Tuesday, July 21, 2015

May 14, 2013

          “Men would like to think that the road to sanctity becomes easier as the journey progresses.  The truth is, the higher the state of holiness I desire you to attain, the more obscure is the path.  The flowery paths may become arid wastelands as you find yourself traveling alone against the current thought of the world.  You become, as it were, a fool for My cause, as you shun what the world values as important.  Those closest to you do not understand or empathize with your choices.  You feel alone, confused, and saddened.  There are times of elation on the mountain top with Me, but then I command you to go down into the valley again, into the darkness, to search for My wandering sheep.  You feel you are regressing or going backwards as your joy seems to have disappeared.  These are days of mourning in reparation for grievous sins against God Most Holy.  Suffering souls expiate for the frivolous sinful lifestyles God must constantly endure.

          Confidence and trust is the key to your peace.  As Job stated, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him,” you must content yourselves with these words.  “Jesus, I trust in You” must become your continual mantra from break of day to nightfall.  I have promised not to leave you as orphans.  I am with you, though you do not feel My presence as before.  These are days of testing and trial, to perfect your faith.  Even Jesus, God’s Son, endured His Father’s absence on the Cross.  The Holy One who never tasted sin endured His trials and testings and persevered unto the end.  You must also stay faithful to your God, in good times as well as bad.

          “Lo, I am with you always until the end of the world.”  Trust these, My words, to you.  I meant them.  You are never outside My gaze.  Live your life responding to My gaze of love by living with a perpetual smile on your lips when you turn toward Me, no matter what the circumstances.

          I will help you – My promise to you.”

Faithful Lover and Friend Forever

September 7, 2014

          “Purity of heart makes the soul so lovely in My eyes.  There is so much wickedness and degradation on earth, so much compromise with evil, even among My elect souls.  It pains My heart to see such alliances with evil.  Unknowingly, souls walk the earth with Satan, doing his works.  His works are works of destruction and chaos, wars and havoc.  He seeks to destroy the human race, wiping out every remnant of My goodness.  His evil heart has no capacity for love, forgiveness or mercy.  He preys on the weak to make them like himself.  He lifts up a soul in the eyes of the world, only to then push him off a cliff, abandoning that soul to the wolves.  He deceives by using flattery, glamour, beauty, and pride.  His allures catch the innocent unawares.  They are dragged down by his enticements until they become only a remnant of what they were created to be.

          All these homeless people on the street, many addicted to drugs and alcohol, were a beautiful thought in My mind.  I had a divine plan for them to fulfill, a unique holy mission on earth.  That is why they were created.  Unfortunately, they turned away from Me and became ensnared with the traps of Satan which appeared fun and enjoyable, satisfying the earthly appetites.  Yet over time, these games brought them to ruin and shipwreck.  They sit by the waysides begging for money to buy alcohol to anesthetize their pain.  The world has given up on them.  They appear to be hopeless cases.  Many of these souls have praying mothers waiting for their return to life.

          These are the traps of the world.  People are falling into these pits in unheard of numbers.  They are not being instructed or warned against the predator of souls.  There is no light to guide them, no human example of righteousness set before them to cause them to stop to examine their goings.

          Turn back, O souls!  Satan will destroy you.  He does not care for your souls as I do.  I have done everything to save you from eternal death.  Return to Me and live, I implore you.”

Gatherer of the Wounded

May 27, 2014

          “When you are peaceful and resting in me, My voice becomes very clear and luminous in your spirit.  I reside in your inner being, waiting for you to meet Me there.  Don’t be in a hurry when you seek My presence.  I am the eternally calm presence within you, desiring to crown you with My peace.

          The world is in turmoil.  Constant rushing, hurrying at a maddening pace.  Everything is rushed – words, conversations, eating, driving, thoughts.  There is no peace, only a constant striving for the next activity to obliterate the present moment.  The rush to accumulate possessions, the rush to arrive at a destination – all contribute to disturbance in the soul.  You must prioritize your life with My wisdom.  Some things need to disappear from your life in order for you to have more time to slow down.

          The quiet moments of restful peacefulness are the foundation moments of your spirituality.  Without these gaps in your mad rush to get things done, your life with Me becomes sterile, empty and purely external.  You are hovering on the fringes of My perfect will for you.

          Every person is allotted a certain number of hours in the day.  How they use them is the freedom of the will, the gift of choice.  Wise souls sit down and count the cost.  They do not drive the engine in full gear without considering the end destination.  Get rid of the things that destroy your peace – television, idle conversations, useless reading, time wasters, distractions … then you will certainly have the time to sit down with Me to clean your soul, to discover My purposes for your life, to renew our friendship.

          Do not tell Me that you do not have time for Me.  You do have time.  You just waste it on things of absolutely no eternal significance.  These fleeting sands of time are gifts to help you attain eternal treasures.  Don’t waste the gift of time I have given you.  Spend time with Me.  You will soar above the trivialities of earth.  Your daily duties will become divine treasures of grace, opening the heavens to you.  Nothing will ever be mediocre or mundane again.  Your life will be divine.”

Star Gazer

June 5, 2013

          “To live in silence on a noisy earth is a feat rarely accomplished, even among the most established saints.  Noise is everywhere.  Nature beckons you into the silence, but the noisy and restless world prevails against your serenity.  My chosen souls hide themselves away from the noise and distraction of the world to foster their relationship in silence with the majestic God who reigns in an eternal silence.

          God is above and beyond the noise of mortal man.  He is to be found in the silent realm of eternal thought.  To live in His silence, you must live your life “hidden with Christ in God,” always seeking what brings the most silence into your daily life.

          Turn off all electronic devices.  Sit alone with your heart exposed to the silence, the nothingness you fear.  Man is afraid of the silence.  He doesn’t know what he will find when he is not distracted by the noise of life.

          Saints are formed in the silent pauses of life.  The light of heaven can stream into the heart of a quiet and weaned soul.  Refuse to talk incessantly just to fill space.  Be silent.  Let the pauses feel awkward.  Learn to be comfortable without a constant flow of words.

          The greatest saints measure their words carefully.  They do not spew words out carelessly.  They examine the intent of each word, for truly man will be judged by each word uttered on earth.  A talkative soul will have much trouble in life.  Saintly souls are silent.  Like nature, they exist for God’s glory without the use of words, the invention of man to communicate.

          Only God can grant you the great gift of silence.  Ask and you shall receive.”

Holy Spirit,

Lover of a Silent Soul

Monday, July 13, 2015

March 3, 2006

          “Listen to Me.  Hear Me speak.  I dwell within you.  I live in a quiet place deep within your soul.  I wait for you to come to Me, but you are so distracted by all that is going on outside the house.  I keep the door wide open, hoping you’ll come back to sit with Me throughout the day.  Occasionally you dash in with a quick question or prayer, but then you rush out again, too busy to sit idly with Me.

          You do not realize that “in quietness and confidence is your strength.”  You are aimlessly wandering the streets of the neighborhood trying to fulfill a desire that only I can deliver.

          At times I call out to you from the house.  You see these calls as tragedies or circumstances that draw you back to My side, but it is only Me, using everything at My disposal to bring you back to communion with Me.  Sometimes when you return, you joyously and fervently continue our conversation, but then you get bored and your eyes start looking at the door.  “What’s out there?” you are thinking.  As you get up to leave, I sadly let you go.  I know that you will be back, disillusioned and wounded, but I must not violate your free will.

          I did something very heroic and very loving 2,000 years ago.  I wanted to capture your love and attention.   I thought My total self-giving would keep you in the house with Me, returning all your love for Love’s sake.  But Love is forgotten.  The sparkling city lights beckon.  The laughter outside the windows calls you.  You are too restless to sit here quietly with Me, to study to learn more about your eternal home, your final destination.

          What a sad day it will be for My straying and wandering children when I take their last breath away.  They will repent and weep for the time wasted on glitter that turned to dust and ashes.  All that will remain is the eternal, the moments sitting at My feet or walking in the garden of life with Me at your side leading, guiding, consoling, friend to friend.

          Those that have stayed by My side will not experience death.  They will tightly clasp My hand and we will walk through death’s door together, without a break in our conversation.  Life will not have ended.  It will continue in a new realm, without sin, a place where righteousness dwells.

          The wanderers will lament on that day, “What have I done?  All was wasted.  All turned to ashes.  How shall I enter a land I know nothing about with a God I do not know?”  Then I will sadly lead them through death’s door as they fearfully and sorrowfully hesitate to grasp the hand of a stranger.  My Holy Scriptures say that on that last fearful day, I will say, “Depart from Me.  I never knew you.”
Your Silent and Sorrowful Savior


Your Silent and Sorrowful Sav