Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 11, 2014

          “To love as I love is the goal of all Christian living.  To love is to sacrifice, to put others before yourself, to die to yourself.  How hard it is to forget your life in this world for My sake!  But this is precisely what I ask of you.  Become like Me, a life given for others.  My children believe that their lives are given to them for enjoyment and pleasure.  No, life is given to you to be used up for others.  That is My love.

          Life is a continual battle against your selfishness.  The self seeks glory, fulfillment, happiness and prosperity.  I did not enter earth’s atmosphere to please Myself or to find fulfillment in the things of earth.  I came from another realm for a purpose – to do My Father’s will and to redeem His children.

          I gathered My apostles around Me to teach them that they are to be united in My mission.  They also had to give up their lives in this world to become My co-workers.  To become My faithful disciple, all must be renounced for My Father’s glory.  Many of My children have missed the intent of My mission.  They follow Me to gain rewards in life, to be prosperous and fulfilled.  My mission is fulfilled in the trenches of life.  Death to self is a lost art in the Christian life.  Lukewarmness is the norm for My followers.

          My true and faithful followers have completely abandoned the world and its ways to follow their crucified Jesus into the trenches of suffering, prayer, and penance in reparation for the grave sins of humanity.

          Where are My faithful disciples, soldiers of firm fidelity, those that have not compromised with this world’s system?  They are few and far between.  They are caught up in the cares of this life which choke their souls.  The weeds of life have encircled and enclosed them into a religion of ease and comfort.

          This is not My way.  My way is the royal way of the most holy cross, a suffering Savior nailed brutally to this tree for you.  I have admonished you to follow in My footsteps.  Are you doing that?”
Jesus, Sacrifice

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