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March 3, 2006

          “Listen to Me.  Hear Me speak.  I dwell within you.  I live in a quiet place deep within your soul.  I wait for you to come to Me, but you are so distracted by all that is going on outside the house.  I keep the door wide open, hoping you’ll come back to sit with Me throughout the day.  Occasionally you dash in with a quick question or prayer, but then you rush out again, too busy to sit idly with Me.

          You do not realize that “in quietness and confidence is your strength.”  You are aimlessly wandering the streets of the neighborhood trying to fulfill a desire that only I can deliver.

          At times I call out to you from the house.  You see these calls as tragedies or circumstances that draw you back to My side, but it is only Me, using everything at My disposal to bring you back to communion with Me.  Sometimes when you return, you joyously and fervently continue our conversation, but then you get bored and your eyes start looking at the door.  “What’s out there?” you are thinking.  As you get up to leave, I sadly let you go.  I know that you will be back, disillusioned and wounded, but I must not violate your free will.

          I did something very heroic and very loving 2,000 years ago.  I wanted to capture your love and attention.   I thought My total self-giving would keep you in the house with Me, returning all your love for Love’s sake.  But Love is forgotten.  The sparkling city lights beckon.  The laughter outside the windows calls you.  You are too restless to sit here quietly with Me, to study to learn more about your eternal home, your final destination.

          What a sad day it will be for My straying and wandering children when I take their last breath away.  They will repent and weep for the time wasted on glitter that turned to dust and ashes.  All that will remain is the eternal, the moments sitting at My feet or walking in the garden of life with Me at your side leading, guiding, consoling, friend to friend.

          Those that have stayed by My side will not experience death.  They will tightly clasp My hand and we will walk through death’s door together, without a break in our conversation.  Life will not have ended.  It will continue in a new realm, without sin, a place where righteousness dwells.

          The wanderers will lament on that day, “What have I done?  All was wasted.  All turned to ashes.  How shall I enter a land I know nothing about with a God I do not know?”  Then I will sadly lead them through death’s door as they fearfully and sorrowfully hesitate to grasp the hand of a stranger.  My Holy Scriptures say that on that last fearful day, I will say, “Depart from Me.  I never knew you.”
Your Silent and Sorrowful Savior


Your Silent and Sorrowful Sav

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