Monday, July 16, 2012

May 17, 2012

          “All things come to pass as I have commanded.  From the earliest moment of creation, God’s perfect will has commenced on earth.  All happens according to His divine plan.  All is well on earth in God’s plan.  He will bring to light the hidden things of darkness.  He will straighten what is crooked.

          Each soul has a unique role to play in God’s dramatic overture on earth.  God weaves a universal tapestry in the lives of men on earth.  Some souls are gray and dreary.  They make up the background of the quilt.  Their destiny is to fade into the shadows that the brilliant colors may emerge more beautifully.  Some souls are black.  There is no color in their life.  Some souls are yellow, bright spots of cheerful gaiety.  Some souls are red, inflamed with fiery passion.  Some souls are purple, regal, noble, and refined.  Some souls are green, blending with nature.  Some souls are white, transparent in purity.  Some souls are multicolored, a rainbow of virtues.  Some souls glow with holy fervor.

          This stupendous tapestry is being displayed to the heavenly hosts.  They see the uniformity, the beautiful orderliness of the colors.  Those on earth only see the underside of the quilt, the loose threads hanging in disarray.  On that final day, they will rise above earth’s mists.  They will view the tapestry from heaven’s vantage point.  They will gasp in holy wonder at the intricate designs of God, full of splendor and glory.

          God does all things well.  Trust Him incessantly.”

Quilt Maker in Heaven

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  1. Hello Shelly

    I am so delighted to see you back posting.

    The last line speaks to my heart

    Helen xx