Monday, July 30, 2012

June 12, 2012

     “How greatly blessed is the soul that sits alone with Me drinking in My doctrine!  The world ignores these hidden souls.  It is I alone who teach them in the ways of holiness.  Each moment spent thinking of Me draws you ever closer into My heart.  No time with your Creator is ever wasted time.  I am creating a masterpiece of grace in these quiet moments of reflection.  You will not perceive My workings or My finished design, but if you continue in fidelity all the days of your life, the end product will astound you.

          I work on your spirit, the inner man, the source of who you are.  To do My spirit work, your body must lie still under the surgeon’s knife.  I cannot operate when you are restlessly moving around, in the same way a competent doctor anesthetizes his patient before his meticulous work.

          “Be still and know that I am God.”  In this stillness, grace produces marvels.  Your mind is enlightened; your soul is imprinted with the fine details of heavenly grandeur.  I am forming saints for heaven in the dark depths.

          Those who choose to let life’s agenda pass them by, seeking “the better part,” are extremely wise.  They have chosen the eternal path and heaven awaits their grand entrance.

          Continue to seek My face.  Your soul will be satiated with My goodness.”

Holy One

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