Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February 17, 2015

          “Your life is all about trust in Me.  So many of you, even My chosen ones, doubt Me.  I have determined a set path for every soul on earth.  It is My perfect blueprint, unique for each soul.  Nothing in the life of this soul happens by chance.  I am building walls of faith and trust in their interior world, desiring that they imitate My total trust in My Father’s care.

          Yet My souls get discouraged, distrust My work, worry and fret, run in every direction, never settling down into My will for them.  I long for them to be peaceful and calm, strong in their faith toward My workings in their life.  Instead, they question My dealings with them, despair and give up hope.  Where is the faith in Me they claim to possess?  Is it only tangible when all goes well?  Does it disappear in trial and adversity?  It is true faith then?

          Faith is believing in all circumstances that I am real and working all out according to My plan.  My way is certainly not the way of the world.  I am building up an army of warriors, kingdom rulers for all eternity.  The training is brutal for many, but these are selected for the elite group of kingdom rulers.

          Your faith will grow as you come to know Me better, which can only happen when you sit alone with Me proving My Heart.  In your ceaseless activity, you will only run in circles.  Faith will not grow.  Faith is the certainty of a loving parent always looking out for your best interests.

          Don’t hurt Me by distrusting My workings in your life.  Don’t turn back in the day of battle.  Be strong and vigilant.  This is a warfare for your eternal standing in heaven.  Determine to stand among the elite and keep your weapons of faith sharp and ready for battle.  Enter the battle fray singing with confidence, like My servant, David, as he ran toward Goliath.

          There is an end to all this, and it is beautiful.  Keep the faith and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.”

Faith Warrior for God’s Righteousness on Earth

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