Monday, February 6, 2017

October 22, 2015

          “Each day unfolds in a spectacle of glory awaiting the deeds of man.  How will a man live this day?  Will he recognize the Creator of all that exists and revel in His beautiful creation or will he live in his own world of unreality to what is important in life?

          Each soul has a unique path of holiness to become what God has created him to be.  How few souls realize this godly potential!  They get caught up in earth’s schemes and forget their reason for existence.  They have eyes but they do not see; ears, but they do not hear.

          What do I require of you?  I ask you to walk humbly with Me all the days of your life.  Let Me show you My purpose for creating you.  Let Me keep you on the unique path I have chosen for you.  Let Me speak to you as I spoke to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, friend to friend.  You make things complicated, men of earth.  I know you are made of dust.  I know you are very weak.  I know how susceptible you are to falling away and getting distracted from your true purpose.  I am not asking for heroism beyond your strength.  I am asking you to be an obedient child, holding your Father’s hand all the days of your life.  Be gentle and docile, easily led by My Holy Spirit.  Do not make things complicated.  Do not think much – love much, as a child loves spontaneously.

          In quietness, solitude and moments lingering in My presence, you will come to understand what I desire from you.  I have come to set you free from your worries, fears, and concerns.  Rely on Me for everything.  I long to be everything to you.

          I am here with you though you do not feel My physical presence.  That is faith – knowing I’m with you without visible evidence.  “The just shall live by faith.”  How this pleases Me!  Allow Me to live in you today.  What a beautiful day we will share together!”

Jesus, Lover of Souls

October 20, 2015

          “You are progressing and learning about My will every day.  You fall a lot, you question your path, you doubt your ascent, yet you press on, much to My delight.

          “Rome was not captured in a day,” they say, and holiness also is a continual process of rising and falling as each occasion arises.  Unless I bless you with the gift of instant holiness of heart, you must insistently and persistently stay on the path set before you, not allowing yourself to be discouraged, but pressing on.

          You can make the path easier by relying more on My help than on your own stratagems.  You can silence your chatter, inwardly and outwardly.  Only in peace can you hear My directions clearly.  Continual thinking and talking drown out My holy inspirations.

          In peaceful quietness, walk softly on the earth.  Allow My Holy Spirit to gently lead you in every situation.  Turn to Him with all your decisions.  He will point out My way of doing things.  My way is the holy way.

          I want you to live in peace for the remainder of your life on earth.  You have lived in chaos for too long.  I long to truly be your Shepherd that leads you on paths of righteousness beside the still waters of peace.

          Follow Me as a docile little lamb follows the Shepherd’s lead.  Let Me take care of everything.  Drop all control and let Me control your life.  The result will be a beautiful and peaceful life with Me.

          How I love you, My child!” 


Shepherd of the Lowly Lambs

August 31, 2015
          “The Spirit groans on earth in the hearts of My chosen ones.  Rebellion and chaos rule in the hearts of men and the Spirit grieves over their blindness.

          The Holy Spirit is the song of love ascending to the Father’s throne.  He is the perennial praise of the Father filtering through the clouds.

          My Holy Spirit seeks an entrance into the hearts of men but the way is blocked by sin.  He cannot enter a darkened heart that clings tightly to sin.  All must be surrendered to God before the Holy Spirit can truly inundate and captivate a soul.  He beckons My chosen ones to take the high road, the highway of holiness.  It is a road diametrically opposed to the ways of the world.  The highways of earth are filled with pleasure seekers, idolaters and blasphemers.  The heavenly highway is filled with souls on their knees imploring for the salvation of the world.

          The Spirit blows where He wills, like the wind.  He can be captured by an open heart.  He seeks a pure dwelling place in which to reside.  He constantly calls out to the sons of men pleading them to repent and be converted.  He is found in all the narrow byways of earth.

          Call Him incessantly, My chosen few, for He seeks an entrance into the interior of your soul.  He seeks to fashion you into another Christ on earth.  He seeks to fill your heart with joy from heaven.  He seeks to form you into the image of a holy son of God.

          As your praises ascend, God’s graces descend.  The Holy Spirit, the perennial praise of the Father, will praise God through you.  Allow Him the space He needs to glorify the Father in your life.  Open every door within you to the light of His presence.

          Your joy will be full as you become one.” 


Voice of God

August 26, 2015

          “The world of the spirit is infinite and eternal.  There is no end to its height and depth.  Horizons broaden daily as you sit with Me exploring the endless possibilities of our life together.  I am Infinity.

          Man is limited and narrow in all his thinking and daily activities.  He has not discovered the All of life, a “life hidden with Christ in God,” the highest and most profound abiding in the heart of God-Creator.

          Look at My world.  There is no end to the varieties of plants and animals and colors and circumstances.  Life energy continuously swirls and grows as the planet rotates.  The heavenly bodies faithfully stay in the orbit I have assigned to them to give light to the darkened earth.  My creation is magnificent to behold, a rolling ball of blue suspended in space, kept in existence by My loving embrace.

          Little ones, you have the joy of entering My kingdom world, a place beyond man’s intelligence to grasp.  Only the Holy Spirit can reveal who I am and what your future holds.  It is a glorious eternity of realms beyond your imagination.  All you need do to enter is to love Me.  Such a small price to pay for eternal life in joyful bliss in My world.

          Look to Me that the radiance of My kingdom may shine through your eyes.  Let Me cast My ray of light upon your entire being so that My glory may shine on your earth.” 


Glorious Spectacle of Eternal Light

January 6, 2017

          “A willing heart knows no boundaries.  An open heart, ready to love Me beyond the world’s treasures, becomes a channel of grace to the world.  I cannot penetrate a closed heart.  I do not come where I am not welcome.  When you open your heart to Me, I descend in all My glory, transforming your being into a spectacle of heaven’s glory on earth.
          I am looking for the heart of a child to reveal Myself to the nations.  My greatest icons of grace, My saints, were holy children following My parental guidance.  They owned nothing of themselves but acknowledged all as gift and grace.  Their eyes anxiously reached to heaven for all direction and guidance.  They never sought fame, riches, or glory.  They looked for My approval in all of their actions.  These holy children changed their environment.  They tore down carefully constructed plans to build towers of human endeavors.  They humbled themselves as loving children in every situation.
          I will use a child to bring down Satan’s edifices of deception.  Little David will defeat Goliath by his innocence and purity.  Do not be anxious or afraid.  Live your life loving Me one moment at a time.  I will heal you; I will help you; I will lead you; I will guide you.  It will not be you … it will be I, the Eternal Child, leading the nations to righteousness.
          The story is not over, My people.  I am doing a new thing on the earth in these days.  Evil has raged through the land covering the earth in darkness.  I am rising up to scatter the darkness for I am the Light of life.  “By Me all things consist.”  I am the King of nations and will take My rightful place of authority over the wickedness in high places.
          It is to you to humble yourselves and pray, My children.  Strongholds are brought down by prayer and fasting.  Leave the rest to Me.”
Tired of Satan’s Evil

February 6, 2017 

          “It is so simple yet so true that intimacy with your God is to be sought above all things.  Life is a race, a course set for heaven.  Very few finish the race in victory.  They give up along the way.

        Think of this.  Centuries upon centuries have elapsed, yet how many saints have been canonized?  There are many unsung saints, yet there should be more people that have sought the highest calling in Christ Jesus.  

        It is not an easy road to take up your cross to follow in My footsteps, but the reward is beyond your comprehension.  It is a daily battle of the will and the senses.  You must fight manfully every day of your life because you will be inundated by distractions and sensual thinking, the senses seeking to be gratified during your earthly journey.   

       The ascetics have learned the secrets to holiness.  They have denied their bodies to live in the Spirit’s embrace.  They have lost their lives in this world to obtain an eternal inheritance, the glory of My presence eternally.    

     You have many friends in heaven praying for you.  They want you to keep your eyes on Jesus, your Mediator.  They want you to finish your course with joy, to hear My “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”   

      Subdue your earthly desires.  Think of heaven.  All sacrifice will be worth it when you see Jesus.   

       “Redeem the time because the days are evil.”


Holy Spirit,

Voice of God