Wednesday, March 4, 2015

January 23, 2015

          “I hear the lamentations of this suffering humanity before Me on earth.  My heart is moved within Me.  I love every soul on earth so deeply and I long to help them to find the happiness they seek.  I am their joy, yet they do not know Me.  Many know a religious system, but they do not know My heart.  Many claim to serve Me, but they do not know My desires,  Many try to help Me, but they do not know what I need because they do not understand Me.

          Man sees oppression and restriction in My commandments, but it is not so.  My commandments bring freedom, peace, and happiness, for man was made for holiness and right living.  This earth is ordered by certain principles which cause it to flourish and grow.  Man was made in the same way.  Only in following the guidelines and commands I have ordered will he prosper and flower in holy beauty.

          I am here for you, O men of earth.  Come to Me to find the happiness you seek.  I will give you heavenly joy in My presence.

          I am all things to all men.”

Author of Everything That Exists

January 28, 2015

          “Are you starting to understand My way of dealing with you?  I am a very subtle Master, teaching you in unexpected and hidden ways how to release the secrets of My heart.  I have been wounded in the house of My friends.  I cannot give Myself freely to most souls, for they forsake their own mercy by abandoning Me.  I do not want to add to their condemnation.

          In silence and stealth, I sneak into your soul in the quiet stillness.  There is no fanfare or trumpet blast.  I am the silent Guest, not wanting to intrude, hoping to be recognized and received graciously.  The rejection from mankind has broken My heart; therefore, I pass by unless I am received openly and warmly.

          Who is more meek and humble than God?  He is courteous, gracious, kind, and welcoming.  He never intrudes or controls like a tyrannical Creator.  He lets all things be as they are created, free to accept or reject His pleasures.

          To those who received Him, they have become children of God, heirs of eternal joy with the best of Fathers.  This Father delights in the smiles of His beloved children.  In My Father’s house are all joys and blessings.

          I come to you, children, as an expectant lover, hoping to be received with loving hearts.  If you reject Me, I will not pressure you.  I will leave you in peace, praying to My Father, asking Him to open your soul to the eternal bliss He has prepared for you.  In secrecy and silence, I will do all I can to change your mind from darkness to light, from earthly to spiritual, from self to God.

          In God lies your happiness, My brothers and sisters.  Follow your meek older Brother to your Father’s house.  He awaits you with such love.”

Your Agonizing Older Brother

February 4, 2015

           “To be able to communicate all that I am to a soul is a resting place for My need to love.  Man is so involved with himself that He doesn’t realize My need to express My love.  As I am Love, My life is love.  How do you think I must feel when My life of love is unrequited?

          If only man could turn away from himself to look at Me.  What glorious wonders he would find!  As I am all that exists, can you even begin to imagine what it must be like to live in me constantly?  Then you could truly say that all things are yours in Christ.

          My true friends are those that spend time with Me.  They turn away from themselves to look at Me for at least a few moments of their day.  They do not forget Me for useless trifles.  In Me are hidden all the riches of your existence.  How could you live apart from Me, who am life? 

          Again I say to you, man forsakes his greatest good by abandoning his Creator.  Only the wise in heart have understood the importance of communing with Me daily heart to heart.  They acquire inestimable riches in My presence.  The world sees this time spent with Me as a leisurely waste of time, yet in reality these souls are gathering precious graces and are distributing them throughout the earth by their prayers.  Is this a waste of time, to save souls by your hidden quality time with Me, gathering My graces in your arms to distribute to your brothers?

          Once again, children, I urge you not to forsake your own mercy by abandoning your Creator for the thrills set before you on earth.  They are deceptive devices to steal your eternal inheritance from your hands.

          Seek the eternal.  Seek the gates of heaven.  Seek your God who incessantly cries out for your love.”


Spirit’s Call

February 17, 2015

          “Your life is all about trust in Me.  So many of you, even My chosen ones, doubt Me.  I have determined a set path for every soul on earth.  It is My perfect blueprint, unique for each soul.  Nothing in the life of this soul happens by chance.  I am building walls of faith and trust in their interior world, desiring that they imitate My total trust in My Father’s care.

          Yet My souls get discouraged, distrust My work, worry and fret, run in every direction, never settling down into My will for them.  I long for them to be peaceful and calm, strong in their faith toward My workings in their life.  Instead, they question My dealings with them, despair and give up hope.  Where is the faith in Me they claim to possess?  Is it only tangible when all goes well?  Does it disappear in trial and adversity?  It is true faith then?

          Faith is believing in all circumstances that I am real and working all out according to My plan.  My way is certainly not the way of the world.  I am building up an army of warriors, kingdom rulers for all eternity.  The training is brutal for many, but these are selected for the elite group of kingdom rulers.

          Your faith will grow as you come to know Me better, which can only happen when you sit alone with Me proving My Heart.  In your ceaseless activity, you will only run in circles.  Faith will not grow.  Faith is the certainty of a loving parent always looking out for your best interests.

          Don’t hurt Me by distrusting My workings in your life.  Don’t turn back in the day of battle.  Be strong and vigilant.  This is a warfare for your eternal standing in heaven.  Determine to stand among the elite and keep your weapons of faith sharp and ready for battle.  Enter the battle fray singing with confidence, like My servant, David, as he ran toward Goliath.

          There is an end to all this, and it is beautiful.  Keep the faith and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.”

Faith Warrior for God’s Righteousness on Earth

February 25, 2015

          “I love My wounded warriors, those still fighting the battle daily, even though weary and shell-shocked.  The enemy comes in like a flood, yet My wounded warriors are still standing, a small army of the faithful souls that have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice.

          “Having done all, to stand …”  How many of My zealous first followers have turned back in the day of battle, even while being heavily armed by My Spirit and My might.  The world has allured them away from what is eternal to the decadence of a temporal society of sinners.

          Souls are not fearful of the coming judgment.  They have disregarded all My warnings of judgment upon their sinful actions.  They feel they will be exempt from the lot of men standing before Me on that last day, called to give an account of every moment on earth,.

          Each second on earth is a blessing, a grace given by My kind heart, to allow you to accumulate heavenly treasures.  The storehouses in heaven are empty while men on earth fill their houses with all that will rot and decay.

          My Spirit speaks to this generation in the wind and the waves.  He moves across the land destroying and disrupting.  Humans call Him “Mother Earth”, but that is a lie.  My Spirit controls the weather and all geographic catastrophes on earth.  It is not an act of nature.  It is My Spirit calling men to judgment, to wake up, for the Day of the Lord is nearer than you imagine.

          Once again I call you, men of earth, to repentance and conversion of heart.  I give you one last chance to heed My warnings.  The door to the ark is closing as we speak and will not be opened again to the cries and anguish you will lamentably roar in that fateful day of the closing of this age.”

Just Judge

February 27, 2015

          “The daily affairs of your earthly life are the elements I use to construct a dwelling place for Myself.  I abide in peace and joy in a pure heart.  Each event in life is ordered to make you a righteous, peaceful and joyful saint.  If you receive all things as My divine workings with a joyful abandonment to My precious will, you will be daily making the mold of a saint.  Soon you will fill this mold with treasures from heaven, and earthly cares will swiftly depart.  You will long for the days of heaven where the saints reside in righteousness, peace, and joy.  Your soul on earth will live in this higher realm of heaven upon earth.  The things of earth will no longer affect you.  Your only desire will be to please your Father in heaven.

          So many of My children live in turmoil when it is My will that they live in perfect peace.  The circumstances should not determine your peace of soul.  Like a boat lifting up and down on the waves of a stormy sea, they let the calamities of life upset and discourage them.  I desire that they lay down peacefully in the boat, trusting My will for them, relying on My guidance, peacefully waiting out the storm.

          Everything in life happens for a reason.  Absolutely nothing is by chance.  If you trust that statement, you will live in the peace I give to you, not the peace the world offers.  The world proclaims that you will only have peace in your heart if you are prosperous, healthy, beautiful and favored.  I say to you that My peace is demonstrated more strongly in My children that trust in Me in the most trying trials and circumstances.  They are like children, unaware of any danger while in the care of their loving parents.

          I offer this peace to all My followers, if only they will receive it.  It is free.  It is yours.  Trust in Me and you will find it.”

Peace Producer

March 4, 2015

          “That shall stand what God hath wrought.”  All things consist because of My life breath.  Man thinks he is the owner of the world.  Man owns nothing, not even his next breath.  His life is a vapor, a mist; here today, gone and forgotten tomorrow.  His toil will not be remembered.  His life work will be discarded.  His belongings will be bought and sold.  His family members will move forward.  Life is continual growth and change.  No man can stop the cycle.

          A wise man will question his priorities.  He will look to the end of his life for answers on how to live his life today.  He will wisely consider that he was created to glorify his Creator, not to fulfill his own desires.  He will sacrifice what is set before him for the greater good.

          “Man is born to trouble, as sparks fly upward.”  Every man bears a burden in this world, whether rich or poor.  It is the lot of man to suffer in this world.  Though he may run from it, it pursues him relentlessly, finally catching up with him.  It is better to take up your cross obediently rather than to let it catch you unawares, trampling you beneath its weight.

          God’s ways are strange to the heart of man.  Who would dream that suffering would lead to glory?  Only a God beyond our realm of comprehension.  Our job as a human is to obey this God beyond our realm of thought, by faith to blindly trust in Him, following Him obediently through life’s twists and turns.  He knows the path He has marked out for you.

          Your death day will come, man of earth.  Will you be prepared to meet your God?  He is the God that gave you every day as a gift.  He wanted you to live a full life, rejoicing in His presence.  Will you welcome death, or will it be a day of terror for you?

          Reconsider your life and make the necessary changes.  Today is your gift to do just that.”

Life Giver