Friday, January 9, 2015

June 2, 2014

           “A new day has begun for you.  When you place yourself in My hands with complete abandonment, I take over every aspect of your existence.  It is no longer you that live, but the Christ lives His life in you.

          Your Elder Brother, Jesus, has lived in bodily form on the earth.  He has faced every challenge of earthly living.  He understands the demands of the body, the demands of people, the rushing to finish things, the many situations that arise.  He has conquered and overcome the human condition.  He lived His life on earth as God and God does everything perfect because He is perfect.

          As you surrender your earthly frame to Deity, He brings perfection to earth in His generation.  Do you realize what it is to live God’s life on earth?  Can you imagine the peace, the joy, the satisfaction of perfect living in God’s ways and in God’s will?

          As you trustfully surrender your way of doing things, I show you a new way – God’s way.  How would God handle this circumstance?  What would God say?  What would God do?

          Can you imagine the beauty of a God-filled life at every moment of your day?  Can you imagine the fragrance you would emit to the world?  God, living in a human vessel – could anything on earth be more glorious?

          I have offered Myself to you, My children, but few of you accept such a glorious offer.  If you will but invite Me, I will come in and take up all the space in your life.  I will sanctify you beautifully.  Even the angels will marvel at My masterpiece!

          You are a frail clay pot.  Let Me bake you in My oven of love to fashion you into a golden vessel of extraordinary beauty and holiness.  It is My creative work and I love to create art on earth.  You are My portrait on earth.  Let Me display you to a hungry world searching for beauty.”

God, Your Artist Father

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