Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 24, 2014
           “The spiritual life is a ladder of love leading up to God’s home.  By degrees a soul is led to transforming union with God and the rungs of the ladder are stepping-stones to holiness.

          The end of all spirituality is love – God’s love.  God is love, and to abide in God is to live in His love.  All of creation manifests God’s tender love.  He cares for all that exists.  God’s highest creation, mankind, is His delight.  He draws man to Himself with loving cords of kindness.

          To love is to sacrifice yourself to live for another.  How hard it is not to yield to self-love in a world priding itself on self-esteem and self-assertion.  To please God you must forget yourself and your so-called rights.  You must place yourself before God as a living holocaust, ready to be consumed for other souls.

          God’s kingdom is made up of martyrs for love.  They have chosen love over themselves.  They have lost their lives in the world to find it in the eternal sphere.  They suffer much in this world because they are willing to die to all desires and ambitions.  They put themselves at God’s disposal to do with them what He wants.

          In their love for God, their suffering becomes a joy because it unites them with their suffering Savior, Jesus, in whose footsteps they follow.

          The way is rough and hard, true disciples of Mine, yet as you let Me carry the burden, it becomes sweet, peaceful, and light.

          Go ever forward in valiant faith.  You will find your life again in eternity.”

The Silent One

Friday, May 23, 2014

May 21, 2014

        “Love is patient.  Love is kind.  Love treats souls so delicately and compassionately.  When My love grows in a soul, it takes over everything.  It is queen of every virtue.  It crowns the entire body with the capstone of kindness.

          Selfishness is love of one’s soul above that of others.  It is a great barrier to the flow of love that I want to channel through My children that are open to receive Me in fullness.  So many things blockade My entrance, and the river of love is dammed up behind reefs and boulders of self-love, self-esteem, and all preoccupation with self alone.  I cannot flow through a selfish soul.  I came from heaven to give Myself completely to others.  I kept nothing for Myself, not even My dignity.  I was humiliated, scorned, rejected, even spit upon, which is the most degrading treatment of denigration.  I let all of My preoccupation with self go as I focused on loving those I came to save.

          Scripture states that I “despised the shame” of My suffering to redeem mankind.  I let it pass Me by with no thought of man’s treatment of My personage.

          Man is easily offended.  A gesture, a look, a rolling of the eyes, being overlooked – these little acts of disapproval can dismantle a relationship for a lifetime.  Why?  Because “love covers a multitude of sins.”  Love forgives.  Love is not easily offended.  Love seeks reconciliation.

          To forgive is to let the divine flow of love course through your veins.  God is the ultimate example of incessant forgiveness.  He not only forgives; He restores you to purity and beauty.

          May your soul forgive every offense throughout your life.  Then you will truly be a child of the Father of forgiveness and love.”

Forgiveness of God


May 22, 2014

        “My chosen souls are truly a joy to My heart.  They strive to please me and fight against their sinful nature to the point of sadness, yet they do not stop the courageous fight until the end of life.  They do not hear constant commendations or supportive words as they bear heavy trials.  They seem to walk alone in the dreary valleys of time.  Yet, I look upon these heroic souls with such love and compassion.  The most holy souls are left to fight the hardest battles with the least amount of human support.

          As Job was tested and tried by the Evil One, these souls struggle and pray, feel confused and abandoned, yet they stay the course, confident in My love for them.  All heaven is watching in admiration, though they feel entirely alone.

          It is a survivor scenario - all alone, trying to survive the harshness of life, yet the world watches them on live television.  It is the same for My saints.  They are using their survivor skills while all of heaven is watching them and cheering them on.  My most faithful souls are severely tested because I have given them more grace to endure.  Their final crowning will be glorious.

          Every soul has a unique survivor course marked out for them.  No two paths are the same.  I have provided all the help you need at the resting stages of the journey.  I ask you to persevere on the journey mapped out for you, for you will be gloriously triumphant and your fidelity thrills My fatherly heart.

          I am proud of you, My faithful ones.  You have not turned away from Me to follow the world.  You have stayed on the road I have chosen for you against all odds.  You will rule and reign with Me forever, for you are a victor.  The victory cries at the end of the road will be beyond all your imaginings.

          Persevere, faithful ones.  I am with you.  “I will never leave you or forsake you.”
Your Father

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 14, 2014

          “As the globe of earth spins round and round through space, the days come and go, and time marches endlessly forward.  God has created time for man to measure his accomplishments.  God does not live in time.  He is eternal.  Your millions of years are as a grain of sand to His infinite existence.

          O men of earth, when will you realize who God is and who you are?  You are a dust of breath, a speck in the atmosphere of galaxies undiscovered, a tiny droplet in the oceans of endless seas.  You stride across the stage of life with your endless fanciful proclamations, not considering just exactly who you are in the scheme of God’s endlessness.

          God, in His mercy, has created you from the dust of the earth.  He has loved you from the moment of your first cell forming.  He listens to you, He helps you, He remembers your frailties and He is constantly teaching you things beyond your finite limitations.  He bends to your lowliness to engage you in a dialogue with He who is and always shall be.  He keeps you in existence every second of your life.  Every breath is His gift to you.  He pleads for your love.  His condescension is immeasurable.  He offers you gifts from another sphere, a timeless abode of unending joy.  He sent His Son to die a brutal death, to be rejected and spat upon, so great is His mercy and love.

          And you men of earth ignore Him, disobey Him, spurn Him, reject Him and doubt His existence.  O proud men of earth, in your ignorance is your bliss.  You are despising the treasure beyond all treasures – eternal life with this Being that you could never comprehend in your humanity.

          When will you humble yourselves, and realize just who you are in the scheme of things?  You are a thought in God’s mind.  That is why you exist.  Doesn’t he deserve your love and respect?  It is abominable that God is treated so disrespectfully by the souls He has created with such tenderness.

          God loves you.  God created you.  He deserves to be loved and appreciated by you.  Those that seek His face shall live forever in His presence in awe and amazement.”

Revealer of God’s Secrets

Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 11, 2014

          “To love as I love is the goal of all Christian living.  To love is to sacrifice, to put others before yourself, to die to yourself.  How hard it is to forget your life in this world for My sake!  But this is precisely what I ask of you.  Become like Me, a life given for others.  My children believe that their lives are given to them for enjoyment and pleasure.  No, life is given to you to be used up for others.  That is My love.

          Life is a continual battle against your selfishness.  The self seeks glory, fulfillment, happiness and prosperity.  I did not enter earth’s atmosphere to please Myself or to find fulfillment in the things of earth.  I came from another realm for a purpose – to do My Father’s will and to redeem His children.

          I gathered My apostles around Me to teach them that they are to be united in My mission.  They also had to give up their lives in this world to become My co-workers.  To become My faithful disciple, all must be renounced for My Father’s glory.  Many of My children have missed the intent of My mission.  They follow Me to gain rewards in life, to be prosperous and fulfilled.  My mission is fulfilled in the trenches of life.  Death to self is a lost art in the Christian life.  Lukewarmness is the norm for My followers.

          My true and faithful followers have completely abandoned the world and its ways to follow their crucified Jesus into the trenches of suffering, prayer, and penance in reparation for the grave sins of humanity.

          Where are My faithful disciples, soldiers of firm fidelity, those that have not compromised with this world’s system?  They are few and far between.  They are caught up in the cares of this life which choke their souls.  The weeds of life have encircled and enclosed them into a religion of ease and comfort.

          This is not My way.  My way is the royal way of the most holy cross, a suffering Savior nailed brutally to this tree for you.  I have admonished you to follow in My footsteps.  Are you doing that?”
Jesus, Sacrifice