Wednesday, September 3, 2014

November 10, 2011

          “The days advance rapidly.  Time seems to be accelerating in the world, for men are rushing madly through their days.  Love for the sacred and the solitary moments are gone from the minds of men.  They rush on to new discoveries, evading the most precious gifts, the time spent in nourishing the soul.

          Moments spent in solitude before Me shape saints, holy souls smitten by God’s love.  The world is no more alluring and glamorous to them.  It is fake, sterile, and passing.  Their life lies in their spirit, which they cultivate daily as a beautifully manicured and watered garden.  They rest daily in this garden of peace, enjoying conversations with the Master, while the world rushes by them madly, pursuing hopeless dreams.  These souls are hidden in the heart of God.  He has a special trysting place for them in His heart.  Each day their intimacy grows until one day He must enfold them in His arms and take them up to heaven where the intimacy never ceases.

          Earth is only a waiting place.  Souls are waiting to embrace eternal life.  They are choosing their destiny during this test trial on earth.  God has made the test almost too easy for them.  He asks for a willing heart, an open mind, an eagerness to trust his will.  Works and activities flow from this loving engagement of the soul with God.

          God is the eternal loving parent.  The welfare of His children is everything to Him.  All He sends is tailored to their best interests, to grant them holiness and great joy.  God is looking for little lambs to follow Him in the pastures of peace.  God is good; therefore, all He does is good.

          Come to the good God.  Place your life in His hands.  His love will radiate through you.  You will become peace to the world, a little lamb of peace.”

Jesus, Shepherd

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