Friday, January 9, 2015

December 17, 2014

          “How simple and free it is to sit before Me in silence, expectantly waiting to hear My voice within you.  The world is silent around you as you tilt your ear toward heaven, where I reign in glorious beauty.  My eyes search throughout the earth for those souls that will sit quietly before Me ever ready to listen to My teachings in their hearts.  I am so willing to teach souls about their destinies, but so few stop to listen to the wisdom of the ages.

          Wise souls have learned wisdom in the silent hours.  To become wise in this world you must open your heart up to My love.  I created the world because of My love.  I wanted to share this love with a new race of people made in My image.  I wanted them to love Me freely and joyously, from a pure heart.  My goal for mankind is and always has been My love at work in the hearts of men.

          The Holy Spirit is the author of love on earth.  He is compared to a fire, brightly lit and sparkling, engulfing all in His path.  This fire warms and illuminates, purifying the earth to receive the beauty of God.  He is the Essence of God, falling like dew on the heads of My children.  He seeks a resting place in this agitated world.  When He finds a peaceful, silent soul seeking heavenly interests, He descends in a cloud of glory, forming a glorious crown of beauty and holiness rarely seen on earth.  This Spirit of My holiness breathes where He wills, exhaling My fragrance in the world.

          I have promised to give the gift of My Holy Spirit to all souls that obey and love Me.  “Ask and ye shall receive” this gift of God’s love.  He is the breath of heaven, the purity that rises before the throne of God, the excellence of creation’s grandeurs, the effervescent and glittering glory of God.  Seek Him and you shall find Him.  He will lead you into My presence.  He will embrace you with My arms of love.  He will kindle a great fire within you that will shine forth over all the world to point the way to God’s kingdom.

          I will pour forth My Holy Spirit upon all souls that seek Me with a pure and fervent heart.”

Jesus, Spirit Giver

October 14, 2014

          “There will be millions and millions of hours in eternity to do as many things as you desire, but what will you desire to do?  Your only desire will be to be with Me, to worship and adore the Blessed Trinity.

          The world is a stage preparing you for your face to face encounter with your King-Creator.  Do not get preoccupied by the costumes and the props.  They are merely the means to draw you closer to your meeting with your God.

          Do you remember what you did on a Tuesday last month?  You have forgotten, haven’t you?  Maybe you went shopping, maybe you cleaned, maybe you went on a walk.  I remember all things, but the actions that are eternal are stored up for you in heavenly places.

          You are the custodian of your time.  If you choose to hand it over to Me, I will show you how to live it wisely, amassing eternal joys.  So much time in life is wasted on absolute nonessentials.  Release your attachment to all created things and live in the unseen realm of the eternal.  All the things of earth will turn to dust except the spiritual.  Ask Me for My eyes to be able to discern the temporal from the eternal.

          As you place yourself under My direction, I help you to make positive changes in every area of your life.  Give Me your consent and I will make you a heaven dweller on earth.  You will live on heaven’s time.  We do not rush around in heaven.  We live in perfect tranquility.

          Give everything to Me, even the littlest moments of your life.  I will make them holy.”

Holiness Master Worker

October 6, 2014

          “Another day to live and work for your Jesus.  How do you do this, you ask?  You start by lifting your heart up to Me and giving Me all of yourself.  You wait for Me to instruct you on the path you should take.

          “You are dead, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.”  Since you are hidden in Me, you must follow My lead.  The world tells you to take charge.  I tell you to follow behind My lead.  This is a lesson very few of My followers have learned.  In their zeal for Me, they have run ahead of Me.  Some do not even look behind them to see if I am indeed following.  Others walk side by side with Me, giving Me advice on how things should be done.  What I desire from you is the loving trust of a child to follow blindly, placing your footsteps in Mine.  I love to see you pleased by the path I am leading you, even if it goes against your wishes or inclinations.  In everything, to say, “Yes, Lord.  Not my will be done, but Thy will be done” is the spiritual mindset that My mature followers live out day by day.

          It is hard to forgo making your own decisions, having an agenda, marking out your future plans.  Man wants to control his destiny.  I am asking you to lose control of your life to let Me take control of it.  The end result of this life is profound peace because it is based on complete trust in your loving parents’ decisions.  When you go out alone without seeking My guidance, you make many wrong turns and are caught unawares at the pitfalls.  As I direct you, there are trials, but I teach you how to deal with them as I would.

          You must sit alone with Me, spend time with Me, to get accustomed to My leading voice within you.  How can you follow Me faithfully if your busyness keeps you from hearing My instructions?  You will accomplish eternal works if you abide in Me and follow Me.  All else is fluff, even if it is done with a good heart.

          In that final day, I will say to many souls, “Depart from Me.  I never knew you.”  Some of these souls will have performed great works in My name, but they never heard the sound of My voice.  They never spent time getting to know Me.  They did not know Me.  They just worked for Me. 

          I am not seeking employees.  I am seeking lovers.””

Jesus, Full-Time Lover

June 24, 2014

          “My saints in heaven surround you with their loving presence.  The Body of Christ is one.  You are all intermingled.  There is no separation of the living and the dead “saints in light.”  Your faith will open your eyes to the beauty of heaven that surrounds you.  Only the mist hides the reality of eternal life.

          Who sees heaven?  The ascetics.  Why?  Because they have learned heaven’s language – the language of silence.  Your words and thoughts can separate you from heaven’s reality.  You must enter the silence of the spirit world to transcend earth’s limitations.

          I impress My image upon you in the silence.  The more you live in silence, the more quickly the scales of earth fall from your eyes.  You walk in heaven’s peace.

          My heart is opened wide for you to enter its silent corridors.  I have a place for you here, a place to abide eternally.  It is your special niche carved out from all eternity.  I await you here to converse with you freely.  I desire that you leave the noise of the world, never to return to your old way of life.  Like a hermit eagerly entering his cell to commune with Me, I await your entrance to our meeting place within My Most Sacred Heart.

          Can you live in My heart for the remainder of your life?  It is possible, you know.  Tell Me that this is your desire and I will bar the door behind you, enclosing you with Me forever.

          How I long for all My children to come running into My heart, never to leave Me again!  So many run in and out, some never pass the threshold, many turn away ... how few come to live with Me continuously!

          I’m inviting you to a new way of life, a life “hid with Christ in God,” an eternal dwelling place reserved for you.

          I await your consent.  Will you come?”

Jesus, Heart Seeker

June11, 2014

          “To draw near to your God you must rest in My presence.  The senses are a distraction to our intimacy.  I am from another realm – spirit.  I do not choose to give Myself to your senses, but to your spirit, for that increases your faith and trust.  The senses are temporal and fleeting, helps for your journey through life, but I long for you to worship Me “in spirit and in truth.”

          My most beloved friends are hidden from the world.  They are unknown and unfamiliar because they have visited the spirit realm and know what I value.  They realize that outward displays, popularity, charisma, activity are of the world of sense.  These activities are to be guided by the Spirit in order to be effective.  Deeds not accomplished under the empire of the Holy Spirit are valueless and empty.  You must come to know the Holy Spirit and His action in you.  He is the wind of grace that fills the sails of your boats making for smooth sailing.  How many souls row the boat vigorously, not realizing that the wind of the Spirit will speed them on their way without their fruitless effort?

          You must rest in the love of the Holy Spirit in order to make headway on your journey into My heart.  He is driven away by restless activity not inspired by His impulses.  “Only the pure in heart shall see God”, those that have purified their senses from the passions of the world.

          Jesus came to open up, to reveal the spirit world to mankind.  He opened the doors to the spirit world, heaven, the realm I live in.  If you long to live in this realm, take control over your bodily urgings.  Compel them to rest in the Spirit’s arms, allowing Him to lead and guide your every action.  He will show you the way to live in My heart every single moment of your life.”

Your Loving Father

June 2, 2014

           “A new day has begun for you.  When you place yourself in My hands with complete abandonment, I take over every aspect of your existence.  It is no longer you that live, but the Christ lives His life in you.

          Your Elder Brother, Jesus, has lived in bodily form on the earth.  He has faced every challenge of earthly living.  He understands the demands of the body, the demands of people, the rushing to finish things, the many situations that arise.  He has conquered and overcome the human condition.  He lived His life on earth as God and God does everything perfect because He is perfect.

          As you surrender your earthly frame to Deity, He brings perfection to earth in His generation.  Do you realize what it is to live God’s life on earth?  Can you imagine the peace, the joy, the satisfaction of perfect living in God’s ways and in God’s will?

          As you trustfully surrender your way of doing things, I show you a new way – God’s way.  How would God handle this circumstance?  What would God say?  What would God do?

          Can you imagine the beauty of a God-filled life at every moment of your day?  Can you imagine the fragrance you would emit to the world?  God, living in a human vessel – could anything on earth be more glorious?

          I have offered Myself to you, My children, but few of you accept such a glorious offer.  If you will but invite Me, I will come in and take up all the space in your life.  I will sanctify you beautifully.  Even the angels will marvel at My masterpiece!

          You are a frail clay pot.  Let Me bake you in My oven of love to fashion you into a golden vessel of extraordinary beauty and holiness.  It is My creative work and I love to create art on earth.  You are My portrait on earth.  Let Me display you to a hungry world searching for beauty.”

God, Your Artist Father

June 1, 2014

          “Our love deepens with each intimate contact.  That’s how love grows – you throw kindling on the fire and it blazes up.  When you stop in your day to seek My face, you are enkindling the fire of our relationship.

          I am a forgotten Creator in this world.  Everyone enjoys the party, yet the host is ignored and ill-treated by ingratitude.  I am used to being rejected, yet how it hurts when I am rejected by My dearest ones, those that have learned directly from Me.  It takes very little to lose focus and it is very easy to start rolling down the hill of our friendship.  Anything that comes between us becomes an obstacle to intimacy.  I must be first and foremost in absolutely everything in your life.

          Holiness is a growth process, each soul being transformed in a different way – some through suffering, others through poverty, others through abandonment and yet some of My holiest children are prosperous and happy.  In their prosperity, they have not turned away from Me.  They see all blessings as My gifts of mercy and they take nothing for granted.

          The world does not judge as I judge.  Man looks on the outward appearance but God looks at the heart.  When I find a moldable, pliable heart that knows that all is gift from My hand, many of the entrance exams are bypassed.  We can move on to better teaching experiences.  Humility is the beginning of all spiritual learning.  Many times it takes years to humble a soul enough to teach them the rudimentaries of a sanctified life.

          I am extremely patient, yet you will never advance unless you put into practice the lessons I daily teach you.  You must not only hear My words, you must do them.  With My help, you can accomplish the work of sanctification.  “This is the will of God, your sanctification.”  The teaching never stops.  You do not get the summers off.  It is a daily process of beginning all over again.  This is the road of the holy – daily meeting Me for your lesson of the day.

          I will make you a saint, if you will allow it.”

The Holy Spirit of Life’s Experiences

May 30, 2014

          “To love Me with all of your being is your one priority in life.  All else must fall by the wayside.  To become one with Me is an assiduous struggle to conquer self and all earthly preoccupations by a heart in love with Me.  Love is blinding to the senses.  Nothing matters in the world when two souls are love-struck.  They live, eat, and breathe one another.  Even so, I, who am Love, who created your loving heart, deserve to be loved with such ardent fervor.

          Why am I relegated to last place in the hearts of My children?  Many times I am an afterthought, ignored until needed in rough times.  How grieved I am to be overlooked by those I love so deeply!

          Aren’t I always asking for your love?  Think of this deeply.  What else have I asked of you but your heart to return My eternal love?  I am always the giving One, but I receive so little love in return.

          To those souls who regard Me, who love Me, who hasten to be with Me, I delight in their company.  I eagerly await their glances, ready to pour upon them fresh graces and blessings.  I enrich every faculty of their being with My loveliness and kindness.

          Souls, turn away from the world and turn your face toward Me.  I am waiting for your response to My love.  We have all eternity to rejoice in each other’s company, you loving Me and all of Me loving you.”

Your Loving Father

May 29, 2014

          “To the souls that truly seek Me above all things, I give the grace of pure love.  The all-pure God is all love.  He created all that exists in His love and His deepest desire is the love of His children, His created family.

          To love God is the highest holiness, the purest purity, the most glorious beauty a creature could aspire to.  Love adorns the soul in a beautiful cloak of glory, radiating the countenance, giving life and health to the body.  Love cures illnesses.  Love fuses hearts together in fidelity.  Love produces all goodness, righteousness, and peace.

          To love your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your might and all your strength is the highest calling to glory.  All your works should proceed from the love abiding in your heart.

          Love produces miracles.  Love kills evil.  Love colors the world in a rainbow of the most beautiful hues, reminiscent of heaven’s palisades.

          To love is to let God change your body from matter to spirit, to exist in another realm, the supernatural realm of eternity.

          Love is misunderstood and misrepresented in the world.  It is not vainglorious or showy.  It is hidden and faithful.  It manifests itself in the corners of life, in the humble dwelling places, the lowly places where God dwells.

          Love is God’s gift of life to you.  Open your heart to receive its beauty, for your Creator desires to manifest Himself to you.

          To know God is to love God.  To love God is to know God.  To know love is to enter heaven on earth.  Your humanity becomes divinized, and you enjoy eternal peace, that peace that resides in the heart of the glorious God.

          Love, My children, and God will manifest Himself to you in ways beyond your imaginations.”

The Spirit of Love

Thursday, January 8, 2015

May 27, 2014

          “When you are peaceful and resting in me, My voice becomes very clear and luminous in your spirit.  I reside in your inner being, waiting for you to meet Me there.  Don’t be in a hurry when you seek My presence.  I am the eternally calm presence within you, desiring to crown you with My peace.

          The world is in turmoil.  Constant rushing, hurrying at a maddening pace.  Everything is rushed – words, conversations, eating, driving, thoughts.  There is no peace, only a constant striving for the next activity to obliterate the present moment.  The rush to accumulate possessions, the rush to arrive at a destination – all contribute to disturbance in the soul.  You must prioritize your life with My wisdom.  Some things need to disappear from your life in order for you to have more time to slow down.

          The quiet moments of restful peacefulness are the foundation moments of your spirituality.  Without these gaps in your mad rush to get things done, your life with Me becomes sterile, empty and purely external.  You are hovering on the fringes of My perfect will for you.

          Every person is allotted a certain number of hours in the day.  How they use them is the freedom of the will, the gift of choice.  Wise souls sit down and count the cost.  They do not drive the engine in full gear without considering the end destination.  Get rid of the things that destroy your peace – television, idle conversations, useless reading, time wasters, distractions … then you will certainly have the time to sit down with Me to clean your soul, to discover My purposes for your life, to renew our friendship.

          Do not tell Me that you do not have time for Me.  You do have time.  You just waste it on things of absolutely no eternal significance.  These fleeting sands of time are gifts to help you attain eternal treasures.  Don’t waste the gift of time I have given you.  Spend time with Me.  You will soar above the trivialities of earth.  Your daily duties will become divine treasures of grace, opening the heavens to you.  Nothing will ever be mediocre or mundane again.  Your life will be divine.”

Jesus, Star Gazer

May 25, 2013

          “The stream of My life-giving mercy, the Living Water from the fountains in My presence, are open and poured out upon the hungry of heart, those hungering to know me and to love Me.  I am a giving God, and I search the earth for souls that will open their souls to My gifts.  “No good thing will He withhold to those who walk uprightly.”

          I abhor sin.  It disgusts Me.  The stench of sin rises before Me, causing me to turn away.  But to the souls that fight against their sinful nature, those that fall only to rise again in repentance, I hold out My hand to help and heal them.  The disobedient and rebellious dig graves on earth for themselves which they are constantly falling into.  They accuse Me of digging the grave.  No; they dig the grave by themselves and then they lay the blame upon Me.  There are rules and laws in nature, that when profaned, produce disastrous results.  “Sin, when it is conceived, brings forth death.”  It is the law of the universe, just as breathing is the law of life for the body.  When man trespasses these laws willfully, the consequences are forthcoming.

          I warn My children that My commandments are for their protection on earth.  You cannot break the laws of the spirit just as you cannot break the laws of nature.  If you cut off your oxygen supply, you will die.  If you cut off your spiritual oxygen supply, your spirit will die.

          Do not accuse Me of severity, My children.  I have created a beautiful world for you to enjoy and I incessantly inundate you with gifts.  All I ask from you is to trust My words of love to you – that is obedience.  Obedience is holy trust and abandonment to My wisdom.

          What beautiful plans I have for you, My obedient and loving children!  Do not go off to paths of your own choosing.  They will lead to ruin and disaster.  My paths are paths of beauty and peace, glorious moments of serene joy.  I have your best interests at heart, for I have loved you from all eternity.

Your Father of Holy Living

May 13, 2014

          “The clouds move slowly above you following the wind’s directions.  They do not rebel against the current.  They quietly and gently are driven along the circuit of the earth’s surface.  They provide shade and moisture to everything under their canopy.  They have no voice or sound.  They glide effortlessly through space according to the will of God.  They openly display the gentleness of God.  He moves souls along so tenderly.

          My saints also glide through life providing for the needs of souls by their hovering presence.  They are the filter between heaven and earth, protecting, nurturing and guiding the disillusioned souls on earth.  They are a buffer for the sons of earth, shielding souls from God’s anger by their prayers.  They cover man’s sins by their continual intercession.  God looks upon the disobedient and rebellious ones through this loving filter.  They beg God for mercy and grace, continuously raising their voices to plead for the conversion of the lost ones.

          These clouds of mercy surround the earth with their prayers.  They are gentle, malleable prayer warriors, ever becoming more and more molded into the image of the Son of God, who made Himself all things to all men.

          God writes His mercy love letters in the clouds in the sky.  Every day He creates a new panorama, an artistic masterpiece.  His faithful love paints images in the clouds, hoping to attract the attention of His wayward children.

          Nothing happens by chance, My children.  Even the very hairs on your head are numbered.  I have made all things for you – encoded with a secret love message.  Everything created proclaims My love for you.”

Gentle Father Who Hides in the Clouds

May 4, 2014

          “The desire to change your life patterns is a gift from My Heart to your heart.  I reveal to you all the obstacles to your sweet union with Me.  If you choose to follow My lead, I will change the course of your life.  I can dispel any habit that interrupts your walk with me.  You must bring every concern to Me if you desire to be healed.  “You have not because you ask not.”  “He who asks receives.”

          God loves to give the greatest gifts to His children and spiritual gifts are on the highest level before His throne.  The gift to obey, the gift to adore and praise, the gift to suffer, the gift to persevere, the gift of holy wisdom – all these gifts are given bounteously to all those who ask in faith, believing My promises.

          Like a heart surgeon, I work so delicately on your heart, the place your spirit calls home.  I am in the center of your heart, constantly transforming and renewing you in My love.  If you ask Me to change your behavior, I willingly do so, for I desire your holiness precisely to please My Father.

          If you wait before me in silence, I will do marvelous and astounding prodigies in your innermost being.  The indescribable beauty and grandeur of My immensity will be revealed to you.  My joy will make you overflow with wonder.  My peace will be your cushion of love, sheltering you from all anxiety.

          Learn to rest in Me, little one.  Learn to be still before Me.  Learn the art of recollection and quiet peace, the great desire of the saints.  In this troubled world, I will reflect My unruffled peace on your countenance and souls will take notice.

          Breathe in My love.  It is free to all that seek it in sincerity and truth.  I reside in the stillness, in the peace of a purified heart.  The more time you spend alone with Me, the greater our intimacy grows.”

Lover of Your Soul

April 18, 2014

          “Good Friday – the day I died on the cross for you.  I willingly gave Myself up to unbearable pain and suffering because I loved you.  I wanted you to live with Me eternally in My Father’s glorious household.

          The children of earth do not understand My great and passionate love for them.  This earth shouts out My love to them.  I have created a blue planet swirling in space with just the right environment to make it habitable.  I cause the earth to bring forth fruits, plants, flowers, herbs, food for man to live.  Everything on earth is living:  the grass, the trees, the animals, all moving and active.  The earth is teeming with life forms.  This is My garden of love prepared so lovingly and delicately for My children.  It is a playground of hope before entering My universal immensity.

          I speak to My children in the wind, in the stars, in the complexity of atoms and neutrons.  I bring life, love and laughter to the gentle moments of life.  Everything on earth was created for man’s use.

          How I love and adore you, My children!  I want to help you, to glorify you, to comfort you.  Come to Me in your woundedness, your fear, your incomprehension, your neediness and your pain.  These are all trials to strengthen and mature you in the life of love, the life of the Holy Trinity.

          O, understand My Heart, My little ones!  It is a cavern of love and mercy, peace and forgiveness.  I seek your welfare, your happiness, your eternal bliss.  Trust Me that all is well, regardless of the world’s uproar.  My Father’s Kingdom reigns in the heavenlies.”


April 16, 2014

          “The beauty and magnificence of My Presence among you lifts you out of this world into the realm of spirit and real life.  I am ETERNITY, Light, and Life.  He who lives in Me becomes an eternal, light and life-filled being.  He is not confined to earthly time and space, but soars in the heavenlies with Me.  His prayers lift him above the cares of the world.  He dwells with the angels and saints and his “conversation is in heaven.”

          It is not a matter of rules and regulations in My kingdom.  Love is the law of the land.  Love is the motive behind every action – love for God and love of neighbor, God’s child.  You can tell a Christ follower by his love, for his love shines forth from his clay shell.  God’s love beams through his eye sockets and surrounds his flesh of clay with a glorious halo of grace.  Streams of life-giving water flow from his words and actions.  All of his steps are God-ordered and God-directed.

          These souls are the sheep of My flock which I shepherd in this darkened world.  They follow Me through the thickets of obstacles and temptations, making it through the brambles in triumphant victory.  They step through the clearing only to see the beautiful green pastures spread out before them, paths of peace with God in everlasting joy.

          O my sheep, My people, I go before you.  I lead you through the dark days into the light of God’s joy.  Trust My leading hand and follow faithfully in My bloody footsteps.  I have sacrificed all for you to open the door to My Father’s house.  You are all welcomed into My Father’s open arms.  He delights in your reconciliation.

          Come into the joy of your God, your Father.  He awaits you to love you and bless you.  His grace will overwhelm you.  He is all goodness and love.”

Love of God Made Manifest in a Fleshly Form

April 8, 2014
          “My Kingdom is a land of peace.  Like a beautiful river sparkling in the sunshine, the presence of My peace invades the soul in all its beauty, lifting the heart to the heavenly land awaiting you.

          I have created a heavenly land of peace for you, My children.  Just as I prepared the earth for your inhabitance, I have prepared a most glorious land of engaging beauty and peacefulness.  Your imagination could not conceive of such beauty.  It is beyond the sphere of your power to penetrate.  There is a veil that must be lifted to allow you to pass beyond your earthly limitations.

          Souls that seek Me with all their hearts lift the veil separating earth from the holy land of heaven.  They abide under My shadow, awaiting Me to take them with Me to our eternal abode once their time on earth has commenced.  As patient children, they stay contentedly beneath My wings of love, glorying in My nearness.  The earth no longer exists for them; all things are now the currency for heaven.  They barter their life away on earth to earn heavenly rewards of glory.

          These children do not seek fame or fortune.  The world no longer attracts them.  The world speaks a foreign language.  They speak the language of the new heavens and the new earth.  They speak God’s language.  They live with the angels and saints on earth, their conversation with heaven alone.  They are quiet, peaceful and simple, unknown to the world, yet known to the heavenly world.

          These are My brilliant jewels, ready to be displayed forever in the heavens, My sons and daughters of grace, those that have lost their lives on earth to love Me and serve Me.  Their reward is eternal.

          Few and far between are these holy souls on earth, hidden behind the bulrushes.  They float through life peacefully and quietly, loving and adoring their Father and Creator.  They are hidden within the heart of Jesus, the Christ.

They will come to their full flowering, fragrantly perfuming heaven only in the next life, the true life.

          Hidden souls of goodwill, your faithfulness has delighted the heart of your loving Father.  Rest beneath the shadows of His wings as you have been doing.  You are soaking in His glory rays to be eternally clothed in them.

          How blessed you are!  You are the children of the Light!”

        Light Giver

April 5, 2014

          “My love poems continue throughout the centuries.  I have no other song to sing but My song of love for My children.  My heart is an open book.  I hold nothing back.  My heart is before you.  Do with Me what you will, for I am yours for the taking.  I have put Myself at the service of the human race.  Love constrained Me to give all of Myself to mankind. 

          Are there any takers?  Do any of you accept My love and return your heart to Me?

          I am the Great Beggar in the sky, begging My children to love Me.  Even though I came to earth to die for their love, they reject Me.  I am the wounded Jesus, rejected, despised, forgotten, cursed and blasphemed.  Yet the journey continues as I await the souls who answer Love’s call.

          It will be a small group, but they will live with Me eternally because they proved themselves worthy of an eternal reward because they lost their lives on earth to embrace Me, the God they have never seen.  They love Me though they do not see Me with their physical eyes.  They live in My heart.  They are My eternal jewels, the brilliance of My kingdom, the delight of My Father, the Holy Spirit’s instruments.

          I sing My songs of love to you, My holy children.  I am leading you to glory, calling to you with My songs of love.”

Eternal Singer