Monday, July 30, 2012

June 13, 2012

          “Do you know why you are a joy to My heart?  It is because you come before Me as transparent as a child.  This is the heart I seek to dwell in, a heart pure from falsehood.  When you show Me your sinful heart with remorse and bitter regret, I willingly forgive you and clasp you to My heart.  I love to forgive men for sins committed.  I understand how easy it is to sin.  I am seeking valiant warriors to serve Me faithfully.  They must pass the test of struggle over the body against sin.  These souls shall walk closely with Me in the heavenly courts.

          To rise quickly after a fall is to trust in My forgiveness.  Run to Me immediately when the slightest evil emerges - a bitter thought, judgment of another soul, despair, sadness, regret, and self-loathing.  When any of these evil designs rear their invisible heads, run to Me for safety, for I am your refuge, your strong tower to run into for safety.

          It is now time to work on the little details, for perfection requires a thoroughness not expected of ordinary souls.  To walk with Me is to embrace the extraordinary life, the path of saints.  There is nothing halfway in aspiring to be a saint.  It is all or nothing.  I gave you My all.  You must give Me your all.

          If you remain before Me in child-like abandonment, humility, and fidelity, I will take your hand and lead you on God’s perfect path.”

Holiness Within

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