Sunday, September 28, 2014

March 1, 2014

          “Heaven will open to you when you sit alone with Me in the silence and completely abandon yourself to Me.  Holiness lies in obedience and trustful self-surrender, realizing you can do nothing of yourself.  I have asked My little ones to become children again.  Children are trusting, pure, innocent and loving.  Children do not make future plans.  They live in the present.  They do not worry about the future.  They do not intellectualize or reason things out – they merely trust and follow willingly the hand that reaches out to them.

          My most beautiful friends have been the most child-like in heart.  They are so easy to be with and so delightful in their pure innocence.  It is difficult to deal with a proud, cynical person.  Frankly, it tires Me.  It is a constant push and pull and there is no truce.  On the other hand, My little trusting children follow obediently without questioning.  What peace this brings to our time together!

          Then there are My child lovers, those that are smitten by Me.  They never get over our love affair and use every moment inventing ways to please and charm Me.  How kindly I look upon these icons of gracious love!  What a balm they are to My heart!  Their perfume rises before Me continually and I rush to them when I need refreshment and rest.  They are not always asking Me for things.  They want to wait on Me, to comfort Me.  They understand My tired and wounded heart, rejected by the world.  They are not constantly thinking up heroic acts to perform to impress Me.  They are happy to sit with Me, to smile at Me, to forget themselves and their needs in My presence.  They have truly died to self and now live in Me.

          Life lived in the Spirit’s embrace is not an extravagant spectacle.  It is hidden, lowly, unknown, quiet, peaceful, and pure.  These are My little children, quietly living out their days wrapped in My loving embrace.  I created this earth for them.”

Lover of My Little Ones

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