Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 28, 2014

          “What better way to spend your day than in ignoring the Earth and spending time alone with Me?  You give every day to the world.  It steals all your time.  I wait so patiently for our moments of solitude when I can speak to your heart and grant you much needed blessings and graces.  These are the golden hours of life, the hours that purchase heavenly wisdom and insight.  The world drags you down.  I uplift you to the gate of Heaven.

          Who seeks time alone with Me in this rushing world filled with computers and cell phones?  Electronics have barred My entrance.  There is no silence, no reflecting on the meaning of life, no peace and stillness.  The mind races on absorbing new information, most of it transient and worthless.

          I am found in convents and sick beds.  Other than that, I am driven away by the constant noise and agitation.

          Look at outer space.  It is enveloped in a deep silence, My silence, the silence of an eternal omnipotent God.  The moon looks down in silence upon a restless world.  The sun’s rays silently fall upon busy souls running here and there over the face of the earth.

          You that feel My tug at your heart – stop the noise.  Stop the merry-go-round.  Get off.  Change your environment.  Refuse to be a casualty of the deathly ruin of the world’s frantic pace.  If you will allow it, I will show you how to change your world.  You will experience heaven’s peace and delight.

          You keep saying that things have to change.  Change now.  Withdraw from all that steals your peace, from all that steals precious moments alone with Me. 

          If not today, when?”

Lover of Silence

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