Sunday, September 8, 2013

October 26, 2012

          “The cry of the turtledove and the nest of the swallow – two images that conjure up the tenderness of God.  Only God could create the silky bird’s feathers.  They fly through the sky singing His praises.  They are so little, yet they constantly do the will of God.  What an example they are to rebellious mankind!

          Every one of My creatures was created to portray a facet of God’s love.  All of creation is a beautiful diamond, glittering with movement, changing, encircling, growing, dying – all in the circle of God’s never-changing love.

          Every bird is content to be a bird.  If only humans could be content to be what I have made them!  I have placed each soul exactly where I desire them to blossom and bring forth fruit.  Only in that sacred place will they flourish.  Yet men resist My plan, My will for their greatest beauty.  Lack of trust causes them to choose paths of their own making which lead them away from the peaceful paths I had prepared for them.

          Can you not understand that I am the infinite God, O men of earth?  If I created you from dust, cannot I sustain you?  Do you not realize that I am eternal, that I know your future and your eternal destiny?

          O, for loving and trustful children, for obedient and faithful friends – this is My glory!  Your loving smiles, your peaceful acceptance of all I bring into your lives, your docility to My inspirations, your faithfulness to duty – how lovely you are in My sight!  Little children of earth, those that know Me as Father, those that follow Me closely, I will make you giant pillars in the house of My God, for the lowly shall be exalted.

          My Father works and I work.  Let us work together to please Him.  His grace, His benevolent grace, will be your sure reward!”
Grace Bearer

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