Sunday, September 8, 2013

October 24, 2012

          “My chosen people adore Me in spirit and in truth.  Though their bodies decay, their spirits are as youthful as a child’s.  “Man looketh on the outward appearance but God looketh on the heart.”  My little children surround My throne in obedient and loving service.  How I cherish them!  These children of Mine love Me with a pure and fervent heart.  How this consoles Me in a world that continually rejects Me!  My little ones charm My wounded heart.  They gather like little sheep, bleating out words of praise and thanksgiving.  I gather them all in My embrace.  I pour out My gifts and blessings upon them.

          They are irradiated by My presence among them.  They light up as the sun in a darkened place.  They fill My Tabernacle with a holy fragrance.  These are My chosen ones, those who have “made a covenant with Me by sacrifice,” the sacrifice of their lives for love of Me.  How I love these faithful souls!  Their fragrance pleases Me.  I shall dwell with them eternally.

          Holiness is invisible to the world.  It leaves behind a fragrant aroma, pleasing to the spirit’s senses.  It is a hidden, yet vital aura of light that surrounds and penetrates the atmosphere.  It is quiet and unobtrusive, beautiful and edifying.  It glows with an ethereal beauty, beyond human senses.

          Love is beautiful and it captivates all who come within its circle of life.  God’s love created all that exists, the heavens and the earth.  Love is God’s aura, His Essence.  God’s love is infinite.  Love is the ladder from heaven to earth.  The Holy Spirit is God’s tiara, God’s crown.  When the Holy Spirit penetrates and commingles with a heart, God’s love walks the earth in human form. 

          Be the Holy Tabernacle of Love I created you to be.  May your fragrance be diffused through all the earth.  God’s aroma will be as incense scattered to all.  What a beautiful spectacle!  You will be a grace diffuser.”

Jesus, God’s Incense of Joy

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