained miracles.  Their writings have survived the ages.  Their names have been memorialized in My Church.  These friends of Mine walk with Me in heaven.  Their garments are white, for they are worthy.  These are My forever friends, those I have chosen from among millions of souls, those that will be at My side eternally.

          Could there be any higher privilege than to be the friend of God?  Do souls today think of befriending the God of the universe?  My hand of friendship is continuously extended to the men on earth, but I do not even receive a handshake.  I am rebuffed. 

          O men of earth, I desire your friendship.  I want to be your friend forever!  To be a friend of God … what higher calling exists?”

Jesus, God’s Friend Catcher

May 22, 2012
          “What is your life?  What does it consist of?  Moments of time march one by one until old age comes which then stops at the door of death.  What will you be holding in your arms as you stand waiting at death’s door?  Will your hands be perfumed with the fragrance of good works?  Will your mind be pure, separated from worldly desires?  Will your heart be dilated with love for the God you will be meeting face to face?  How many souls will be fearful and trembling on that day?  What will they say in their defense?  Those that have trodden on the poor, sinned willfully, despised God’s commandments, ill-treated their neighbor – how will they encounter God with the boldness backed by a life of holiness?

          God is a just judge.  He has placed within man’s hearts His laws.  There will be no excuse on that day.  Man’s soul will accuse him.  He will not need to hear words of judgment.  To stay in contact with heaven every day of your life is the greatest secret of the holy boldness you will need on that fateful day of reckoning.  God gives man every chance possible to follow the inner yearning for holiness that He has so carefully placed in the inner sanctuary of man’s being.  There will be no excuses on the day of judgment.

          “Behold, I show you a mystery.  We shall not all sleep but shall be changed, in the twinkling of an eye.”  This judgment will be quick and powerful.  In the state you arrive at death’s door – this is the measuring stick of justice before God’s holiness.

          Look up to Me.  Ask Me to show you the state of your soul now so that what is evil may be turned into good before that final day where there will be no remedy.  I offer you life and death, children.  “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.”
Jesus, Trial Judge

May 21, 2012

          “Ask your Father in heaven for grace.  Grace to love Him.  Grace to obey Him.  Grace to listen to His voice in your heart.  You are a beggar asking for alms from a rich king.  You have to ask for things you do not have.  Are you trying to acquire things you do not possess?  You cannot make things happen on your own if you do not possess the means.

          You desire holiness and purity.  You have to ask God for these gifts.  You cannot manufacture them by your own striving.  God must grant you the grace to be virtuous and strong in His power.  Do you yet realize that all comes from Him?

          You flounder spiritually and then chastise yourself vigorously, as though you could keep yourself standing by your own willpower.  This is a great secret to spiritual growth.  Look to God for everything!  He holds each of your breaths in His power.  He is able to grant you all spiritual gifts and graces if you just ask to receive.

          Stop trying to reach spiritual maturity on your own.  You need the Holy Spirit’s strength.  Remember, beggars are poor.  They ask for what they need.  They do not try to create goods from nothing.  They require a benefactor.  You also need to supply your goods from God.  Do not rely on yourself anymore.  You have a rich Father in heaven just waiting to abandon Himself to your requests.  He is a good God bearing beautiful gifts.  So few souls empty His hands.

          “God, grant me the gift of Your holy presence.”  This prayer flies to His heart speedily.  He seeks a welcoming heart.  It is easy to make God happy.  Tell Him how much you love Him and want to dwell in His presence eternally.  This is His desire for you.”

God’s Voice of Love