Monday, February 6, 2017

August 31, 2015
          “The Spirit groans on earth in the hearts of My chosen ones.  Rebellion and chaos rule in the hearts of men and the Spirit grieves over their blindness.

          The Holy Spirit is the song of love ascending to the Father’s throne.  He is the perennial praise of the Father filtering through the clouds.

          My Holy Spirit seeks an entrance into the hearts of men but the way is blocked by sin.  He cannot enter a darkened heart that clings tightly to sin.  All must be surrendered to God before the Holy Spirit can truly inundate and captivate a soul.  He beckons My chosen ones to take the high road, the highway of holiness.  It is a road diametrically opposed to the ways of the world.  The highways of earth are filled with pleasure seekers, idolaters and blasphemers.  The heavenly highway is filled with souls on their knees imploring for the salvation of the world.

          The Spirit blows where He wills, like the wind.  He can be captured by an open heart.  He seeks a pure dwelling place in which to reside.  He constantly calls out to the sons of men pleading them to repent and be converted.  He is found in all the narrow byways of earth.

          Call Him incessantly, My chosen few, for He seeks an entrance into the interior of your soul.  He seeks to fashion you into another Christ on earth.  He seeks to fill your heart with joy from heaven.  He seeks to form you into the image of a holy son of God.

          As your praises ascend, God’s graces descend.  The Holy Spirit, the perennial praise of the Father, will praise God through you.  Allow Him the space He needs to glorify the Father in your life.  Open every door within you to the light of His presence.

          Your joy will be full as you become one.” 


Voice of God

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