Thursday, January 8, 2015

April 16, 2014

          “The beauty and magnificence of My Presence among you lifts you out of this world into the realm of spirit and real life.  I am ETERNITY, Light, and Life.  He who lives in Me becomes an eternal, light and life-filled being.  He is not confined to earthly time and space, but soars in the heavenlies with Me.  His prayers lift him above the cares of the world.  He dwells with the angels and saints and his “conversation is in heaven.”

          It is not a matter of rules and regulations in My kingdom.  Love is the law of the land.  Love is the motive behind every action – love for God and love of neighbor, God’s child.  You can tell a Christ follower by his love, for his love shines forth from his clay shell.  God’s love beams through his eye sockets and surrounds his flesh of clay with a glorious halo of grace.  Streams of life-giving water flow from his words and actions.  All of his steps are God-ordered and God-directed.

          These souls are the sheep of My flock which I shepherd in this darkened world.  They follow Me through the thickets of obstacles and temptations, making it through the brambles in triumphant victory.  They step through the clearing only to see the beautiful green pastures spread out before them, paths of peace with God in everlasting joy.

          O my sheep, My people, I go before you.  I lead you through the dark days into the light of God’s joy.  Trust My leading hand and follow faithfully in My bloody footsteps.  I have sacrificed all for you to open the door to My Father’s house.  You are all welcomed into My Father’s open arms.  He delights in your reconciliation.

          Come into the joy of your God, your Father.  He awaits you to love you and bless you.  His grace will overwhelm you.  He is all goodness and love.”

Love of God Made Manifest in a Fleshly Form

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