Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 17, 2012

          “The body truly is a prison in which the soul is held until its release from this earthly existence.  The soul is the glory of a man and shines forth through the bodily orifices.  The soul is delicate and beautiful.  God is in love with the souls of men.  The body is just the vehicle the soul is riding in.

          The soul must be fed, nourished, and strengthened by a daily diet of communication with God.  If it deprives itself of spiritual food, it shrivels up and dies to life’s joys.  A well-fed soul is a soul of great joy, for God is joy, and the soul filled with God becomes joyful.  The soul is the heart of your body.  It is the place where God’s love originates.  It can become a burning flame or a campfire that is slowly dying out.  The flames have been doused with the waters of the world’s values.  It no longer reaches for the stars of heaven, but lies alone, wrapped up in itself.

          The soul that opens itself completely to God shares in His wonderful creative power.  New worlds of thought, creative thoughts, joy-filled sentiments well up in the soul saturated with God.  Gone is the mundane way of life.  God is exciting.  He brings renewed fervor and vision to a soul in the doldrums.

          God, the creative architect and artist of this beautiful world, seeks to share His gifts with men.  He desires a collaboration of the hearts to continually create, design, build and plant new vistas, new horizons, and new ideas.  God is continual growth and change.  His infinite vastness can never be fully realized by men.  How they limit themselves their puny ideas, when they could be basking in God’s infinite fruitfulness!

          O men of earth, open your imprisoned souls to the glorious God of the universe.  Let Him open your mind up to His vast storehouse of wisdom and knowledge.  He longs to share His glory with you.  Do not close yourself off to these eternal riches, beauteous to behold.  They will wrap themselves around you and make of you a burning and shining lamp of holiness.”

God’s Spokesman

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