Friday, December 23, 2016

DECEMBER 23, 2016

          “The world has become a desert wasteland of souls that are barren, dry, and thirsting for water.  They are dragging themselves to wells of dirty and contaminated water to quench their severe thirst.  They cannot find Me in the world even though “by Me all things consist.”  They have chosen to rebel against the truth, searching for strange pastures, rejecting My green pastures of holiness and peace.

          Many have wandered so far from home that they cannot find their way back.  Their souls are famished and hungry, yet they cannot find food to sustain themselves.

          Sin is a murderer of souls.  It kills, steals, robs, and destroys.  Sin destroys beauty and integrity.  It destroys relationships and families.  It lies at the door waiting to devour the gift of life before it blossoms.

          Carcasses are strewn along the roads of the world.  My salvation has been rejected.  How sad the hosts of heaven are!  They see the scattered and desolate children on earth destroyed in rapid succession.

          Who will stop this mass murdering of the souls I have created?  Who will confront the dark forces controlling the world’s evil system?  Where are My Davids and My Gideons?  They are caught up in things of no value while the desolate perish at their side.

          You have the words of eternal life, My beloved ones.  Share them with your dying brothers and sisters in the world.  They are on the brink of soul suicide with no one to stop them.  Shine My light upon them by your holy lifestyle.  “Come out from among them and be separate …”  Do not join in with them.  March in the opposite direction and they will follow you to the light.  You are the light of the world.  Shine for them.”

Jesus, Light