Friday, October 11, 2013

October 6, 2013

          “To have faith in My great promises is a sure sign of spiritual progress and growth.  The spiritually immature seek signs and miracles, physical manifestations to appease their curiosity.  Those that love Me do not seek or need signs.  They go forward resolutely, keeping their gaze locked in Mine, loving My will, regardless of where it takes them.

          The spiritual giants in history have carried the heaviest crosses on their backs.  They lived amidst persecution, rejection, and misunderstandings.  They resembled their suffering Savior.  Like Abraham, they journey faithfully onward, despising all shame, looking to that eternal city in the skies.

          Man has an earthly mind.  He does not savor spiritual treasures and truths.  He is stuck in the mud of earth, the material matter that clings to his soul.  He was created to soar in the heavenlies in his spirit, but he has been tethered to earth by strings of his own making.

          I have come to set these souls free from blindness to the eternal.  One look at My glory and all else fades away.  I yearn to show heaven to My little children, but they would rather stay among the things of earth. 

          There will come a day of separation, the sheep and the goats.  I will divide the people.  Those that have set their face like a flint to do My will, I will place on My right hand to abide with Me eternally.  Those on My left, the ones who have rejected My teachings, will be cast out of My presence.

          What a day of horror for them!  It grieves Me.

          “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve …”



October 10, 2013

          “What is My heart cry?  Love Me.  Throughout the centuries there has been one resounding call to all mankind:  Love Me.  I died for your love; I lived for your love; I intercede in heaven for your love; I sustain you for your love.

          If you would set all else aside and concentrate on loving Me, you would soar into the heavens with Me.  Love has wings to fly beyond earth’s atmosphere.

          Love is a powerful antidote to every evil.  Intelligence, wealth, beauty, the pride of life – they are meaningless when compared to love’s bounties.

          Love is proclaimed in actions, in obedient willingness to please Me, in love of neighbor by forgetfulness of self.  Love flows through a pure vessel dedicated to My glory.  There is no effort involved when I take hold of a soul with My love.  The soul is carried to heaven by the swift wings of My heavenly messengers, My angels of mercy.

          To love Me is to live eternally.  To hate Me is to die to life.  To ignore Me is to bob along like a cork in the ocean, a meaningless existence.  To walk in My ways is to be a vessel overflowing with the oil of My love.  This soul perfumes everything it touches with My fragrance.  It is a mystifying sweetness that paves the paths with beauty.

          Spend this day loving Me.  Think of nothing else.  Express your love in charming ways, hidden from the eyes of men, known only to your God.  There is no need for words.  A glance will do.  I see your soul in this glance of joy.

          My child, I have loved you with an everlasting love.  Will you make a return to this love?  I hope you will.  Your love brings such incredible joy to My wounded heart.  So many souls care nothing about Me, though I’ve given them all of Me.  A rejected lover is the saddest sight.

          Gladden My heart this day with your gestures of love.  Bring Me a present today – your heart.”

Lover of Your Soul


October 9, 2013

           “Confidence is faith in action.  A confident soul pleases Me greatly and runs speedily on the path to holiness.  A weak, wavering, worried soul drags along wearily, putting up obstacles to My joyful blessings.

          To have confidence in Me, you must get to know Me.  How can you trust someone you do not know?  The only way to get to know Me is to talk to Me, to spend time with Me, to begin to understand Me.  I am so often relegated to the back of your life, not even considered or thought about.  Then a difficulty arises and you turn to Me in your need.  You expect Me to perform a quick miracle for you so that you can then go on your way without Me until you need My intervention again.  This is not friendship.  This is your selfishness refusing to consider My feelings.

          I am God but I am also man.  What man do you know would continue as your friend if you treated him in this manner?  Yet, daily this is how I am treated, even by the souls that say they are My disciples.

          I am easy to befriend, easy to hear, easy to talk to.  You must stop what you are doing to consider that I am really another human being, not a set of rules or laws.  People have caricaturized Me as religion, whereas I am Love.  I am all the love you could ever imagine in your finite mind.  I am sensitive and humble, quiet and meek.  I have hopes and dreams, sorrows and pain.  How could a Shepherd watch His dying, suffering sheep and not feel pain?

          When I see you fall, knowing I can help you, and I recognize that you will not look to Me, it hurts Me.  I can solve every problem.  I can fulfill your every need.  To see you walk away from your own mercy grieves My heart.

          Again I cry out:  Come to Me, My overburdened and weary children.  I will help you.  I will give you the peace you so desperately seek.  I am here.  See Me!

Jesus, Shadow Not Seen


Sunday, September 8, 2013

October 30, 2012

          “I have chosen you to go and bear fruit that will last.  As you abide in Me, as you remain in Me, My sap of love will flow through you to nourish My gifts and graces.

          You seek union with Me.  That is the highest grace and glory.  Union will be attained when God cleanses you of all fleshly defilement, when your will becomes God’s will, when you are dead to your flesh.  This is a process whereby God makes of you ‘another Christ’ on earth.  You are to lie still in obedience as you are fashioned by heavenly hands into a masterpiece of God’s love.

          I seek ‘presence’.  As you sit before Me, empty and silent, adoring and thanking, I mold you into Myself.  As you relax into My embrace, your malleability produces a perfect image.

          Has it taken so many years to tech you to let go and let Me form you in My way?  Your humble, docile submission allows Me free access to do what I will for you for your greatest good and My glory.  I am forming a beautiful masterpiece, a stupendous work of art.  Let Me work unhindered that I may display My handiwork in the heavenlies.

          If only you understood My ways … You would leap for joy at your weakness, for that is the point of My entry into your inner being.”

Lovingly Yours,

October 26, 2012

          “The cry of the turtledove and the nest of the swallow – two images that conjure up the tenderness of God.  Only God could create the silky bird’s feathers.  They fly through the sky singing His praises.  They are so little, yet they constantly do the will of God.  What an example they are to rebellious mankind!

          Every one of My creatures was created to portray a facet of God’s love.  All of creation is a beautiful diamond, glittering with movement, changing, encircling, growing, dying – all in the circle of God’s never-changing love.

          Every bird is content to be a bird.  If only humans could be content to be what I have made them!  I have placed each soul exactly where I desire them to blossom and bring forth fruit.  Only in that sacred place will they flourish.  Yet men resist My plan, My will for their greatest beauty.  Lack of trust causes them to choose paths of their own making which lead them away from the peaceful paths I had prepared for them.

          Can you not understand that I am the infinite God, O men of earth?  If I created you from dust, cannot I sustain you?  Do you not realize that I am eternal, that I know your future and your eternal destiny?

          O, for loving and trustful children, for obedient and faithful friends – this is My glory!  Your loving smiles, your peaceful acceptance of all I bring into your lives, your docility to My inspirations, your faithfulness to duty – how lovely you are in My sight!  Little children of earth, those that know Me as Father, those that follow Me closely, I will make you giant pillars in the house of My God, for the lowly shall be exalted.

          My Father works and I work.  Let us work together to please Him.  His grace, His benevolent grace, will be your sure reward!”
Grace Bearer

October 24, 2012

          “My chosen people adore Me in spirit and in truth.  Though their bodies decay, their spirits are as youthful as a child’s.  “Man looketh on the outward appearance but God looketh on the heart.”  My little children surround My throne in obedient and loving service.  How I cherish them!  These children of Mine love Me with a pure and fervent heart.  How this consoles Me in a world that continually rejects Me!  My little ones charm My wounded heart.  They gather like little sheep, bleating out words of praise and thanksgiving.  I gather them all in My embrace.  I pour out My gifts and blessings upon them.

          They are irradiated by My presence among them.  They light up as the sun in a darkened place.  They fill My Tabernacle with a holy fragrance.  These are My chosen ones, those who have “made a covenant with Me by sacrifice,” the sacrifice of their lives for love of Me.  How I love these faithful souls!  Their fragrance pleases Me.  I shall dwell with them eternally.

          Holiness is invisible to the world.  It leaves behind a fragrant aroma, pleasing to the spirit’s senses.  It is a hidden, yet vital aura of light that surrounds and penetrates the atmosphere.  It is quiet and unobtrusive, beautiful and edifying.  It glows with an ethereal beauty, beyond human senses.

          Love is beautiful and it captivates all who come within its circle of life.  God’s love created all that exists, the heavens and the earth.  Love is God’s aura, His Essence.  God’s love is infinite.  Love is the ladder from heaven to earth.  The Holy Spirit is God’s tiara, God’s crown.  When the Holy Spirit penetrates and commingles with a heart, God’s love walks the earth in human form. 

          Be the Holy Tabernacle of Love I created you to be.  May your fragrance be diffused through all the earth.  God’s aroma will be as incense scattered to all.  What a beautiful spectacle!  You will be a grace diffuser.”

Jesus, God’s Incense of Joy

Thursday, August 8, 2013

October 21, 2012

          “The light is streaming into your soul, My little one.  Graces produced through fidelity and the frequent reception of My sacraments are building a well that is gushing forth torrents of Living Water, proceeding from the throne of God.  I constantly and continually urge and exhort My children to come to Me to receive this Living Water available to all.  Instead, they remain dry and thirsty, searching through arid deserts, looking for wells that are dried up and useless to help them.

          To those who respond to My invitation to feast with Me, I pour out My glory rays.  They descend magnificently in streams of sparkling waters, filling the soul with My virtues, My radiance, My fruitfulness, My joy, and My illustrious beauty.  They become shining stars on earth, illuminating the darkness, beacons of light in the darkened ports of humanity, echoes of the joy of heaven, radiant sunbeams of hope to the oppressed.

          Why do you not come to Me, men of earth, when I hold all your joys in My wounded hands?  These hands, wounded for love of you, are always stretched out to you, longing to hold you, to help you, to establish you, to free you.

          Once again, it is your Jesus of mercy calling out to you:  Come to Me to be healed, to be set free, to be loved infinitely.  I am the great repose of your soul.  Rest in Me.

          To My faithful ones – I declare to you that because of your sweet communion that so ravishes My heart, I will pour out bucketfuls of My Living Water.  You will be drowned in My love.  What a sweet death!”

Living Water

October 11, 2012

          “If My people will humble themselves and pray, I will heal their land.  In humble submission to My ordinances is your peace and prosperity as a nation.  The Lord does not save by a multitude.  He uses lone instruments of prayer to fight His battles.  Continue interceding for your nation.  The rebellious have come out in droves to oppose My laws.  They are vocal and vicious, yet it is in the silent and peaceful prayers of My holy ones that the enemy is defeated.

          Come before Me in great confidence that it is My will to heal your nation.  Come boldly to the throne of grace imploring for My protection and My watchcare.  I promised to save Sodom if I could find ten righteous souls.  I am willing to do the same for your nation if My chosen ones cry out to Me for the salvation of their children.

          Do not get discouraged, My chosen souls of diligent prayer.  I hear your sighs directed toward heaven.  I feel your sorrowful hearts.  Be confident that I am watching your nation with loving eyes.  Pray and sacrifice for your brothers and sisters living in utter blindness.  They desire to turn America into a pagan nation.  By your prayers, their plans will be defeated.  Look to Me for the victory.”

 Your Father

October 1, 2012

          “The divine mercy of Jesus is without end.  Forever he will keep souls in existence by His divine merciful love for them.  These are the jewels and the gems He has created to glorify Him forever, shining in radiant splendor throughout eternity.

          Light is diffusive.  It permeates, illuminates, and cleanses from impurity.  As you gaze on the light of Jesus, you become transparent and purified in the light of His love.  His radiance enraptures your soul.  His magnificence astounds and fascinates you.  He is the living fountain of water that never runs dry, but continually flows forth to quench man’s insatiable thirst.  Those whom the Holy Spirit has enlightened are transformed “from glory to glory.”  Their light begins to shine brighter and brighter with each passing day.  Their face is transformed into the gentleness of Jesus.  The world takes notice.  The darkness sees the light.  Souls are touched by an unseen power they do not understand.
          My souls, My children whom I have created for My glory, run to Me daily to embrace the Uncreated.  Though they do not see with bodily eyes, their spirits return to their Creator.  They know the Source of life in their inner being.  In quietness, they inherit the mind of Christ.  In fidelity, they are being chiseled into icons of grace, prepared by God to minister to others.  These are My precious children, those who have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice.  They sacrifice this earthly life for a kingdom they have never seen.  They sacrifice the pleasures of the world to sit alone in My company, the God they have never seen. 

          “Blessed are those who have not seen, yet believe.”  How I shower My graces upon them continuously!  They walk the path of life with Me at their side, sheltering and protecting them.  They hear My voice in their circumstances.  They love Me with My love, the love of the Holy Spirit residing in them.  They are My temples of love, radiating My light through the stained glass windows of their earthly bodies, the tabernacles I have furnished for them.  These moveable temples gracefully glide through the paths of earth, singing, rejoicing, praising, worshipping, and adoring the Most Holy God of Creation.  I furnish them with My gifts and graces.  They exist for the praise of God’s glory.  Hallelujah!”

Jesus, Worshipper Par Excellence

September 29, 2012

          “My children are like flowers basking in My sunshine.  They sway in the breezes of My Spirit; they lift their heads to me for nourishment; they beautify the world with their vivid colors; they fragrance the air with the perfume of heaven.  Their delicate petals drop to the earth in sacrificial prayers and offerings for the souls of their brothers and sisters in the world.

          These tiny and delicate flowers change the world around them.  They truly blossom wherever they are planted, not striving to move anywhere else.  They are content to be icons of beauty wherever they are placed.  I gather these flowers for unique purposes.  Some I arrange into an artistic bouquet to place before My Father as a group.  Others I gather to store in cold cellars, waiting to display them as needed.  Some flowers, the most delicate, I handpick daily to set before Me that I might admire My handiwork.  They are pure, serene, fragrant, and lowly.  I love to dwell with them in retirement.

          Some of My flowers are wilted and bent over by the storms of life.  Others are hidden from the Sun by obstacles of their own making.  Some have lost their fragrance and their beauty has disappeared. They have not received the refreshing rain showers to revive their petals.  Without sun and rain, they cannot thrive.  They depend on their own resources to survive.  They do not acknowledge their Creator who provides for them.  It hurts Me to see their petals drop from the stem.  I have provided everything for their sustenance.

          My angelic messengers are the tenders of My earthly garden.  They cautiously guard My little plants from drought and disease.  So little known, they are rarely thanked or appreciated, but in their zealous love for God, they cheerfully guard and protect His garden.  Many, many times they are opposed and rejected, but like the tender Architect of the universe, their love compels them to forgive and to constantly pour forth more love and diligence to protect the beautiful flowers God has so lovingly planted.

          To My faithful flowers, diligently fervent and loving, you are My garden of delights where I love to take My walks of leisure.  To smell your fragrant perfume brightens My heart, so wounded by bitterness and rejection.  I am meek and lowly.  I thrive among the hidden flowers of humble beauty.”
Jesus, God’s Gardener

Thursday, August 1, 2013

September 14, 2012

          “How little souls have confidence in Me!  How few come before Me in daring confidence, expecting to see My words fulfilled!  How delighted I am when My children believe in Me, when they know that I will do what I have promised.  These confident little ones take the world by storm.  They move My hand of mercy to bless sinners, to convert souls lost in sin’s depths, to open the understanding of the hardened hearts.

          Man’s heart is so narrow, so straitened!  He fails to see My omnipotence!  I can do all things!  I can change any heart!  When I am asked for something with confident assurance, how can I turn away from such a request?

          My little ones have hearts on fire for souls.  The fire burns within their breast to set the world aflame with love for Me.  These desires are the desires of the Holy Spirit residing within them.  He yearns to enkindle the world with passionate love for the blessed God.

          My children, you that love Me deeply and sincerely, I will certainly answer your prayers for the grace to bring the world to Me.  These prayers please Me.  I see the world staggering under the weight of sin and I am so saddened by the ravages it brings to human hearts.

          Continue to ask daringly, My little ones.  Aren’t I omnipotent?  I can do all things and I am willing to bend to your requests for the salvation of the world.  Yes, I can save the entire world, and I can use one soul to bring this about, if I so desire.  Now that is a daring request, isn’t it?  Do not be afraid to ask for things beyond your imaginative powers.  I am forming little Christs all over the globe, souls conformed to the image and likeness of God, souls desirous of My glory alone, souls in love with Me.

          “Look to Me that you may be radiant with joy.”  I long to fulfill your most ardent desires, for they come from Me.  Do not be afraid to ask daringly.  I love confident prayer warriors.  They show great faith and trust.”

Most Daring Prayer Warrior for God’s Glory

September 13, 2012

          “Progress is made in the spiritual life daily when a soul makes contact with the spirit world.  Without this contact, you live earth days, meaningless in eternity’s light.  In order to touch heaven, you must quiet your mind to the things of earth.  It takes a great effort in these days of terrific noise and bustle.

          The quiet solitude of My Mother brought My life into My mother’s womb.  God chose a quiet, loving heart, a woman humble and meek, a woman streaming forth rivers of God’s love to leap from heaven to earth.

          Only quieted souls hear heaven’s voice.  The world steals your treasures by noise and activity.  If you will separate yourself unto Me, if you will make the effort to be alone with Me, to make Me a priority in your life, you will hear Me speak to you.

          I am not a silent God.  Creation loudly speaks My praises.  I shout to men with the beauty of the world’s wonders.  Nothing came to be by chance.  All things created were carefully planned and meticulously shaped.  The mind of God is a wellspring of creative power.  Man is stagnant because he refuses to come to this well to drink.  Those that come with pitchers in hand fill these jars with living water, the stream that flows unceasingly from the throne of God.  This pure, crystalline water renews, cleanses, and purifies your hearts.  It allows the pure God to shed His glory over your person.  You are no longer a child of the earth, but a citizen of heaven, a pilgrim on a journey to your homeland in the skies.

          It is a pity that men refuse to spend time in My presence silently.  How many graces they despise!  How much wisdom is held back!  How much love never received!  They have answered the call of the world which promises empty dreams.  The only dream worth serving is Me!

        Jesus, the Dream of Life

September 12, 2012

          “It is My love pouring forth from your inner being.  I have given you My love, the greatest gift on earth.  My deep love for souls, My love for My Father, My eagerness to craft saints, My desire to bring the world to God – these are My heart’s desires.  I have placed them within you.

          Do you think it is you that envisions God’s will on earth?  Do you think these desires are from you alone?  I live within you, loving My Father, loving My brothers and sisters, desiring their conversion to light, eager to transform them into saints.  You have invited Me to live within you and I have come.  I come with My yearnings and desires expressed through you.  Your confident faith in My indwelling allows Me to express Myself uninhibitedly through you.  My light is able to shine in all its beauty through a soul given over to God’s love.

          So many graces have been bestowed on My faithful ones!  I shower abundant raindrops upon them daily – droplets of love and mercy which continually heal, cleanse, and sanctify.  I nurture and nourish My children as a tender mother, training them in the ways of the kingdom.  These obedient little souls are unknown to the world, yet they are My darlings.  I lavish My love upon them.  They reside in My heart and I live My life in them.

          I love little children.  They are completely disarming.  The more childlike a soul becomes, the more tender is My love for it.  Continue being the little child I have created you to be.  I am your Father.  Let Me care for all your needs.  All you need to do is trust in My loving care for you.  When you look up to heaven and smile at Me, My heart is so touched.  In a world of violence and strife, My children are scattered everywhere as little sunflowers, their bright yellow faces always turning toward the Sun.

          My little sunflowers, thank you for loving Me.  Thank you for being obedient and thankful.  Thank you for your faithfulness to duty, your joy in the mundane tasks of life, for loving where I have placed you.

          My heaven is populated with various flowers of virtue.  I will scatter My special sunflowers all over the realms of heaven to brighten heaven’s glow.  You are My joy, children of the light, sunflowers basking in God’s light.  You have stolen My heart and I do not want it back.  I trust your care for My heart.”

Lover of My Little Sunflowers

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

September 11, 2012

          “Will you ever understand the ways of God?  No, not completely in this lifetime.  Only in the blessed abode will your vision be purified.  Then you will understand God’s love beyond the finite mind you bear.  Only in humility will God reveal Himself to your heart, for God is humble, and He abides in the humble heart.

          As you cannot understand a sea creature’s visage and form, so you cannot understand God’s thoughts.  God is the great Creator.  He does not create according to your sense of beauty.  He sees beauty in the spider, in the beetle, in the creeping things you fear.  He sees beauty in the scaly skin of the alligator, the fangs of the wolf, the talons of the eagle.  Everything formed is the mind of God creating, exploring, sculpting, shaping, painting, crowning with life.  God is a great artist, genius in His perfection.  He makes textures and smells and sounds and colors.  Who can begin to understand His thoughts?

          You are a created being, formed from the dust of the earth.  God keeps your entity alive with His life breath.  He watches you lovingly, ready to lead and guide you to perfection.  His paths are peaceful, though arduous at times.

          If men would open their minds and hearts to God’s invasive love, their lives would burst forth from the cocoon of the mundane.  They would scale the glorious heights of the spiritual realm.  All these things of sense and matter are only prototypes of the real life, the eternal life with God forever.  These sensual pleasures become roadblocks that bar the way to spiritual realities.  Souls stop at the temporal, never accessing the eternal.  Their eyes deceive them.  I admonished souls to pluck out their eyes if they blocked the way to save their  souls.  Men are blinded and deafened in this world addicted to sense pleasures.  They have lost sight of the eternal truths of God.  They have despised the Scriptures and walked away from the houses of worship.  They have made financial success their idol and have turned away from the simplicity of My friendship.

          My heart is grieved for lost souls burdened by life’s harshness.  For those who once knew Me and loved Me but have cast Me aside for temporal pleasures, My heart aches.  I was once their dearest friend.  Now they no longer speak to Me. 
          Lost friendship … what sadness for Me, their greatest good.”

Jesus, Friend Forever

September 5, 2012

          “A pure heart pleases Me greatly.  It is so rare in this world today.  A pure heart penetrates the veil separating heaven from earth.  “Only the pure in heart shall see God.”  Light is transparent.  A pure soul is light.  A pure soul is transparent.  Angels are brilliant and beautifully transparent.  I need My human angels on earth to bring the brilliance of heaven to earth.

          To become pure you must spend time becoming purified in My holy presence.  I am all purity and light.  I came as the Light of the world to bring My Father’s holiness to earth.  My followers shine with My brilliant light.  You do not see the light with your physical eyes, but spirits see it.  They breathe a fragrance from the wind of heaven.  It makes them stop, even if only momentarily, to gather their senses together.  How they respond to this gift is an indication of their spiritual sensitivity.  Those recognizing the call of the Lord will respond.  Those in rebellion will walk away, spurning the greatest treasure given to mankind – spiritual enlightenment.

          My holy vessels of light evangelize every place they enter.  They bring the light to the dark, unenlightened places.  They are accepted or rejected according to the dictates of men’s hearts.

          You must stride through life with the nobility of a humble child of God.  Your job is to shine.  Words are unnecessary many times.  They mar the beauty of the transcendent light.  Be a bearer of the Son of God in your soul wherever you go.  You are the monstrance.  I am the power.  I am the healer.  I am the revealer.  You must let it happen.  God’s mysterious ways touch man in a way you never could.  Let Him speak to souls by the light streaming through your countenance.  He needs available vessels with no agenda but God’s agenda.

          “Be ye holy as I am holy.”  Let God’s holiness not only pervade you, but pour out to others.”

Jesus, Light Incarnate

August 23, 2012

          “Purity is excellence attained by the cleansing power of the Blood of Jesus.  Only a pure heart can see God.  God’s gaze purifies the soul from every stain of sin.  God has created man to be pure and holy of heart.  This is his highest excellence.

          How do you keep yourself unspotted from the world?  By falling in love with Jesus, your Purifier.  As you commune intimately with Him, your eye becomes clear, your heart melts before Him, you see the beauty of heaven’s purity.  Your views are altered.  You are changed into the purity of Jesus, whose only desire is to love God and to do His holy and perfect will. 

          Purity is the power of evangelization.  Only a pure soul can reflect the light of Jesus, like the prism of a crystal.  Sin mars the glass, making it appear dim and cloudy, not allowing Jesus to shine through the windows.

          Ask your Jesus to purify you daily from the slightest sin.  There are so many sins that are subtle and hidden.  You need the light of the Holy Spirit to reveal them.  You need His strength to eradicate all uncleanness and vices.

          Lift your face up to Me like a stately sunflower in a garden.  Bend towards the sun at all times.  Let its rays keep you light and bright.  Sway in the gentle breeze of adversity with your eyes stayed upon your immovable God.

          Sprinkle My sunshine everywhere you go, the pure rays of My love.  You will enlighten the world around you and bring joy to the dark places.

          Be the pure little trusting child I created you to be.”

Heaven’s Voice

August 16, 2012

          “My peace flows through a vessel of purity, washed and scoured of all that mars and taints.  The world cannot give you My peace.  The world offers excitement, but not peace.  You must exchange the excitement of the world for My deep abiding peace.    Peace is found in the silence.  The barter for peace is prayer.  As you turn away from the world’s distractions to seek the invisible world of My kingdom, I open the heavens and pour forth My peace into your soul.          Do you desire My serenity and My peace with all your heart?  You shall have it as you spend time in My presence.  My words bring My peace.

          What is peace?  It is a tremendous contentment of soul, a resting place of goodness, laying down on the bed of integrity to slumber in peaceful soul sleep.  Your spirit wakes up to what is really of value to your soul.

          Clasp your hands before you in holy prayer and contemplation and My peace will flood your soul.  You will know that all is well in My kingdom, which is a kingdom of everlasting peace.

          My Mother lived and nourished herself in the holy contemplation of God, her prayer.  Her communion with God’s heart was her life’s strength.  She turned away from the empty clamor of the world’s vanities to seek the solitude of her God of love.  She was renewed and refreshed in the calming presence of her Creator.

          You must turn away from everything that disturbs your peace.  Run away quickly from anything that disturbs your contemplation of God and eternity.  Your life is a prelude to the real life of eternity in the kingdom of God.  Prepare for it fervently by your continual communication and awareness of what God desires.

          Be joyous that your God communes with you so intimately.  His will is your sanctification.  To an open heart, He brings divinity.  Be ready to receive all that God wants to give you by remaining pure, unspotted, and unstained by the world.  Only then will the Holy Trinity dwell in you with great rejoicing.  Peace will reign on earth in a surrendered body.

          See the deeper meaning of life in the stillness of God’s presence.”

Jesus, Saint Stirrer

August 10, 2012

          “How do you live the spiritual life day by day?  It is not in knowledge or power of conviction.  Self-effort is the beginning.  Real spiritual living is produced by the Holy Spirit’s presence within you.  He is the sanctifier.  Without Him, you can do nothing to increase your holiness.

          A willing spirit and an open heart pave the way for the Holy Spirit to channel His grace into your soul.  To refer all things to His care is to rely on His supernatural strength, power, and wisdom to bring forth the will of God in your life.

          You must become like a little child, obedient to Jesus in everything.  You must not seek anything other than the tasks He sets before you.  Your obedience proves your love to Him.  It is not your works that impress Him.  Jesus doesn’t need your works.  He needs you to become divinized, so as to live unhindered within you.  His presence alone converts hearts and lives.  His works are just a confirmation of His divinity.

          If you will allow Me to live in you unhindered, I will change your world and the world of those around you.  I may keep you small and hidden, but many glorious marvels will be happening around you and within you.

          To acquire eyes open to heaven, you must retain the wonder and abandonment of a child.  Faith is childlike.  It believes wholeheartedly without proof.

          Trust that I am leading you on a direct path to heaven even though you do not see any results in your life.  I work hidden and unseen, away from the glamour of the world’s ways.

          I walk the earth in a child’s heart.”

Child Brother

Friday, July 12, 2013

July 12, 2013

           “My heart thrills to see one of My little ones jump into My arms with abandonment and holy confidence.  So many souls are guarded, cautious, discerning, jaded, cynical and calculating.  To see the innocence of a child in a mature adult is to see the kingdom of God on earth.

          Children are pure, innocent, and loving.  They do not calculate their loving gestures.  They love recklessly and with abandon.  They live joyful lives, living and loving as if they are breathing heaven’s atmosphere to earth.  Children’s eyes are luminous, tranquil, pure, and full of light.  They have not been darkened by the world’s impure atmosphere.  The world slowly creeps into a soul, darkening the eye’s light to beauty.  What was once pure and unadulterated becomes foolish and childish.  Trust, the child’s dearest virtue, is crushed.  Cynicism sets in.  Stubbornness and rejection guard the soul from vulnerability.  There is no more reckless abandonment to love.   There is a guarded selfishness, a protective shell in which to retreat and hide.

          I have opened the prison gates of damaged emotions.  You may come out and step into the light My children.  God’s love will heal your wounds.  He will tear down all the walls and strongholds you have erected around yourself.  He will lead you to heaven, going before you as a kindergarten teacher leading her new students lined up obediently behind her.

          God is light, love, and reckless abandonment to Love’s caress.  He invites you to free yourselves of the chains you have shackled yourself with.  Become that free, open, docile, loving child He created you to be.  This is freedom – to become a child of the light fit for heaven’s eternal gaiety.”

Light Bearer for the Children of Love

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

December 30, 2011

          “The beauty of knowing God is that you open yourself to new horizons.  You open the door to another realm – the life of spirit.  The life of spirit is hidden from the common man.  He is so immersed in his fleshly pursuits that he never even approaches the door to the spirit world.  He lives in the ocean of spirit but is unaware that this sustains his existence.

          To open the door to spirit, you must seek solitude.  You must enter your heart where your spirit resides and talk to the Master who is constantly knocking on your door.  In your silence, you kindly implore your Jesus to enter.  He then opens the door of light and your eyes will be so dazzled that you will not yet see.  It takes time to get used to the light.  For each moment that you spend with Jesus, you will become more and more accustomed to the light of the spirit world.  You cannot barge into holy things.  You must tread softly.  To visit an earthly king, reverence and reserve are required.  God is holy.  Who can bring anything defiled into His presence?  Jesus is your teacher of holiness.  He will make you fit to enter God’s presence, to be an inhabitant of the holy kingdom.

          Humility and a possession of your ‘nothingness’ before God – these attributes allow Jesus to teach you and lead you into the divine ways.  Only the children of God enter heaven, those willing to be taught God’s ways with the humility of a child’s heart.

          Holiness is a thing of great beauty in this world darkened by sin.  How few and far between are true holy souls!  How few take the time to be silent in My presence to allow Me to take possession of them!

          “Without holiness, no man shall see God.”  Seek the holiness Jesus offers you daily.  Come before Him with open hands and a humble heart to receive His love.  He will bless you with His beauty, the beauty of a holy life glowing with a holy countenance.”

The Holy Spirit, Counselor