Tuesday, July 21, 2015

June 5, 2013

          “To live in silence on a noisy earth is a feat rarely accomplished, even among the most established saints.  Noise is everywhere.  Nature beckons you into the silence, but the noisy and restless world prevails against your serenity.  My chosen souls hide themselves away from the noise and distraction of the world to foster their relationship in silence with the majestic God who reigns in an eternal silence.

          God is above and beyond the noise of mortal man.  He is to be found in the silent realm of eternal thought.  To live in His silence, you must live your life “hidden with Christ in God,” always seeking what brings the most silence into your daily life.

          Turn off all electronic devices.  Sit alone with your heart exposed to the silence, the nothingness you fear.  Man is afraid of the silence.  He doesn’t know what he will find when he is not distracted by the noise of life.

          Saints are formed in the silent pauses of life.  The light of heaven can stream into the heart of a quiet and weaned soul.  Refuse to talk incessantly just to fill space.  Be silent.  Let the pauses feel awkward.  Learn to be comfortable without a constant flow of words.

          The greatest saints measure their words carefully.  They do not spew words out carelessly.  They examine the intent of each word, for truly man will be judged by each word uttered on earth.  A talkative soul will have much trouble in life.  Saintly souls are silent.  Like nature, they exist for God’s glory without the use of words, the invention of man to communicate.

          Only God can grant you the great gift of silence.  Ask and you shall receive.”

Holy Spirit,

Lover of a Silent Soul

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