Thursday, January 8, 2015

May 13, 2014

          “The clouds move slowly above you following the wind’s directions.  They do not rebel against the current.  They quietly and gently are driven along the circuit of the earth’s surface.  They provide shade and moisture to everything under their canopy.  They have no voice or sound.  They glide effortlessly through space according to the will of God.  They openly display the gentleness of God.  He moves souls along so tenderly.

          My saints also glide through life providing for the needs of souls by their hovering presence.  They are the filter between heaven and earth, protecting, nurturing and guiding the disillusioned souls on earth.  They are a buffer for the sons of earth, shielding souls from God’s anger by their prayers.  They cover man’s sins by their continual intercession.  God looks upon the disobedient and rebellious ones through this loving filter.  They beg God for mercy and grace, continuously raising their voices to plead for the conversion of the lost ones.

          These clouds of mercy surround the earth with their prayers.  They are gentle, malleable prayer warriors, ever becoming more and more molded into the image of the Son of God, who made Himself all things to all men.

          God writes His mercy love letters in the clouds in the sky.  Every day He creates a new panorama, an artistic masterpiece.  His faithful love paints images in the clouds, hoping to attract the attention of His wayward children.

          Nothing happens by chance, My children.  Even the very hairs on your head are numbered.  I have made all things for you – encoded with a secret love message.  Everything created proclaims My love for you.”

Gentle Father Who Hides in the Clouds

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