Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February 4, 2015

           “To be able to communicate all that I am to a soul is a resting place for My need to love.  Man is so involved with himself that He doesn’t realize My need to express My love.  As I am Love, My life is love.  How do you think I must feel when My life of love is unrequited?

          If only man could turn away from himself to look at Me.  What glorious wonders he would find!  As I am all that exists, can you even begin to imagine what it must be like to live in me constantly?  Then you could truly say that all things are yours in Christ.

          My true friends are those that spend time with Me.  They turn away from themselves to look at Me for at least a few moments of their day.  They do not forget Me for useless trifles.  In Me are hidden all the riches of your existence.  How could you live apart from Me, who am life? 

          Again I say to you, man forsakes his greatest good by abandoning his Creator.  Only the wise in heart have understood the importance of communing with Me daily heart to heart.  They acquire inestimable riches in My presence.  The world sees this time spent with Me as a leisurely waste of time, yet in reality these souls are gathering precious graces and are distributing them throughout the earth by their prayers.  Is this a waste of time, to save souls by your hidden quality time with Me, gathering My graces in your arms to distribute to your brothers?

          Once again, children, I urge you not to forsake your own mercy by abandoning your Creator for the thrills set before you on earth.  They are deceptive devices to steal your eternal inheritance from your hands.

          Seek the eternal.  Seek the gates of heaven.  Seek your God who incessantly cries out for your love.”


Spirit’s Call

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