Monday, December 15, 2014

March 17, 2014

           “The power of love freely given touches the heart of your omnipotent Creator and Father.  God is love.  All He has created is fashioned in and for love.  He seeks to surround Himself with a loving family, pure and holy as He is.  The dear God has given all of Himself to humanity, asking nothing in return but love which proves itself by obedient trust.

          Your rejected God weeps for the children of men.  In their miserable rebellion, they reject their own mercy.  They throw away an eternity of jubilant bliss.

          The plans of God are beyond man’s finite comprehension.  As in the intricacies of His designs on earth, creating multiple species in the plant and animal kingdoms, so God has an eternity to reveal His artistry to His children.  Vistas beyond your imagination await you, faithful children of earth.  Infinite galaxies await your discovery.  Life forms beyond human comprehension hide in the heavenlies.

          I ask you to live by faith, My children, for your reward will be immense.  If you suffer with Me during this world of trials and tribulations, you will rule and reign with Me forever.  “My ways are not your ways”, My children.  Trust that My plans for you are beautiful and enchanting.  Colors, smells, tastes, and thoughts beyond your human intelligence to grasp await you.

          Your hope is sure, My beloved ones.  Your future glory awaits you.  Do not look at the temporal; keep your focus on the eternal where I await you to bless you magnificently and lavishly throughout the endless ages.”

Your God of Faithful Promises

March 12, 2014

          “When you feel ill-disposed, weary, discouraged, or depressed, run to Me for all the answers you need.  This is a journey of faith, facing difficulties every day of your life.  I am teaching you an extreme dependence on Me, for we are one.  I am living My life in the world through you.  On earth, I relied on My Father for everything.  I was in constant communion with Him.  I truly relied on Him for everything, for My delight was to do His will alone.

          Life is a constant battle for your heart.  Distractions call you, souls get your mind off the eternal, your faults and failings depress you – you are a weak human; therefore, you need the strength of your God at all times.  The moment you look away from Him, you start to fall, just as Peter sank beneath the waves when he took his eyes off Mine.

          I know your frailties and your fears.  I understand that the battle is wearying, but just as an earthly father waits lovingly for a toddler to get up again after a fall, I wait for you so gently, hoping you will trust in My help and watchcare for you.  When you are discouraged, you have taken your eyes off Me and have placed them on yourself.  If you constantly have your eyes on My omnipotence, you will trust My guidance and know that all things are working for your good.

          The lesson is this:  Keep your eyes on your Savior-God who will lead you through life’s journey in peace and safety.  Do not belittle or berate yourself, for I know that you are made of dust and are so weak.  I am here to help you and to cheer you on, for the battle will make you a strong warrior for God.  He is carving you into a saintly soldier, fighting with the heavenly hosts against Satan’s hordes on earth.

          Press on, My little ones, made great by My glory.  I will win the battle with an army of weak men of flesh made stronger than the supernatural powers in the heavenlies by My life in them.  This is not your battle – it is Mine.  You are to trust and obey and never to take your eyes off the Captain of your soul.”

Jesus, Warrior-King

Monday, November 10, 2014

August 14, 2008

          Union with God is an upward journey of the heart, as each step of faith draws you closer to My most Sacred Heart.  The results seem invisible, but daily the flesh is dying and the spirit is being renewed.

          Love begets union.  Passionate love begets passionate union.  The more you desire Me, the closer our hearts are knit together in love.

          Speak to Me incessantly.  Your loving praises rise as a sweet incense before My holy throne.  I desire a love without limit, a pure affection, a sincere purpose of amendment, true contrition, a seeking heart.

          The awareness of My Presence brings the reward of transformation.  Simply to set your mind on Heaven changes and renews your spirit.  Such a small price to pay for such great rewards.

          The banishment and exile of life prevent man from seeing clearly.  His eyes were blinded on that fateful day of Adam’s fall from grace.  Henceforth, all men need to appear before Me, begging the grace of eyes to see and ears to hear before they can recognize Heaven.  I anoint My children with eye salve to open their blinded eyes to the reality of eternity with God.

          Each moment aware of My Presence is another step to clarity of sight.  Are you wasting time on things of naught when you can daily be growing in holiness by centering your thoughts and activities on Me?  Ponder this.  What do you spend time on?  Do you really have anything worthwhile to show for these precious hours wasted?

          Ask Me how to spend your time.  I can teach you the ways of Heaven, so diametrically opposed to man’s natural inclinations.  Since I am the fountain of all wisdom, I implore you to come to Me with every question and concern you have, especially in matters of spirituality.  “I will lead you and guide you in the way you should walk.”

          I am always here for you.  Do not look for answers from man.  Those answers are biased and unstable.  “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”  Come to Me for salvation.”

Rock of the Ages


Friday, November 7, 2014

May 13, 2008

          “I want souls of happiness to serve me.  Their eager anticipation to abandon all to embrace My will pleases Me greatly.  No job, however small, will be unrewarded.  Man strays from the path when he fails to fulfill the duties wherein I have placed him.  He is to sanctify every duty, no matter how trivial or mundane.  He can spill lavish amounts of perfume on the most monotonous of tasks and this will please Me more than those done for praise of men.

          Yes, even changing a diaper is a beautiful work done in My Name.  Haven’t I told you countless times that My ways are not your ways?  How many souls skip over the works of My will in their daily lives striving for the great activities, not realizing that they have not really accomplished anything commendable in My eyes?  I do not see as man sees.  The more secret, arduous and lowly a work is, the more highly do I esteem it.

          Man pursues deeds to be noticed, to be admired, great deeds of heroic perseverance.  I value simple tasks done in humility flavored with great love and kindness.

          O men of the world, when will you stop to learn of Me?  My ways are so different than your ways.  My values are almost the opposite of yours.

          You are running on a treadmill, pursuing the same paths over and over again.  You cannot advance because you do not listen to My admonitions.

          Come to Me in the silence.  Let Me speak to you.  Let Me chart your course for you.  I will bring you safely to port.  You vessel now runs in a zigzag motion.  Let Me bring your ship quickly to shore.”

Master Oarsman


Sunday, September 28, 2014

March 6, 2014

          “I have given the world the gift of passion.  When a soul discovers something he delights in, he runs after it in a fury of passion.  He excels; he is moved to heroic deeds; his ardor and zeal are evident to all.  The Olympic athletes are a beautiful example of passion – of giving all to attain all.

          The world has passionate followers excelling in a variety of endeavors.  They award each other for their passionate pursuits and revel in the glory of deeds accomplished.  Artists, composers, engineers, actors – they all have a great passion in their work.

          Since I created passion, I also must have a passion.  My Passion was accomplished on earth when I died for the sins of the world.  I lived every moment of My existence on earth pursuing My Passion – the redemption of man.  My Passion was completely unselfish and other-oriented.  I did not pursue My Passion for My own glory or honor.  My motivation was love.  I love the men of earth.  They are My Passion.

          O souls, whom I love so passionately, do you passionately love Me in return?  Do you think of Me, pursue My will, live with Me, and run in the way of My commandments?  Am I your passion?

          In Scripture, I stated that lukewarm souls make Me want to vomit them out of My mouth.  Is it any wonder?  In My Passion for souls, in the pain and suffering I endured for love of them, how can I endure such limpid lukewarmness?  Rejection would be more tolerable than an ungrateful lukewarmness.

          Observe the canonized saints.  They were passionately in love with Me.  They did not follow Me half-heartedly.  They were fervent, responsive, dedicated, unselfish, and passionate in their love of Me.  And I passionately loved them in return.

          My beautiful souls of earth, fall passionately in love with Me and I will bring heaven to earth in your soul.”

Passionate Lover

March 1, 2014

          “Heaven will open to you when you sit alone with Me in the silence and completely abandon yourself to Me.  Holiness lies in obedience and trustful self-surrender, realizing you can do nothing of yourself.  I have asked My little ones to become children again.  Children are trusting, pure, innocent and loving.  Children do not make future plans.  They live in the present.  They do not worry about the future.  They do not intellectualize or reason things out – they merely trust and follow willingly the hand that reaches out to them.

          My most beautiful friends have been the most child-like in heart.  They are so easy to be with and so delightful in their pure innocence.  It is difficult to deal with a proud, cynical person.  Frankly, it tires Me.  It is a constant push and pull and there is no truce.  On the other hand, My little trusting children follow obediently without questioning.  What peace this brings to our time together!

          Then there are My child lovers, those that are smitten by Me.  They never get over our love affair and use every moment inventing ways to please and charm Me.  How kindly I look upon these icons of gracious love!  What a balm they are to My heart!  Their perfume rises before Me continually and I rush to them when I need refreshment and rest.  They are not always asking Me for things.  They want to wait on Me, to comfort Me.  They understand My tired and wounded heart, rejected by the world.  They are not constantly thinking up heroic acts to perform to impress Me.  They are happy to sit with Me, to smile at Me, to forget themselves and their needs in My presence.  They have truly died to self and now live in Me.

          Life lived in the Spirit’s embrace is not an extravagant spectacle.  It is hidden, lowly, unknown, quiet, peaceful, and pure.  These are My little children, quietly living out their days wrapped in My loving embrace.  I created this earth for them.”

Lover of My Little Ones

February 26, 2014

          “The heavens cannot contain the majesty and glory of God without pouring themselves out upon the earth in great and regal splendor.  The glory of the sun shining on the earth giving life and light to all is the image of the generous and refulgent God who continually keeps man in existence.  Who delves into the mysteries of the all-embracing, all-encompassing Creator of the universes?  This gift is open to all – to plumb the depths of God – but few men of earth recognize or acknowledge their Creator.  God reveals Himself in everything that He has so lovingly created.  Creation shouts out the existence of a thoughtful Creator.  Each animal, each plant is a masterpiece of great beauty, intricately designed by a loving hand.

          God has lavished the earth with His gifts of beauty.  The ocean alone is a prodigy of inestimable riches.  The earth provides food to nourish man, flowers to adorn its surface, animals to accompany man on his journey, the winds to move the beautiful trees in a joyful dance …

          How beautiful God is!  His creation is an imprint of His delicate artistry and sensitivity.  God fills the earth with His wondrous beauty!  The heaven of heavens cannot contain your resplendent God!  Only your Jesus can reveal His heart to you in a way that you can understand.  Jesus came to earth to reveal this hidden God-Artist.  Jesus leads all souls to His Father’s arms of love.

          Love God, children of earth, for He loves you beyond your comprehension.  Let Him fill you with His beauty and life.  Let Him draw you to Himself.  He longs to live His God-life on earth in you to bless and comfort His wayward children.  Will you be the loving and obedient child that will bless His heart and give Him the greatest joy?  Please love God.  Forget all else to love God.”

Lover of God

September 25, 2014

          “My realm of existence is beyond your imagination.  I hear your words and your thoughts in every moment of your existence.  As you ask, I give to you all that you need to be perfected into another Christ on earth.  This is My will for you – your sanctification.  This is My delight – your holiness.  As you surrender your earthly existence into My hands, I create a heavenly being living on the earth.  I re-create you into the image of Jesus, the firstborn of many brethren.  The cells of your body change.  The corruptible becomes incorruptible.  Your soul is transformed into a thing of incomparable beauty.  The glory of the Lord divinizes your being.

          All these things are hidden from your humanity.  All takes place in the realm of spirit, My realm.  As the sea hides the world of activity in its depths, so do I hide My icons of grace from the prying eyes of man, who always looks for the spectacular and ostentatious.

          My greatest works are done in secret, hidden from the eyes of the world.  I use the smallest, the littlest, the least, the most unnoticed to show forth My glory.  “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.”  My glory erupts from the nothingness of the creature when this nothingness is acknowledged by the creature.

          Proud souls are odious to Me.  I can do nothing with them.  My heart is drawn out to the simple, the child-like, the pure in heart.  With these little ones, I will change the world.

          Seek Me in the humble things on earth, for I am not in the spectacles of man’s achievements.  I am hidden in the lowly, the meek, the deserted and the unknown.  There you will find Me radiantly shining forth in all My glory.  Become nothing to become everything in My eyes.”

Lowly One of God

September 22, 2014

          “The soul of man was created to be an exquisite diamond with facets of extraordinary beauty.  It was created to shine gloriously in the kingdom of heaven eternally.  The soul was created so tenderly, so lovingly, so delicately, handcrafted by an all-wise Creator.  The soul was designed to grow in beauty daily as it imitated the life of the all-holy God, nourished in His love.  The body is only a fleshly covering for this eternal spirit.

          Man has ignored and forgotten his spirit within him.  He lives for the needs and glorification of the body – to look good, to feel good, to enjoy all he can in his needy body.

          The flesh decays and dies.  It is only a house, a shelter for the soul.  Every day, billions of cells waste away and die.  One day, the life breath will expire and the soul will be exposed without a covering.  The soul will be exposed to his Creator to inspect the fruits that were sown in life.  Will the soul be beautiful and godly or ugly and sin-ridden?

          I inspect the motives and the intentions, the goodwill and the heart cries.  I am a just and merciful Judge.  I long for My children to yearn to be holy.  If they only knew what joy holiness brings …

          There is only a short moment in time to reap an eternity of benefits.  Your life choices follow you into eternity.  I have given you everything you need to make the right choices.  Now it is up to you to do the choosing.

          Which will it be?”

Taskmaster of Love

September 18, 2014

          “Ye have not because ye ask not.”  Only those who ask, receive.  What are you to ask for?  Ask Me for the gift of faith, for the gift to love, for the gift of My eternal grace.  You need My grace to be holy.  Of yourself, you are dust which cannot rise on its own.  I am the God who enables you to exist.  My grace has created you.  My grace sustains you.

          Come into My throne room, adoring My majesty.  As a servant humbly knows his place, come before Me begging Me to pour My grace out upon you.  I created you for love.  I desire your love, freely given.  When you come to Me asking Me for grace to love Me more, how My heart rejoices in My loving child.

          So many of My children have used their free wills to hate Me, to slander Me, to blaspheme My name.  How this grieves the heart of such a tender Father.  Like the father of the prodigal son, I wait eagerly for the return of My children.  I had to let them choose their own path, but how heartbroken I am that they choose desolation when I have so much love to give them.

          Do you love Me, My children?  If you do, then you will trust My judgment and you will obey My will for you.  I am forming you into holy vessels of love, icons of grace to be displayed in the heavens eternally.  You shall live with Me forever in My home of light.

          You need My grace to endure so much opposition in life.  The world is headed in the opposite direction.  You cannot stand in your own strength.  Ask Me for grace and I will gladly give it to you.  My grace will strengthen you.  It will lead and guide you through treacherous paths.  My grace will make you beautifully holy.  Your light will shine brightly in this dark world.

          Come boldly to My throne of grace, that I may give you the gifts you need to walk before me in grace and truth.  You will bear the mark of a holy “saint in light”, a grace bearer.”
Jesus, Grace Giver

September 16, 2014

          “Life is full of peaks and valleys, highs and lows, successes and failures.  It is perseverance that leads you to the kingdom of heaven. 

          The disappointments in life discourage many souls.  They turn back on the road that leads to heaven, for they feel the going is just too hard.  Much vigilance is needed, much self-denial, much agonizing rejection and heartache, and oftentimes the road is gloomy and obscure.  Constant falls depress the soul.  He gives up and returns to the world’s richly paved road filled with earthly goods.  Heaven seems too abstract, too distant, an unattainable illusion.  So man gets very busy.  He forgets about the spiritual as he gets heavily involved in his daily life – work, family, socialization, excitement and possessions.  Life seems easier when you can enjoy the things in the world without restraint.  The calls resounding in his heart grow fainter and fainter until they disappear altogether.  That was then … this is now.

          The road to heaven is sparsely traveled.  It is quiet and lonely at times, but peaceful and joyous.  The light of the Eternal City shines in the eye of the faithful traveler on God’s highway.  He has turned his back on all the world has to offer to seek an eternal inheritance.  He walks with the angels and saints invisibly surrounding him, helping him with their prayers.  He walks hand in hand with Jesus, his Shepherd through the meadows of life.  He may be the lonely straggler on an empty road, but all of heaven is cheering him on. 

          He is a saint in light traveling to the City of Light.  He is a child of God traversing earth on his way to a glorious homeland.  He is God’s joy.”

Travel Guide

September 28, 2014

          “What better way to spend your day than in ignoring the Earth and spending time alone with Me?  You give every day to the world.  It steals all your time.  I wait so patiently for our moments of solitude when I can speak to your heart and grant you much needed blessings and graces.  These are the golden hours of life, the hours that purchase heavenly wisdom and insight.  The world drags you down.  I uplift you to the gate of Heaven.

          Who seeks time alone with Me in this rushing world filled with computers and cell phones?  Electronics have barred My entrance.  There is no silence, no reflecting on the meaning of life, no peace and stillness.  The mind races on absorbing new information, most of it transient and worthless.

          I am found in convents and sick beds.  Other than that, I am driven away by the constant noise and agitation.

          Look at outer space.  It is enveloped in a deep silence, My silence, the silence of an eternal omnipotent God.  The moon looks down in silence upon a restless world.  The sun’s rays silently fall upon busy souls running here and there over the face of the earth.

          You that feel My tug at your heart – stop the noise.  Stop the merry-go-round.  Get off.  Change your environment.  Refuse to be a casualty of the deathly ruin of the world’s frantic pace.  If you will allow it, I will show you how to change your world.  You will experience heaven’s peace and delight.

          You keep saying that things have to change.  Change now.  Withdraw from all that steals your peace, from all that steals precious moments alone with Me. 

          If not today, when?”

Lover of Silence

Thursday, September 18, 2014

February 8, 2014

          “I am teaching you the glorious secrets of living within My holy will.  This truth transcends all thoughts, for to live in My will is to live in Me.  To abide in Me is to become one with Me.  In My will are all feasts of delights, in heaven and on earth.  In My will is love, joy, peace, communion and union of hearts. 

          Many of My children follow Me, yet they still hold tightly to their own wills, which overrules My will.  They love Me, but not enough to die to themselves, to their passions, desires and plans.  They pray to Me to help them to live in My will, but they do not take this teaching seriously enough.

          To give your will to another is a hard thing.  There must be trust – deep trust that everywhere you are led is My will for you.  It requires a willingness to die to your ambitions and goals, whatever they may be.  Some of these goals may be spiritual goals, but many of you have set your own spiritual agendas.

          Some souls desire to evangelize when My will requires them to pray in silence.  Some souls want to live in quietude, yet My will is that they be active in the world.  Your personal inclinations do not determine My will in your life.  You must be willing to say “Yes, Lord” to every circumstance I permit in your life.  Many times it will be a frustrated ‘Yes’, but this is where trust comes in.  Did you really mean it when you said, “Thy will, not mine, be done?”

          I can assure you that My will brings you peace, regardless of the tempest and storms.  You will know you are following Me even though every faculty of your body resists.  My Holy Spirit will give you the power to discern My leading.  You must be quieted and be in a state of listening for His directives.  He will lead you directly into My heart.

          The will of God – the crux of all spirituality.  Theologians speak of doctrines and dogmas which are all the living out of My divine will.  Obedience to My will will raise you to the summits of the mountains where I dwell in holiness.  I long to share the beauty of My holy and eternal will with you.  Will you take My hand and live in My will?”
Jesus, Lover of God

Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

           “How many souls are rushing madly through life at this hour, running eagerly to their appointment with death!  All these seemingly wonderful experiences in life are just that – experiences.  They are fleeting and temporary.  At the end of the road they will be forgotten as though they had never existed.

          Man should be on an eternal quest for future glory.  Life is a road to eternity.  You must gather all you need on this road to enter heaven.

          Every man is given everything he needs to go to heaven.  There will be no excuses at the end of life that will make a man excused from his responsibility to his Creator.  Every soul knows deep within his heart to do good and not evil.  It is a choice of free will.  To do good in a world that chooses evil is to run against the path of the crowd.  It is to stand alone, watching souls pass by in the opposite direction, as though you were an alien to them. 

          The road is narrow to the kingdom of heaven.  It is rough, obscure and lonely to stand alone, aloof from what everyone else is doing.  But love is compelling.  You have no choice but to choose Jesus over the world.

          The lovers of Jesus walk in a straight line to Jesus.  They fail, they fall, they are ever learning and continue to try, yet Jesus walks the road with them.  They are never alone.  He comforts and encourages them to move ever forward in the direction of holiness, regardless of the cost.

          The rewards are great, My children, for staying on the straight road to heaven.  It may be hard for you to take control of your fleshly tendencies, but if you will come to Me sincerely repentant and open, I will change your life.  I will make you a saint.”

Saint Lover

September 4, 2014

          “I speak to you, My children.  Are you listening?  How can you listen when you are engaged in so many activities?  How can you hear My voice above the noise in your world?  Why are your ears always listening to what the world tells you?  When do you intentionally turn your ear to hear what I have to say?  When?  In church?  In bed at night?  When are the purposeful times of the day when you stop everything to ask Me what I think you should do?  When do you seek My advice?  When do you read My words?  When do you converse with Me as a true friend?  When do you ask Me about Myself and what interests Me?  When do you try to find out what I think about?

          I am not only God; I am human.  I had a body, as you do.  I had friends and I enjoyed the many beauties of earth.  I was a real person walking the earth.  I ascended to heaven after My earthly exile to prepare a home for you.  I am with you always, watching you, caring for you, listening to you, missing you … but do you realize in your day that I want to be with you in everything you do?  That I want you to talk to Me?  That it hurts Me when I am constantly ignored by My children?  How sad it is for Me to ask for your attention!  I would have liked you to approach Me on your own initiative.  No one wants to coerce love from a person.  Love should be freely given.  How can you say you love Me if you do not spend any time with Me?  This kind of relationship would not work on earth.  It could not be sustained by such long absences.  Why is our relationship any different?

          I am asking you to consider your attestation of love for Me.  Is it real or are you just speaking lovely words?  It takes two people to fall in love.  Lovers need intimate time together.  Can you find some time for us?”

Hurt Lover


September 4, 2014

          “I speak to you, My children.  Are you listening?  How can you listen when you are engaged in so many activities?  How can you hear My voice above the noise in your world?  Why are your ears always listening to what the world tells you?  When do you intentionally turn your ear to hear what I have to say?  When?  In church?  In bed at night?  When are the purposeful times of the day when you stop everything to ask Me what I think you should do?  When do you seek My advice?  When do you read My words?  When do you converse with Me as a true friend?  When do you ask Me about Myself and what interests Me?  When do you try to find out what I think about?

          I am not only God; I am human.  I had a body, as you do.  I had friends and I enjoyed the many beauties of earth.  I was a real person walking the earth.  I ascended to heaven after My earthly exile to prepare a home for you.  I am with you always, watching you, caring for you, listening to you, missing you … but do you realize in your day that I want to be with you in everything you do?  That I want you to talk to Me?  That it hurts Me when I am constantly ignored by My children?  How sad it is for Me to ask for your attention!  I would have liked you to approach Me on your own initiative.  No one wants to coerce love from a person.  Love should be freely given.  How can you say you love Me if you do not spend any time with Me?  This kind of relationship would not work on earth.  It could not be sustained by such long absences.  Why is our relationship any different?

          I am asking you to consider your attestation of love for Me.  Is it real or are you just speaking lovely words?  It takes two people to fall in love.  Lovers need intimate time together.  Can you find some time for us?”

Hurt Lover


September 2, 2014

          “There is a gravitational pull in your body that holds your spirit to earthly thoughts.  It is something you must vigilantly fight.  From your early rising until you close your eyes at night to sleep, life shoots arrows of distractions before your steps.  You must choose “the best part” of each day.  I will help you if you seek Me early.

          To silence your thoughts when you awaken, to seek My direction, to look to Me first in all that looms before you, is to promise yourself a day of peaceful love in My presence, regardless of what is presented before you.

          Time is a grain of sand in the universe.  Your time on earth is so short.  Give Me all of your remaining moments on earth and I will memorialize them for eternity.  I make gold out of treasured moments of faithful intimacy.  Your acts flow from our conversations.  As you live in union with Me, I act through you.  I know how to handle all the distractions you will face.

          Truly, let Me live in you this day.  Die to yourself, to your thoughts, to your limited precepts.  Let Me do what I want in you today.  You will be more than pleasantly surprised at My style and graciousness.  I do all things well.  My nobility will be seen in your gestures.  My lovingkindness will wash the earth with dew from heaven.

          Do not try to understand, My little ones.  Just have faith.  Believe in My words to you and let go of yourself.  Fall into My arms of love.  I will do all things for you.  Rest in My care for you.  There is no need for anxiety when Jesus is in the room.”

Your Life

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

November 10, 2011

          “The days advance rapidly.  Time seems to be accelerating in the world, for men are rushing madly through their days.  Love for the sacred and the solitary moments are gone from the minds of men.  They rush on to new discoveries, evading the most precious gifts, the time spent in nourishing the soul.

          Moments spent in solitude before Me shape saints, holy souls smitten by God’s love.  The world is no more alluring and glamorous to them.  It is fake, sterile, and passing.  Their life lies in their spirit, which they cultivate daily as a beautifully manicured and watered garden.  They rest daily in this garden of peace, enjoying conversations with the Master, while the world rushes by them madly, pursuing hopeless dreams.  These souls are hidden in the heart of God.  He has a special trysting place for them in His heart.  Each day their intimacy grows until one day He must enfold them in His arms and take them up to heaven where the intimacy never ceases.

          Earth is only a waiting place.  Souls are waiting to embrace eternal life.  They are choosing their destiny during this test trial on earth.  God has made the test almost too easy for them.  He asks for a willing heart, an open mind, an eagerness to trust his will.  Works and activities flow from this loving engagement of the soul with God.

          God is the eternal loving parent.  The welfare of His children is everything to Him.  All He sends is tailored to their best interests, to grant them holiness and great joy.  God is looking for little lambs to follow Him in the pastures of peace.  God is good; therefore, all He does is good.

          Come to the good God.  Place your life in His hands.  His love will radiate through you.  You will become peace to the world, a little lamb of peace.”

Jesus, Shepherd

Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 24, 2014

          “The saints in heaven look upon My face.  They live in My presence.  They possess My heart.  My heart is drawn out to My suffering children on earth, waging war against evil in every form.  My saints pray for souls on earth unceasingly, as I intercede for the souls of earth before My Father’s throne.

          My Mystical Body in heaven groans in prayer for its other half, My Mystical Body on earth.  Until they are united and made whole, intercessory prayer is the connection between heaven and earth. 

          My children on earth have no concept of the activity in the spiritual realm.  Angels hover above them, guarding and guiding, protecting against evil forces prowling to destroy.  Saints visit earth to hallow the dust, strengthening the weak souls by their holy prayers.  As Moses and Elijah came from the spiritual realm to comfort Me in My agony, so God sends holy souls to earth to comfort, encourage and guide.

          My oblivious children feel alone in battle.  They do not see the chariots of fire surrounding them.  They do not hear the cheers when they triumph against temptation.  They do not see the traps destroyed before their feet, as My praying heavenly messengers disarm the enemy. 

          Souls on earth, you have heavenly friends praying for you.  You can speak to them.  You can ask them to come to My throne with your requests.  Even though I hear your cries for help, I entrust My heavenly friends to your side, to implore for you, to lay your case before Me, to help you become holy and beautiful in My sight.

          Your Guardian Angel wants you to realize that he watches every move you make, wanting to help you, to protect you, to guide you to righteousness.  You may speak to him.  You may ask for his prayers.  He looks upon My face daily and reflects My glory.  Tap into the resources I’ve given you to obtain this same glory.  Ask him to show you how to do that.  I have given him authority to assist you.

          Look to the heavens, My children.  “I will lift my eyes to the hills, from whence cometh my strength.”  These are the heavenly hills where saints and angels traverse back and forth to assist My children on their journey to My holy hill.

          Get to know your heavenly family.  Their love for you is My love for you, for they possess My heart.  There is no separation in My Mystical Body.  We are all one and I am the Head.”
Universal Body of God

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

February 4, 2014

          “To come immediately into My eternal Presence, it is enough to stop what you are doing and look to Me.  I can be found by you at any moment in time.  I am so easily accessible to those who seek Me.  It is not hard to know your God.  Speak to Me familiarly, as friend to Friend.  I seek fellowship with My children on earth.  I desire to instruct and perfect them, preparing them for eternal life with Me.

          The only requirement to enjoying My friendship is love.  Just love Me.  How do you treat a loved one on earth?  Ponder this.  Do I not deserve the same treatment?  Yet I am forgotten days without end, ignored, seldom spoken to or acknowledged.  The souls on earth have adapted themselves to the earthly lifestyle and do not pursue spiritual paths, the only true reality in life.

          Listen for My voice in the silence of your heart.  I desire to speak to you, to help you in your daily duties.  I want to be involved in every area of your life.  Will you allow it?

          I created animals to be active and then to rest.  When it is a time for rest, they do not hesitate to rest.  Man does not realize his need of rest, of quiet, of solitude.  He runs and runs until he cannot run anymore.  Then he drops down into a rest of stupor.  There is no rest of musing thoughtfulness, ruminating on his earthly path or values.  He goes to sleep only to rise again to his continual running.  There is no time to walk with Me in the garden of his heart.  There is no restful quiet meditation, a soothing of the mind.  He finds “fillers’ to entertain him when he is not incessantly running.

          I am sad that My children of earth have raced through life never contemplating the beauty of the earth, the reason for their existence, or what part I play in their lives.  It grieves Me to watch them run away from Me.  And so I wait like a patient Father.  I am Wisdom, yet so few come to seek My thoughts.

          Men of earth, who am I to you?”

Your Father Who Waits For You