Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 16, 2014

          “Life is full of peaks and valleys, highs and lows, successes and failures.  It is perseverance that leads you to the kingdom of heaven. 

          The disappointments in life discourage many souls.  They turn back on the road that leads to heaven, for they feel the going is just too hard.  Much vigilance is needed, much self-denial, much agonizing rejection and heartache, and oftentimes the road is gloomy and obscure.  Constant falls depress the soul.  He gives up and returns to the world’s richly paved road filled with earthly goods.  Heaven seems too abstract, too distant, an unattainable illusion.  So man gets very busy.  He forgets about the spiritual as he gets heavily involved in his daily life – work, family, socialization, excitement and possessions.  Life seems easier when you can enjoy the things in the world without restraint.  The calls resounding in his heart grow fainter and fainter until they disappear altogether.  That was then … this is now.

          The road to heaven is sparsely traveled.  It is quiet and lonely at times, but peaceful and joyous.  The light of the Eternal City shines in the eye of the faithful traveler on God’s highway.  He has turned his back on all the world has to offer to seek an eternal inheritance.  He walks with the angels and saints invisibly surrounding him, helping him with their prayers.  He walks hand in hand with Jesus, his Shepherd through the meadows of life.  He may be the lonely straggler on an empty road, but all of heaven is cheering him on. 

          He is a saint in light traveling to the City of Light.  He is a child of God traversing earth on his way to a glorious homeland.  He is God’s joy.”

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