Thursday, January 8, 2015

April 5, 2014

          “My love poems continue throughout the centuries.  I have no other song to sing but My song of love for My children.  My heart is an open book.  I hold nothing back.  My heart is before you.  Do with Me what you will, for I am yours for the taking.  I have put Myself at the service of the human race.  Love constrained Me to give all of Myself to mankind. 

          Are there any takers?  Do any of you accept My love and return your heart to Me?

          I am the Great Beggar in the sky, begging My children to love Me.  Even though I came to earth to die for their love, they reject Me.  I am the wounded Jesus, rejected, despised, forgotten, cursed and blasphemed.  Yet the journey continues as I await the souls who answer Love’s call.

          It will be a small group, but they will live with Me eternally because they proved themselves worthy of an eternal reward because they lost their lives on earth to embrace Me, the God they have never seen.  They love Me though they do not see Me with their physical eyes.  They live in My heart.  They are My eternal jewels, the brilliance of My kingdom, the delight of My Father, the Holy Spirit’s instruments.

          I sing My songs of love to you, My holy children.  I am leading you to glory, calling to you with My songs of love.”

Eternal Singer




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