Tuesday, March 13, 2018

March 15, 2016

          “Life is like a rocky road that traverses many hills and valleys.  At times the road seems dark and treacherous.  At other times the sun shines in glory and everything appears majestic and beautiful.  This is life – a constant state of flux and change.  These periods bring growth changes.  They teach you faith, patience, and endurance.  If all was well continually, you would become soft and weak.  Nature knows that the hard winds harden the oak tree’s bark to help it withstand the elements.

          The more you grow in spiritual maturity, the more docile you will be to all the changes in your life.  You will learn to say, “It is the Lord” in every situation you encounter.  You will remain at peace regardless of the circumstances.  Your surroundings will not matter to you because your eyes will be fixed on the heavens, your true home.

          I am eternal and I change not.  The humans I have created are in a constant state of change.  This is the maturing process I have ordained for them to make them fit for the glorious celestial fatherland where change does not exist.  The more you become unaffected by the world, the more heavenly oriented you become.  This is what I am doing on earth … I am creating souls fit for the eternality of heaven where they will be ruling and reigning with Me forever.

          Nothing in this world matters but your relationship with Me.  Never let your priorities slip away by the pressures of life.  Keep the focus – your eyes staring into My eyes.  Stay on the path I have chosen for you, no matter how tedious or mundane.  This is My will for you and all is working together for your good according to My plan.

          “This is the will of God, your sanctification.”  Absolutely everything that happens in your life is directed to this end. 

          Be sanctified by your docility to My will.”

Jesus, Sanctifier

March 8, 2016

          “Just as the bird wakes up singing, so I long for My joy to well up within you as a bird song in the morning hours.

          I look upon a world captivated by sin and evil tendencies in such sadness.  What is My joy when My eyes rest upon a child of purity singing My praises in the early morning hours!  I am captivated by such faithful love.  Even though you have never seen Me with your eyes, you love Me, serve Me, and listen for My voice.  These are My faithful friends who have made a covenant by sacrifice.  Their eyes behold their homeland afar off, and they patiently endure this life with their eyes on eternity. 

          The purity of God is abused and squelched in this evil generation.  God’s love is not understood or valued.  He waits longingly for the loving overtures of His obedient and faithful children, those that are thankful and cognizant that all comes from His kind hand.

          How faithful is God!  His mercy is everlasting!  His love is eternal!  His face is peaceful beauty!  His countenance is glorious!

          How I love My Father!”


Loving Son

March 7, 2016

          “We grow closer and closer every day as you find the time to allow Me to speak to your heart.  What a joy it is for Me to be welcomed into a heart that makes time for Me in this busy world.

          This present generation is enmeshed in the world of electronics.  The rush of information overwhelms the soul.  There seems to be no time for God.  Only the souls that carve out that special time with Me will be able to hear My voice in this noisy world.  Yes, it is an effort and a discipline, but the rewards are eternal, even in this life.

          Every moment on earth spent in awareness of My presence causes your spirit to grow and blossom.  The dew of My Hoy Spirit feeds the hunger in your soul.  I distribute My gifts of peace, joy, contentment, wisdom, and understanding.  Everything starts to make sense in this chaotic world.

          Faith is lacking in these days of distress.  So much information steals peace from the soul.  Only in the quiet solitude of My presence can your peace and joy be restored.  If you cannot find time for Me yet desire this, ask Me to help you.  I will show you the way to find Me in the silence.  All I desire is a willing heart, an open spirit, and a loving welcome.  I will come to you speedily, My arms filled with My gifts.

          My little hidden children that spend time in My presence bring such joy to My heart in this age of open rebellion against My rule over mankind.  This world is Mine.  I choose to share My gifts with man.  I grant gifts to saint and sinner alike, for I am goodness, yet one day, the saints and sinners will be separated, and My loving hidden ones will ascend with Me to sit on thrones of glory at My side eternally.

          Don’t you think it worthwhile to make time in your schedule for a few words with Me when I offer you such a wondrous gift eternally?  Sit quietly alone with Me and be surprised at what I will do in your life.”

Jesus, Waiter and Watcher

February 26, 2016

          “The excellence of a holy life is hidden to the world but known in the spirit world.  The angels look upon My saints with lovely joy.  The mystery of the Bride of Christ is an astonishment to the heavenly hierarchies.  How could the dust be raised to God’s throne in heaven?  Yet souls in love with Jesus are truly “seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.”

          O dust men, if only you knew your dignity!  You have been raised up as sons of God, elected to rule and reign with Him eternally.”

February 14, 2016

          “Each step you take brings you nearer to your eternal home in glory with Me.  No act of yours is wasted in God’s economy.  He watches your footsteps and knows your intentions.  It is not the task, but the intention of the heart that gains merit for eternal rewards.

          The eternal reward is to be close to the throne of the Eternal God, seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, ruling and reigning with Him forever and ever.  Your menial tasks bring great rewards.  Do not look at anything on earth as mundane.  Everything has a gem within it, a glorious jewel to be placed in your hope chest in heaven.  At life’s end, your hopes will be realized, and your chest will be opened to reveal the beautiful gems, the glorious diamonds, the rubies, the emeralds – all the glory given to these humble works done with righteous intentions … the desire to please God.

          Do not become discouraged, My children, when you feel alone in a world given over to pleasure and unrighteousness.  God sees your heart wearied down with despair over sin’s captivity in the heart of souls.  Your life is short compared to eternity.  The world’s stage is huge when compared with your part to play.  I am the great Conductor of this drama and the world’s burden is upon Me.  I ask you to be a little child, to trust Me, to rest in My works, to be My darling little one, intent on loving and pleasing Me, regardless of those around you.

          My special souls are lone eagles, many times seemingly without support, but this is as it should be.  It toughens you, it strengthens you, it helps you to grow into a mature adult, filled with all the fullness of your Christ, who had very little human support on earth.

          Remember, to follow the footsteps of Christ is a road to Calvary.  There is suffering, persecution, loneliness and rejection from the world, for they know not God, and you are peculiar to them.  They look for a breach in your armor to attack you.  But remember that I am with you always and I will be with you forever in glory, praising you for your faithfulness to Me during your sojourn on earth.

          Be not afraid, My little children, for it is My pleasure to give you the kingdom of God forever.”

Leader of the Children

February 4, 2016

          “It is in your faithfulness to your daily duties that sanctity is formed and refined.  Days may seem drab and mundane.  Routines seem monotonous, yet I am always watching you, helping you, and delivering grace to your soul, even when your senses feel nothing.

          Every day the sun rises and sets punctually.  This miracle of grace is daily taken for granted.  If I decided to withdraw the sun, how the earth would be changed.  It is the same with your soul.  I am the great Sun that shines on your being keeping you in existence.  If I took away your breath, you would turn into the dust on the ground.  Therefore, though things seem drab and dull, the miracle of life and growth is constantly working within you, far beyond the senses.

          Do not trust what you see, hear, or feel.  Trust your faith that believes that all I have revealed to you is true.  Your senses will deceive you for they are not always correct in their assessment of truth.  Circumstances and the outward senses can harden a soul when faith’s light is obliterated.  Cynicism, bitterness, boredom, restlessness, and depression can easily enter a soul that relies on the outward senses for direction.  The light of faith must be continually fanned to keep it blazing brightly.  Only faith will keep you on the right path to eternal glory.

          What is faith?  It is believing that all I have said is true, and living out that belief.  Knowledge is not faith.  The belief that springs into action is the true measuring stick that is named faith.

          “Without faith it is impossible to please God, for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.”

          “When I return, will I find faith on the earth?”  Or will I find My children living according to the dictates of a world following their feelings?”

Watchtower Keeping the Children Safe

January 29, 2016

          “Who understands the wounds of a God?  Who can fathom the love of a God humiliating Himself, condescending to a life on earth, in order to save man from his death sentence?  Man, in his pride, has forgotten the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  This supreme act of love is not venerated or even remembered.  It is a historic fact, the foundation of Christianity, but so little valued or remembered.

          The love of Jesus is so great for mankind that He subjected Himself to unbearable tortures.  A greater gift He could not have given to man, yet man despises this gift by wearing necklaces of the crucifixion while living in decadent sinfulness.  Man places a crucifix on the wall while standing next to it speaking blasphemy and cursing.  Even in the churches, the crucifix is a wall ornament, something commonplace and forgotten.  How little I am venerated, understood and thanked for My great sacrifice of love!  How this hurts My heart!

          The souls that love Me remember My pain.  They walk the way of the Cross with Me, bearing My burden for the world’s salvation.  They strive for purity so as to be able to abide in My presence.  They spend valuable time in My presence, loving, thanking, and adoring Me.  They understand My great sacrifice of love and seek to honor My memory by imitating My life on earth.

          When I come back to earth, will I find any faithful souls?  So many of My chosen ones have veered from the path of holiness, distracted by the world.  The light of Christ is dimming on earth.  Where are the blazing flames of love igniting the earth’s atmosphere with My presence?  What are My saints in life doing to change earth’s atmosphere from darkness to light?

          I call you to account, My lukewarm children.  Repent and turn again to My holy standard of living.  You that have been given much, much will be required of you.”


Just Judge