Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March 4, 2015

          “That shall stand what God hath wrought.”  All things consist because of My life breath.  Man thinks he is the owner of the world.  Man owns nothing, not even his next breath.  His life is a vapor, a mist; here today, gone and forgotten tomorrow.  His toil will not be remembered.  His life work will be discarded.  His belongings will be bought and sold.  His family members will move forward.  Life is continual growth and change.  No man can stop the cycle.

          A wise man will question his priorities.  He will look to the end of his life for answers on how to live his life today.  He will wisely consider that he was created to glorify his Creator, not to fulfill his own desires.  He will sacrifice what is set before him for the greater good.

          “Man is born to trouble, as sparks fly upward.”  Every man bears a burden in this world, whether rich or poor.  It is the lot of man to suffer in this world.  Though he may run from it, it pursues him relentlessly, finally catching up with him.  It is better to take up your cross obediently rather than to let it catch you unawares, trampling you beneath its weight.

          God’s ways are strange to the heart of man.  Who would dream that suffering would lead to glory?  Only a God beyond our realm of comprehension.  Our job as a human is to obey this God beyond our realm of thought, by faith to blindly trust in Him, following Him obediently through life’s twists and turns.  He knows the path He has marked out for you.

          Your death day will come, man of earth.  Will you be prepared to meet your God?  He is the God that gave you every day as a gift.  He wanted you to live a full life, rejoicing in His presence.  Will you welcome death, or will it be a day of terror for you?

          Reconsider your life and make the necessary changes.  Today is your gift to do just that.”

Life Giver

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